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  1. Just checked this and the freeview program guide has them at 30 mins including adverts. But i don't know who does the edits because they come across like someone did them in Windows Movie Maker . Really ham fisted with apparently no attempt to disguise the joins. Makes watching them really frustrating because you know there is a joke missing and if you google the scripts it is usually something fairly inocuous. Its weird that ITV showed families fighting and swearing at each other on Jeremy Kyle whilst Frasier has a whole joke removed because someone says sonovabitch.
  2. I guess that whoever writes these things has to stick to games that were mass market successes or no-one will read it. Like when Top of the Pops became the worst music show on TV because the format dictated that they only played the stuff you had already heard before.
  3. No Burnout 2, Outrun 2, Deadly Premonition, Pac Man Championship Edition, Final Fantasy, Deadly Premonition, Astrobot or Deadly Premonition.
  4. dumpster

    Blood and Truth

    Shame. the dual wield was something I really struggled with. Banging the move controllers together by accident when trying to reload was a pain in the arse. One gun in the hand and the other on the back (like Farpoint) would be fantastic in this game.
  5. This thread has brought back some memories, but also made me think about how the whole industry has changed with the adoption of mobile phones. Can you imagine any company releasing Zoo Keeper today and selling it for £30? Not a criticism of the game of course, but titles like this, and 42 All Time Classics were games I owned back in the day, and now would be 99p or free with in app purchases. Much as I loved Zoo Keeper at the time, in 2019 I think, holy shit, £30 for that? We must have been mad.
  6. Frasier is absolutely butchered on Channel 4 in the mornings, with feed lines left in and punchines removed, removing some offensive language that isn't really especially offensive at all. Most jarring is when they cut something out and use the audience laughter as the edit point. martin:"im going fishing with Duke” Audience laughs enormously for no reason. They do the same with friends on Channel 5 too, i think they cut for content and also time constraints. Whole scenes missing, payoffs for jokes you didnt see the setup for and everything about 10% than if you watch it on Netflix. Not sure if that is a cunning way to show more adverts or its a pal/ntsc thing but they make it very offputting to watch.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Apparently the company went bust during production and the sets were mostly destroyed during bad weather. This is a nice premise for a plot and would be a standard 6 out of 10 film, but the unbelievable use of 3D Studio Max objects, green screen and pre-visualisation objects instead of finished effects took it to a full on 10. Nice story. Fun film. Hilarious CGI. Also one very hokey line in the script where after a love scene, the man says he has a brown thumb. He is talking about how he is rubbish at gardening but it made me laugh because I'm childish.
  8. Well, ghe dvd and the book both arrived today so I started reading the book and struggled to get it. There was a tenuous link between going on a journey (watching the movie), about a journey (the movie is set on planes) and listening to Journey (the band) and i didnt get it. So i stuck the dvd in and the opening music was Don't Stop Believin' by Journey (the band) so im guessing thw book will only make sense if you see the film first. Full review later!
  9. Really enjoyed I am Mother, on Netflix - not to be confused with Mother! which is on Netflix and also on drugs. I am Mother is brilliant.
  10. For all the criticism, especially the way it seems to loop around at level 50, I really liked Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. The first couple of hours act like a barrier, almost testing your patience to the limit, with the game itself hidden behind a sort of paywall of your endurance. Sit through this section where you drag yourself through a hospital for an hour, then another 40 minutes or so of cutscene disguised as gameplay, but beyond that, I've always felt a sense of awe at what happens next. The game just opens up. You're a bloke, on a horse. You go over there, you climb that thing. You do whatever you fancy doing. If you zoom in on something with your binoculars, whatever it is, no matter how trivial, you get a voice over telling you about it. You see in the distance that there are some people, so you climb to a high point, zoom in with the binoculars, see that there are three soliders beating up their prisoner. You get as near as you can, but you get spotted. People react. They head you off. They escape down ladders. They flank you. A truck arrives. You hide underneath, wait for the soldiers to leave it, get in and drive it away. You find a puppy. You extract it to the base. You extract people to the base. You raise a team, send them on missions, the puppy grows up, you meet a woman in swimwear. You call a helicopter, you tranquillise a sheep. For me, it's a game I really enjoy playing, but all the time I get this sense of, "how did they even begin to make this?" . I remember sitting at my Sinclair Spectrum and typing 10 CLS 20 PRINT "WELCOME TO... ... and then waiting for the inspiration to come to me. Every time I play MGS5 I just can't get my head around what an incredible thing it is, from 4 years ago, on a standard PS4. It's enormous, epic, there's a million things happening, it's all fluid and controlable, it's fun, it's overwhelming. It's a game that I get tonnes of satisfaction from playing then a lot more just thinking that the thing even exists. I recently wiped my savefile so I could start it again, and I'd forgotten how that initial 2 hours leads you to think it's something that it is not. As soon as you get full control and it's up to you to decide where to go next, it just feels like an extraordinary achievement. Anyone else identify with this, that feeling? Any other games do it for you?
  11. This absolute belter from 2003.... ....has been described by the main star, Gwyneth Paltrow as "one of the worst films ever made" and currently stands at 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. It's now 2019 and Richard Ayoade has released a book about it. I have not seen either, but Richard Herring is tweeting that the book is fantastic, so I have ordered the DVD from Ebay for £1.74 including postage, and the book is on its way from Amazon. Anyone else seen this, or read the book? I'll post my thoughts here when it arrives. The film looks incredible from that trailer though.
  12. Doesn't sound like a rom site to me, sounds like a site that makes money by offering pirated switch games.
  13. You just try not to think about it. I do a couple of days a week doing my own thing and when it works it's great and when it doesn't it's not great. But I'm in a good place right now and that's all I needed. I'll go back to a "real" job when I have to....
  14. Yes, that's right. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the great VR experience - I really liked Blood and Truth and it has some outstanding moments, but the cutscenes are really long and if you're sat there in the front room with that headset on, and all you want to do is play a game there is little incentive to sit there, even for 5 minutes, listening to some crappy actor that can't act telling you a story you already heard and didn't care about the first time. I recently changed my job and became self employed, and I have more free time in my life than I've ever had before. But even with that, I have too much going on in my life, too many places to be at a certain time, too much in the calendar, to sit playing a video game all afternoon. I'll happily play PacMan Champ Edition 2 for half an hour, I love it, and I'd happily play Blood and Truth again in 30 minute sessions, but I just don't want to be sat there waiting for a movie to play through. I'm not interested in living through the VR experience of being sat at a desk while a lifesize cgi character tells me a story I've already heard - I want to play a video game. Blood and Truth's main problem is that it wants to be an interactive movie and a VR demonstration, more than it wants to be a game. It takes you from set piece to set piece and there are some really amazing set pieces in there to see and to play. It's very good in many ways and I'd enjoy another run through from the beginning, but just couldn't face the idea of playing a 6 hour game where maybe an hour of it is sat doing nothing waiting for the game to come back on. I've had similar issues with other games. I would love to play through Resident Evil 7 many times - even try to master speedrunning it, but I know there's 15 minutes of being swung around and beaten up by the female protagonist before you start ; a hell of a VR experience the first time, but a pain to sit through over and over. I might want to dip in for a quick sesh, but the long opening puts me off. Bear in mind that there are people who speedrun Resi7 in about 80 minutes, so that opening section is a big chunk of your time if you want to perfect your runs and get better at what you're doing. (edit - just went on Youtube to double check my timings there, and listened to a speedrunner making exactly the same point, he's done the intro in 14 minutes and keeps saying "why can't you skip this, it's so boring".) Metal Gear 5 is an awesome game, and one that I never tired of - it's a hell of an achievement on a standard ps4 and one of the best games I've ever played. I recently deleted my save game to restart it and had forgotten there's a 2 hour opening session that really sucks. It has none of the gameplay that makes it such an incredible game and you really have to ask yourself, why did they bother? The first hour is just cut scenes, dragging yourself through a hospital, then there's all that stuff with a horse on fire, loads of exposition, and really, who gives a shit? Does anyone actually care about the story to a Metal Gear game? It never made sense in MG Solid, but at least you could skip the speech bits. I know I'm not especially drawn into story in videogames and other people may love them, but I've often felt that games are meant to be an interactive experience where movies are a passive experience. The connection has never sat well with me, ever since the first games on CD Roms in the 90s started to feel like they were written by game devs that were frustrated movie producers. I played the Tomb Raider reboot and really enjoyed it to a point, but the story wasn't interesting and by skipping the cutscenes I had no idea of the purpose of what I was supposed to be doing and the whole thing started to feel a bit Dragon's Lair - I'd be shimmying along a thin platform with all hell breaking loose around me, but all I was doing was holding UP on the controller. That's not a game. So yeah, Blood and Truth is great - but there are loads of cut scenes, they aren't especially interesting or interactive, and the thought of sitting through them another time puts me off more than the thought of enjoying the gameplay sections interests me.
  15. I spent a long time not realising that if you play a game on Easy mode, there's a chance that sections of the game will be missing. I always assumed that the game was the same but with difficulty levels toned down, and never realised I was often missing entire sections of the game. Recently, I've really enjoyed playing Bloodstained, and for me, the thing I liked is that you are free to take part in as much or as little of the challenge as you like. I always enjoyed the exploration in Castlevania games and found the bosses to be annoying when it takes me ten attempts to beat them, or ended up levelling up by walking around the castle for an hour before going back to try again. Bloodstained was great because one or two of the shards were overly powerful. The Welcome Company is great for ploughing into an enemy and just twatting it over and over. The majority of the bosses are beatable that way, and I found that to be a good thing, even though some would consider it broken. In fact, the latest patch for Bloodstained in toning down the strength of Welcome Company significantly and I think that's a mistake. Having a challenge-free mode in Space Invaders would render the entire game pointless and dull. If the aliens never come down there's nothing to do. But I really appreciated the choice that Bloodstained offers, because if you want to use all the different weapons, craft new ones, explore the different endings etc, then you can do - it's up to you. But if you don't like bossses, just plough straight through them and get back into playing the stuff you do like on the other side.
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