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  1. Only a personal opinion but Burnout 2 Is the Sega Rally in the past of Outrun 2 (and it's prequel) to be better in the old days of Daytona where Ridge Racer is the 60fps examples, which are simply better than awful Assassin's Creed identical which beats the HD power of the PS5 blue skies Let's Go Away, Rotterdam Nation and of course, who could forget Life Was a Bore with all the Ferraris.
  2. Most of the guides online use jargon that makes things look like gibberish. The Switch is super-easy to mod but the guide will tell you that if your serial number is 12345 then you install custom bootstrap 5 with an RCM Jig and your brain says "what the hell does that mean?" But the reality is that you're just following instructions and pretty much all of them are downloading files, unzipping them and putting them on an SD card. As long as you follow the steps and make sure you're following the instructions to the letter, it's all straightforward. The Switch makes
  3. In the movie Twister, Director Jan De Bont wanted to demonstrate what a strong and powerful woman Helen Hunt's character is in comparison to Bill Pullman's new wife that we meet early on in the film. To make this obvious in the minds of the audience the first time we meet Helen Hunt she says "Fuck Me, this thing is useless!” as she grapples with some piece of equipment or other. This ran foul of the BBFC and their attitude to certification. Jan De Bont was told in no uncertain terms that if he wanted the film to be a PG he would cut that language out. Desperately wanting the movie to remain a
  4. How many photos do you have of, say grandparent, great grandparents etc. Who has a box of photos from the 1800s passed down carefully from generation to generation? Many of us do. The only way you'll lose those photos is in a house fire. Compare with how many digital photographs you have from your first ever digital camera. You know the one. That Sagem mobile phone you had. The Casio camera that output its files in the .CAM format. They're all gone. All the original film negatives for the movie A Bug's Life. All digital, all lost in a hard drive crash.
  5. I like video games, I've owned each of the first 4 PlayStations. The PS5 has been out for 6 months and I've never even seen one. That's a real fuck up of a launch, Covid or not. Problem is, Sony wouldn't postpone their launch if Microsoft launch theirs. So they end up both launching and not being able to meet demand. But despite both launches being a farce, Microsoft seems to be able to get their consoles in bigger quantities so I know a few people who have them now. But the PS5 launch is just a joke. It's a product aimed directly at me, I have cash waiting and six months la
  6. I've had my second jab. Nothing can stop me. I am eternal. Itchy. Tasty.
  7. Again yes, at that time it will be true too. But it won't be forever.
  8. To me, services like Spotify and iTunes killed off music piracy. But there's an issue there. When I was carbooting in 2019 I was looking through people's DVD collections and I heard people saying it's good to get rid of these things because it's all on Netflix these days. People binning their CD collections because who needs CDs now we have Spotify. There's a clear misunderstanding here because yes, every CD I ever owned (in a box in the loft) happens to be on Spotify... Now. But who is to say it will be there tomorrow? Perhaps Spotify will get rid of their free service. Perhaps they will p
  9. They were showing the series on Sky Arts at 9am, and I couldn't believe that went out. Traumatising kids over breakfast. One of the bleakest, sickest half hours of TV, especially viewed today with our knowledge of what went on in the 70s.
  10. Part of the preservation thing is that the hackers cam collectively put the time into a project and have the potentially unlimited manpower of the internet community. Something like MAME surely wouldn't exist if it wasn't for people all around the world adding and improving features for the last 30 years. Like, AM2R which is brilliant but everyone involved was paid by the hour and had a year to make it, it wouldn't end up the same product and probably would lose money anyway. You need the hacker community to be doing this stuff for the love of doing it, Sony won't do it, but I'
  11. I bet it's not economically viable, they closed the studio, destroyed the disks and cut off everyone's hair. But I think that precisely the fact Sony will never do it is the reason modders should be allowed to.
  12. I'm still very bitter. I do make a point of including Driveclub, Ridge Racer, Burnout 2 or Outrun 2 in every thread, just for the fun of it.
  13. Big companies like Sony treat it as a business. If they're not making any money from it they wash their hands of it. It's like in America where a new TV show gets bad ratings for the first episode and they cancel it despite them having already made another 9 episodes. When Sony closed the DriveClub servers it really annoyed me. I played Gradius 5 this morning on PS2, then a little Outrun 2, and did a song on Parappa 2. All these games worked just as well as they did in 2006 and I didn't expect they wouldn't . Yet Driveclub displays messages about modes being missing and being un
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