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  1. Daytona was a considerably more challenging game to convert. 40 cars on the track at once , three courses etc. It's surprising that it worked at all on the Saturn launch day, especially as the hardware kept changing throughout development. The main achievement was that the gameplay was so similar to the arcade, which is something they messed up when they released the Championship edition. The new game fixed many problems but lost the gameplay and I still consider the launch title to be the better game. But Ridge Racer was the better game all along. In the arcade I prefer Daytona (and these days the 360 and PS3 versions of Daytona are outstanding) but Ridge was always the better game at home, and the PS1 game is the perfect demonstration that you only need 1 car, one track, perfect handling, you've got a game you can play for years.
  2. Made a piece of music to once and for all prove the HARD COLD FACT that Rick Astley is Atomic Kitten, with their vocals slowed down 6 semitones.
  3. Cheers for that everyone . I think the Windows defender security is removing files, going to keep trying.. I can start Dirty Driving clicking on the exe file but it hangs on the config screen. If I use teknoparrot loader it doesn't even do the config screen so no clue what's going wrong there. Same with Star Wars, doesn't start from the loader but clicking the RSLoader file makes it start with the no projector connected message. Will subscribe to emuline and brush up on me French. Edit: Crazy Speed required me to click firewall access then restart and it worked fine . The exe is hidden away and called Client_r , as if I could have worked that out on my own!
  4. Needing help now. Can't find the appropriate executable file for Star Wars BattlePod. But there's a file called RSLauncher . I can load that (not using teknoparrot at all) and it runs but I get error messages saying the projector is broken. Also I have games from a Teknoparrot site , in the Teknoparrot section, but Teknoparrot doesn't seem to support them and I'm now getting conflicting info. Has anyone here played Crazy Speed and if so, which emulator did you use? Seems the best resources for information are all in French and you have to sign up for links etc.
  5. Loving Sega Race TV now, I take back my previous comments that it's a silly game - it's great fun. The japanese commentary is brilliant. Can't get a few games to work now I have spent some time on the ones I wanted. I think my virus proection has excluded some files when I unzipped them, because I didn't have a Vaccum.exe file for Luigi's Mansion. I dragged the zip from the recycle bin, made a folder that was excluded from the virus protection and unzipped it again and it works now.
  6. I struggled with this, what's the executable? I can load up RSlauncher but I get a siren and error message that says the projector isn't connected.
  7. I'm blown away by how well Sega Rally 3 plays on a Xbox One controller. As with Outrun 2, these are games that were created specifically to work in an arcade cabinet with a wheel and gear lever. How on earth can it be that they play so well on a control pad? It's not all perfect controls though. Rambo loses all its appeal played with a mouse, as it just becomes a game where you click on people.
  8. I remember being startled when running off a copy of the Spectrum version using high speed dubbing, because you can hear the speech in the tape audio. It's right at the end of the data, at normal speed it sounds like spectrum loading noises, but sped up it says "Ghostbusters" and laughs.
  9. Yes , I was 66th best at Pac Man Champ Ed 2 at one time. I also really used to love something called Pac Man S which was on Facebook years ago, but they changed the scoring , spoiled it with an update then removed it completely. But there was a time when it was a really great timed game. Had it on iPad but even that doesn't work now.
  10. So Last Labyrith then. Spoilers! You sit in a wheelchair and a your hands are chained together. You have a laser pointer on your head. You can point and click with the laser pointer, and you can nod and shake your head to get the girl to do things..... it's all very japanese, a bit twee and sinister in that, "who thought this up" kind of way. But it all seems weirdly harmless, like the girl is going to help you get out if she does what you tell her to. Not what I expected.
  11. Can we use this thread to share any troubleshooting tips? I can't get Rambo or Luigi's Mansion to do anything at all.
  12. Couple of new demos I'd missed also, Paper Beast and Last Labyrinth. LL is weird. The game didn't end the way I'd expected. PB seems interesting. A voyage of discovery. One for tomorrow I think.
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