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  1. I remember the PSVR launch when I bought Batman. The title screen has you standing on a top of a skyscraper overlooking the town. I spent 5 minutes just looking around before I realised that if I took a step forward I'd be able to look over the edge at the traffic below. That was probably the first time I'm my mind was properly blown by VR and I've been a fan ever since. The one thing I do notice about psvr is that it's really easy to fall out of the habit of using it. I even got an email from Sony once asking me for my thoughts because I haven't used the headset for so long. But it's weird in that way that when you drink too much alcohol you swear you'll never doing that again as long as you live, yet the following weekend you're right back out there. You don't use psvr for a month and then you have a quick go and it blows your mind again as if you had somehow forgotten how good it is. In addition, just in case you've not seen my other posts on this in other threads, Tempest 4000 is available from the game collection for £4.95 including delivery. It was an absolutely phenomenal game in VR when I tried it it at a gaming convention but they removed the VR before launch because it went multi-format. However if you play on your headset in cinema mode it's absolutely fantastic, surely the best 5 quid you'll ever spend, and it feels like you playing a VR game just in 2D. set your cinema screen to maximum size and it practically fills your field of vision anyway and the game just comes alive.
  2. On the surface they can be very similar. But when you've used psvr it's very difficult to go back to Google cardboard or anything that you slot your phone into. The biggest difference comes from the PlayStation camera which is judging your head movement. The android headsets use the gyro in your phone so you can look around you. With Psvr (and Vive and Rift etc) it's reacting to you moving your head forwards and backwards and up and down. You really noticed this in games like Superhot because you're not just sat in a chair looking around, you're actively leaning over ledges or reaching down to picking things up off the floor. VR is fantastic however you experience it but the content that you get on psvr and PC is streets ahead of what you'll get on your phone. Specifically Astrobot which is an absolute joy and takes advantage of the VR headset in so many ways. the only advantage I can think to Android headsets is that you don't have the cable which is a bit obtrusive on psvr and you have to get used to it.
  3. I was blown away by the use of Visual Pinball and VPinMame. It was a bit of a pain to track down all the files but some of the tables were stunning and to think they were recreations by the fan community who didn't necessarily have access to all the original assets. Terminator 2, Lethal Weapon and Addams Family were pretty incredible, with all the sounds and artwork of the real thing. These guys worked wonders.
  4. Move controllers are not as essential as most people say they are. It comes entirely down to what games you're playing. Many games don't need them such as Wipeout or Astrobot, some games don't work at all if you don't have them, and some games that require them still work fine with a control pad (Ultrawings springs to mind, you think that the move controllers would make the game 10 times better but it's much more controllable with an analogue stick).
  5. If you haven't played resident evil 7 in VR then you haven't played resident evil 7.
  6. Back then I returned my +3 as faulty many times due to the issues with the sound. Someone at my school had what I now know was a +3b, but as a teenager I returned to the shop over and over again , insisting mine must be faulty because my friends computer was perfect. It was years later when I learned about the 'b' models and in all that time I never saw a 'b' on sale in a store. Every time I went in a shop with a demo one on display I would type Play "c","e","g" Just to check it out and never found one that sounded right.
  7. I haven't had time to test this theory but I suspect that in the last section of the demo the position you hold the move controllers doesn't affect your flying direction. in the opening section you have full control but in the cinematic stuff where your following the jets the game seems to be playing itself so long as you fly roughly in the right direction.
  8. A little off topic , but does anyone know , if you do the board modification on a Spectrum +3 in order to fix the sound, does it end up sounding exactly like the spectrum 128? I love programming music on my old 128 and when I upgraded to the plus 3 it sounded like it was underwater. But I watched videos of people performing the modification and afterwards it still sounds a bit rough to me.
  9. Yes there are some people who have nailed this game... But I noticed that they all play on PC and have a mouse to aim with. You can spin around on the spot, whizz from one target to another, and instead of shooting things you just click on them. If you watch them you'll see that they shoot with incredible speed and accuracy which I think is much harder on a control pad.
  10. I have no earthly idea. I've given up, it's now just an opportunity to have a break from the frantic pace of the levels. In similar news, if you play this on the Vita you tilt the console, so when you play it on a pstv it's the easiest thing ever, you use the d pad to put the dot in the right place and it just stays there...
  11. If anyone can pm me a link to the pc and switch versions I'd be much obliged. I really need to use this along with the ROM file dumped from the cartridge I legally own.
  12. Iron Man feels a bit "blood and truthy" in that it is very cinematic and not as interactive as you might think. The opening section is incredible. You learn how to fly your suit in a Pilotwings style. It is brilliant and for me the highlight of the demo. Then theres a cutscene to watch and it's all very impressive but it's like B+T in that it's the sort of thing that blew us away in VR back at launch but we've seen cut scenes now and we'd like to get back to the game please. The last section is very cinematic, very good fun and well done. But I had the feeling that I didn't have the same control as the first section. It feels like you are still flying in the same way but there is a lot of auto correction to keep you where the cinematics need you to be. It's great fun as a demo and I will use it as a show off piece, but I wonder if the full game will have that B+T problem, where you play through it, love it, finish it and don't want to load it up ever again.
  13. I remember a spoof letter to Digitiser years ago that said something along the lines of, "I've been playing Virtua Tennis now for 4 months and I think I found a problem with it". Well I've just decided that I don't like Resident Evil 3 after playing it for 80 hours. It's definitely a bit short but the quality of it is fantastic and I've really enjoyed speedruns and unlocking bonus items. It turns out that I think it benefits from being a game I can blast through in one sitting whenever I want. But it's completely fucked in other ways that only become apparent when you played through it multiple times. First of all, if you don't save up and buy the rocket launcher first, you hit a brick wall. If you buy the cheaper items first, the only way to be able to afford the rocket launcher is to complete the game on its nightmare or inferno difficulty levels. This is a problem because of the thing I'll come to next, but I ended up having to wipe my saved game file and start over, farming the goals again asap to get the rocket launcher on Standard difficulty. None of the above would really be a problem, but it is a major fuck up because inferno and nightmare are broken. I'm not sure if it's the dynamic difficulty coming into play, but the penultimate boss on inferno seems absolutely impossible unless you have the infinite rocket launcher and recovery coins. So if the only way to earn enough points to buy the Rocket Launcher is to complete the game on Inferno you're screwed. BUT if you do have those items it goes from impossible to ridiculously easy. You can take the boss down in 10 seconds barely allowing it to move. But even if you do do, that leaves you to face the final boss. Again this might just be my experience based on the dynamic difficulty but I've started that battle with all the defence items and the rocket launcher, and 5 first aid sprays in addition to the two that are in the boss fight room. But now instead of slapping his hand down on the floor once, he slaps down in five different places one after the other, requiring 5 perfect dodges in a row to continue. If you are hit, you can't get into the menu to use a health item, so you're stuck on the floor as he hits you 4 more times. It's basically a one-hit kill. For a game that is based all around the Nemesis character I find all his appearaces to be the most unfair bits of the entire game. Even the parts where you meet Nemesis at the start seem to be complete luck. Sometimes he just charges at you or sandwiches you between him and zombies. As soon as you play any level with any real challenge it just cheats. If the game wants you to lose then you lose. You get moments where three zombies attack in quick succession and you don't die, then next time a zombie kills you on its own. Or a zombie runs at you, you dodge it but it carries on running, and you get three run animations in a row where that never normally happens. It needs a patch because there's something wrong, especially with those end bosses, they seem 10 times harder than anything else in the game. As it stands it's a nice leisurely paced Resi game, and there's no point in playing it on a more challenging difficulty.
  14. I'm not 100% on this (and never have been since Tempest in the arcades) but if there are enemies on the edge of the web, there are options. If the enemy moves onto you then you are usually safe and you will shoot them before they kill you. However, each level begins with you having a weapon that fires a burst of ammo then a small gap before it happens again. You might want to try timing your shots to make sure you hit the enemy before it steps on you. Once you have particle laser you are pretty much safe, and when you get maximum bullets you are unstoppable. If something grabs you and you can't move, fire off a smart bomb because you only die when it takes you into the centre, and you have a second or two to react first. There's also an audio cue for everything, so listen out for the sounds of the most dangerous enemies appearing, and prioritise certain enemies above others. Game of the year (2000).
  15. The Wii makes a great little emulation box in the sense that it is cheap, has wireless controllers, is small and emulates all 16 bit and below really well. Also, because it is a Wii it does Wii and GameCube perfectly and can run those games from a USB hard drive. However it's pretty poor for PlayStation 1 and N64. It doesn't stand a chance of doing PlayStation 2 or Dreamcast.
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