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  1. Not really missing any, but in my experience Retroarch has so many options it gets overwhelming and also the controls seem way more laggy on RA than on other emulators I've tried. That's true of PC over the years as well as Xbox now. I just wondered because I'm having better results with Duckstation stand alone than Duckstation's Retroarch core and wondered if Dev mode opened up a world of stand alone emulators.
  2. As a 12 year old, a couple of years shy of being allowed to drive a C5, I was utterly convinced it was going to be the biggest thing ever and in just two short years Id have saved enough pocket money. What with this and also Norm McDonald yesterday I feel really sad right now.
  3. Ok, so the thing I did wasn't fruit machines, it was quiz machines, specifically for me it was Hangman and Telly Addicts from the 1990s. Like all these quiz machines they promote themselves as a reward for testing knowledge. It's a quiz, so you're going to win the money if you get all the questions right. They even had their own tax breaks and regulations because these machines were not amusements with prizes, these were SKILL with prizes. SWP machines. Keep that in mind. It's all about the skill. We sussed out the con of Telly Addicts while playing it in the pub. The game consisted of 20 questions, and a correct answer scored 3 points. Some questions randomly awarded you a 'telly test card' as well as the points. Then, at the end of the game you'd be presented with a matching pairs card game. 30 cards on the screen. Turn over 2 and hope to find a pair. Find all 15 pairs and you win the jackpot. If you won any telly test cards during the quiz, each one would uncover one pair automatically, saving you a lot of time. If you know all the answers to all the questions you'd go into the end game with a full 60 seconds on the clock and a random handful of testcards. Let's say the machine randomly awarded you 5. This leaves you with just 10 pairs to find. We had a system for turning over the cards and we nailed this game, winning the jackpot every time. Unless... Someone else had won the jackpot that day. Because as you've probably worked out, the machine gives telly test cards at "random". You might get none, you might get 10. But without them you're stuffed. The maximum 60 seconds just isn't long enough to match the pairs. The machines heavily implied they were skill with prizes, but it didn't matter how skilled you were, you could not win if the machine decided it wasn't time to pay today. As soon as someone got the jackpot you stopped seeing telly test cards on future games. Once the machine had taken in enough money they came back, with the machine properly regulating the payout just like a fruit machine. But my favourite (and thanks for staying on my forum post this long) was JPM Hangman. We spent loads on this in the pub in the 90s or 2000s and when it turned up on MAME I spent a lot of time on it. I even created cheats for it that became part of the official MAME cheat files. What's fascinating about Hangman on MAME is that when it asks a question you just pause the game and Google the answer. So why don't you win any money? Well... initially you do! Cheating catches the machine by surprise and you win.... Once. Once you've pocketed that jackpot the machine starts to play in a devious new way. The hangman words get longer. The clues earn less points. The timers get shorter. The questions get more obtuse. You get a new bonus round that looks good but it's there to give them another way to kill you off and sometimes it's a dead end where every option ends the game. But that's OK because you're on MAME and you downloaded my cheat file, so you can still try and win, right? And this is where it gets silly. First the question timer gets so short you can't even read the question. But that's no problem. Just add the "stop the timers" cheat. Then, as the words get harder, pause and Google the clues. Give yourself infinite extra lives. Keep adding a cheat every time the game finds a new way to get you and watch as it starts asking questions that not even Google knows the answer to. Then you'll notice that you used to need 400 points to win the jackpot but now you need 1000 points just to get your 50p back. And as you continue to get the correct answers (because you're cheating) the machine has no idea what to do. It's not going to let you win, and it goes ballistic, firing off impossible questions, giving you half a second to answer them, to guess letters in really long phrases for very low points. There's simply no way you could ever stand a chance of winning a penny in a pub, yet these are apparently games of skill, rewarding knowledge. If you like the sound of this, give it a go. It's completely fascinating to see how the machine squirms and does everything it can to make sure you cannot win, but as it doesn't understand youre using cheat codes it goes completely crazy. Anyway, to cut a long story short TOO LATE. And my tea is ready. Rip Norm McDonald.
  4. As stated, it wasn't me it was Rev Stu. He did some amazing work in this area. The key areas he covered were: 1 - The machines would choose the result of the next hi/lo spin after you made your choice. You go high, or low, it makes no difference. If the machine wants you to lose, you lose. 2 - some machines had a screen inside that was not visible to the player. When you got a gamble, the screen might say "Limit 4". This meant that if you gambled you might win or lose but you'll never win the 4th time. Proof the games were cheating. 3 - the payout ratio doesn't have a legal bottom limit. So you can make a fruit machine which only pays out each prize once every year and it would be legal. That, for me, was the big one. Fruit machines need to pay out to keep the player playing so machines tend to be programmed to 70% at least. But by law you could have a machine that has a 1% payout and there nothing wrong with that. And 4 - the odds of playing are not the odds that are displayed. As explained in point 1 above, all aspects of the game program can cheat as much as they like. Implied odds in a fruit machine give the player the illusion of having some input, but it's a lie. You're more likely to go higher than a 2, lower than an 11 or stick on a 6 but it makes no difference. To me, that's the equivalent of presenting a roulette wheel to a player, and not telling them there's a magnet under the zero. Like if you toss a coin there's an assumption it's 50/50 because you know how coins work. Fruit machines know you picked heads and immediately reveal the coin shows tails , if it wants to. So that's all Stu Campbells work and I thought it was a very good thing to campaign about. However I did my own similar thing and I'll post that in a few minutes because my kettle just boiled.
  5. Blown away by the emulator PPSSPP runing Ridge Racers 2 (psp) on the Xbox Series S/X . It's quite extraordinary. Firstly because it is, and always has been, an absolute belter. All the tracks , all the music, great handling, what's not to like. But Xbox (and I assume PC) is a game changer. Pop the resolution up to 5xPSP for a 1080p image and the emulator will also bring it to 60fps. And it looks so close to being a current gen game and plays perfectly. There are no loading times, you can fast forward any intro parts. The HD visuals disguise the PSP game from 2006 and make it feel like a current title. There's a little bit of pop up, the reflections in the car windows are obviously fake, but it blows my mind how good a 480x272 image when upscaled in this way. It's stunning, and it's like having a whole new Ridge Racer game to play.
  6. From what I read, Retroarch is the emulator to use for most formats on XBox Series. Duckstation and PPSSPP are the only other ones I've seen. The discord whitelisting guy gives you those three. So are there other emulators? Or any other benefits to getting developer mode?
  7. I think it's very impressive and the creative vision of the artists has obviously been achieved and them some. Sounds fantastic , looks amazing. But... On my 3rd session I somehow find I'm just not that bothered. Like, I've seen what it does and yesterday's hour was enough. Quite the experience, but I'm done now.
  8. Just have to add, a huge "holy crap my mind is blown" at Ridge Racers 2. It's a game I've played over the years, most recently maybe 2017 when I picked up a PSTV, softmodded it and played it on the big TV with a PS3 pad. But playing it on the Xbox Series via PPSSPP and really it's incredible. Resolution of 5 X psp makes it full 1080p, and 60fps (I think the game runs at 30 and the emulator draws the in betweens but the controls are really responsive anyway). It's a fucking delight. Really. Like, the best racing game on Xbox Series X is a PSP game. If they packaged this emulator up with the game and sent it to a review website as if a new product Id reckon they'd give it a solid 9\10. The graphics are amazing, simple, very clear (you always know where you're going), tonnes of tracks, but also QUALITY tracks, tried and tested from previous Ridge games. Amazing music. Great fun. It blows my mind that this amazing game is fundamentally the same code as it always was on PSP and simply upscaling it makes it a whole new game.
  9. Daytona is awesome on 360. Works flawlessly on Xbone and Series. I think you can't order it on the console, you have to order on the website on PC, but last time we discussed it we got a forum online game sorted and the people who bought the game especially said it was less than £2 at the time. Snap it up.
  10. Outrun 2 of course. Sega Rally is good. And off topic but Split Second on the Xbox is backward compatible on Xbox, as is Daytona.
  11. I had that with Emily from Deadly Premonition. I think the way she was so badly drawn and weirdly animated only added to the effect. At first she's just a character in a game. By the end you're so invested that it was just heartbreaking what happened to her.
  12. Loved Rage Racer back in the day, but felt the monetary awards were to stingy and it took way to long to get to the faster cars. But of course, it's all moot anyway because Ridge Racers 2 on the PSP runs phenomenally on the PPSSPP emulator and has all the tracks from all the RR series. Emulation. Gamepass. The Xbox Series is the best console I ever bought. By a mile.
  13. A game I absolutely adored on PS Vita , only to find that the Vita port is unofficial and had a game breaking bug. Is was so happy to see it on that whilelist website. But I've played it a few times now and it has crashed in weird ways. For example, I brought up the map, the screen darkened and showed the map. Then I closed the map down, it disappeared but the screen remained dark and the controls stopped working. I get something similar with Duckstation. My games are on an external drive, but Duckstation doesn't remember this. Loading a game involves backspacing and deleting the the long file location. If you hit backspace one too many times it drops you back at the main menu but the controller doesn't work any more. I assume these issues are because it's all early days and work in progress. However (I think) the Xbox plays the UWP versions of these apps and so you're relying on someone to make the conversion to that format. In the case of AM2R there's a perfect windows version and a perfect Android version. But it seems porting to the UWP has added crash bugs, which is similar to what happened when they ported it to Vita. I'm probably wrong, I don't really understand what UWP is, but it's a shame because AM2R is absolutely fantastic and I'd love to play it on the big TV.
  14. Oh my god this is all so sudden!
  15. So what do you love in video gaming? For me, I love emulation. The way that a community has come together to make software as impressive as MAME, and not for the financial gain but just for the love of the games. Some of the stuff the emulation community comes up with absolutely blows me away. And I couldn't start a thread like this without mentioning Deadly Premonition. There's something about that game, the once in a lifetime, lightning in a bottle experience where a game that's basically a budget title with massive glaring flaws suddenly pulls the rug from under you with an attention to detail and story that gets in your head. I'm not going to spoiler because it came out in 2010, but when the game begins and the shadows moan "Don't want to dieeeee", you just find yourself laughing at the terrible animation, odd characters, crappy frame rate and so on. Then you meet Emily, and she moves her arms about and shakes her head like PS1 Resident Evil. You chuckle at how bad it all is. Then, (I hope through design rather than incompetence) the story just draws you in, you're living in Greenville, watching the townsfolk go about their lives, becoming invested in the characters and realising that York and Emily are falling in love with each other. You learn that Emily is a terrible cook, and if you do go into her house you see the burned wallpaper above the oven. There are so many wonderful little touches like that. And then you start to learn about York, his background, Kayden, Zach.... And you witness Kaysen murdering York's parents. They tremble in his presence and moan, "I don't want to die" and you realise the shadows and spirits you shoot in the game are York's nightmares about that Terrible night. York's mother, red seeds implanted in her body pleades with her husband, "let me die" and the whole thing starts coming together. By the time you have to save Emily it's absolutely heartbreaking. You love her, she loves you, and Kaysen's done THAT to her. She's a goddess of the forest now. I can't think of any moment in any game or film or book that got to me like Deadly Premonition did. The abysmal sequel couldn't take the shine off the original, one of the best games I've ever played but also the best experience of storytelling. Love it. So what's yours?
  16. Yes, I've always found Retroarch to be a really unhelpful and unfriendly system and much prefer individual emulators. I've read online about people playing GameCube games at 4K and the emulator being transformative, but for me the best I can get is just getting the games to work. Like you say, F Zero plays great but outside of the races there are glitches and stutters. It's great to have it, but it's not perfect. Then, it all stopped working. GC and PS2 started displaying an error message about how the core doesn't support VFR. What's that mean? Then, through no action of my own, it's all working again. GameCube keeps changing the video render to GL and I have to manually change it back and save config. No idea why, because it doesn't work at all on GL anyway. But overall this is an amazing thing and I hope the whitelist guy makes more apps available. It seems silly to be playing AM2R on a £450 console but it's a great game, and it reassures me that choosing Xbox over PS5 was the right thing to do.
  17. So the whitelist guy did his magic and I went to his page and OMG I had no idea there's a port of AM2R and with the Xbox's great D-pad that's basically me sorted for the next few weeks. If you're not aware of AM2R, it's on many formats and it's an outstanding conversion of the Gameboy Metroid 2, remastered to widescreen with the sprites and artwork mirroring the SNES and GBA metroids. It's hugely playable and I've never had it on the big TV before. Also, Retroarch is proving great, although it has so many features that I don't think I'm getting the best out of it. I've tried GameCube so far which seems perfect emulation but I'm reading online people are upscaling the graphics to 4K and I need to have a play about. PSP has a stand alone emulator and it's phenomenal. Ridge Racers 2 runs at 60fps and looks like a 360 era game. Blown away. Duckstation is just incredible. PlayStation 1 games in 1080p (and beyond I guess, if you have a newer TV than me). 10 minutes of Metal Gear Solid last night and... It's a yes from me. I think Retroarch needs a bit of tinkering. I was initially impressed with Dreamcast but I'm not sure if it's quite as smooth as it should be. But for something that I'm just trying out of the box, it's pretty incredible. Now to get the bios files transferred and try a bit of PS2. And I think £20 to Mr whitelist guy is the least I can do.
  18. That's a really good post there. I think I do have specific feeling against 12 minutes, way more than I've felt before. I get feelings from time to time that gaming is leaving me behind and slowly morphing into a hobby I'm not interested in. Like, I'm playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered because it gives me that vibe of Burnout 2 from years gone by. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying other racers like Forza but still thinking it's sad that the arcade racer seems to have been resigned to the past now. Then I try something like 12 minutes and it somehow seems to be too up itself, too arty, too deliberately contraversial. Oh look, it must be good because it has famous people in it. While I was playing it, certain plot twists occured. Instead of thinking "I will stop playing this game, I'm not enjoying it", I felt, "oh for fucks sake look at what they're doing now" and turning it off out of disgust.
  19. Thanks for the feedback! There's an ignore button somewhere.
  20. People say "I hate cress". But you don't "hate" it. You may not like it in your sandwich but it takes a serious mental issue to actively hate cress. So keeping in mind the definition and severity of actual hatred, what games do you hate? For me, the recent 12 minutes on Xbox Gamepass is a game that really left me feeling angry. What starts off as an interesting proposition with a good premise and ideas, suddenly starts to go off the rails. You're forced to take some of the worst courses of action possible, the story is deliberately controversial and overall it just feels a bit grubby. Then I started to see how much publicity the game was getting for having famous actors like Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe involved. They must have spent a lot of money on these actors and for what? Does the game benefit? Can you even tell it's them? I don't know, there's just something about this game that really got me worked up and I wondered if that would make an interesting topic. Probably not. But if it does, what games if any have made you feel genuine hate?
  21. Come on guys, don't be upset by the battery discussion - let's have some positive energy here.
  22. The MSR thing was completely stupid - like Jeff Goldblum once said, just because they knew they could do it doesn't mean they should do it. (I might be wrong, but) if I remember rightly there was no option to manually choose the time of day. It was entirely controlled by the clock in the console so anyone who had a job found themselves only ever playing in the dark. Then there was a bugged first batch where it was dark all night anyway. Such a good game and an absolute crock of a launch.
  23. If you play Deadly Premonition 2 on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, all the townspeople can be found paying their respects at the river and you can join them and collect flowers to take to them. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.siliconera.com/deadly-premonition-2-august-29th-event-honors-hurricane-katrina-victims/amp/
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