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  1. Stewart Lee talks of ticket touts in his routines and jokes that it's great to take the money and see the empty seats because he is famous enough to attract the touts but not famous enough for his tickets to sell at inflated prices. His ideal scenario is to have touts buy all the tickets then he makes the money and doesn't need to turn up and do the work. Yes, but of course the consoles will be in the hands on an end user a couple of days after the auctions end. Those customers will be buying their accessories and games in anticipation. There's just no real incentive for supp
  2. I think there's no incentive for Sony or Microsoft to stop scalping. They sell all their stock either way and the headlines create more publicity about how incredible their new machines are. People are paying £800 for them on eBay? Wow they must be amazing. Right now there will be loads of people who never intended buying at launch, seeing all these stories and then snapping up a console first chance they get. It's not like scalping harms sales, the consoles still sell out on day one. But 150,000 people all queuing on Currys website, Argos crashing, Amazon parcels turning up with a George F
  3. Added DarkNet description to the OP. Really enjoyed it.
  4. dumpster


    Shane Carrouth was the "time travel consultant" on Looper, which seemed a nice way to indirectly support him and say "I liked your movie, come and spend time on mine".
  5. The dolphin emulation in that video makes future formats look very promising!
  6. The Xbox One has had homebrew software available for years using Microsoft's Dev Mode options. You pay for the Dev Mode app and it allows you to convert your console into a Dev console. Once you've done this you can't run any retail games until you change the console back, but you can change between the modes as often as you like. In Dev Mode you can use Windows UWP apps, and it's been brilliant in allowing a homebrew scene to exist without the threat of piracy spoiling things. And because all of this exists already, backward compatiblity on the new Xbox series consoles does it all the same
  7. Oooh that's worth knowing, thanks for that. I might do this myself now, just as a project. I have an A1200 in the loft, would be cool to fill it up and make it a one stop complete unit.
  8. Despite the name it was released in 2011 so I guess 10 years is when things officially go retro? Edit: I'm wrong it was 2006.
  9. There should be a government run system where a copy of EDF2017 gets stuck through every letterbox in the country. It would sort out lockdown problems in a heartbeat. There also needs to be a campaign on this forum where we pick any copies of it up that we find and post them out until everyone on the forum owns this magnificient game. If you see anyone at CEX trading this in, offer them 20p and pass it on to a forumite.
  10. Wouldn't you also have the compatibility issues between Amigas as as well? When I use an Amiga emulator on PC I'm continually shifting between running games and scene demos on a 512K Amiga 500, 1Mb Amiga 500, 2Mb Amiga 1200 etc. I remember back at the time there were loads of games that were not compatible on the A500 Plus , and other games that could not be played on the A600 because there was no numeric keypad. Then the A1200 came along and there were further issues with back compat. In my head, the idea of having an Amiga with every piece of software ever made for it install
  11. Sorry, just to be clear, can I download these Atomiswave games and play them on a real Dreamcast from a CD? Also can these be played on Redream?
  12. Just remod it. So a system update from Nintendo then start over, it's quick and easy and probably more up to date than what you have. See the Wii thread.
  13. My local DPD are great. You get a 1 hour slot in the morning and an app that shows you where the van is so you can follow exactly what's going on.
  14. Awesome, I'm heading back in there right now.
  15. One thing to add to the above is that I have completed the machine tower and found 5 cards so far, but they have all been on the bottom row so I haven't been able to actually use any of them yet! I hope I have just missed finding the top row cards because the whole issue is that the game has this fantastic DSS card system that usually is locked away. Having the cards available through exploration is great but if the hacker has left all the top row cards hidden until the end he's misjudged it! I'm on my 6th playthrough in 2 weeks. It's a belter!
  16. I'm really enjoying a couple of series where you go into each episode as a fresh half hour or 1 hour tale. Shows where you never know what the tone, content or story will be until you watch it. Black Mirror The modern day equivalent to some of the older shows, and highly recommended. A good variety of content, with a focus on dark, twisted tales, modern day dystopian futures, social media and tech. Standouts include the one with the robot bees, the one with the kid who has to rob a bank and the one where the Prime Minister fucks a pig, which was written years before our ac
  17. This is amazing , such a small tweak but it solves so many problems! Cheers for posting.
  18. Thanks to @Ninja Doctor I spent the morning playing Castlevania Circle of the Moon... Again. You can read about my experiences of the past two weeks in the thread in retro, but in summary I'd watched a speedrun where a guy played the game to completion discovering every item in an hour and a half. I had asked how this was possible and it turned out that the player was using thief mode, which unlocks after you complete the game 4 times. In thief mode you start the game massively enhanced luck score which makes all the items drop frequently, but you lose some attack strength so yo
  19. @Ninja Doctor you mean I have to play it through for a sixth time this week? Will def give this a go. The comments sound like it's exactly what I'm after!
  20. Local indie store drove to customers houses from midnight. Great to see lockdown levelling the playing field and allowing indies to give better service than Game.
  21. There's IDE to SD for the A600 and A1200. They are very cheap and simple and you just fit it inside the Amiga, like you would have fitted a hard drive back in the day. http://amigakit.amiga.store/product_info.php?products_id=12672
  22. Some final thoughts. This is a really good game. But it would be an afternoon of work to make it the best Castlevania on the Gameboy Advance. It has so much great content but a lot of it gets hidden behind a levelling-up system that , to me at least, seems very badly balanced. I've played this game off and on for 20 years and today I had item drops I have never seen before. In 20 years! That's crazy! Playing the main game is the most fun, but there are areas of tedious grind to get your character stronger or find the DSS cards you want. Yet at the s
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