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  1. The best way to sample Jag T2K on a PC is with Dio's t2k emulator - there's a thread about it over on the Llamasoft forum here. It only emulates T2K and VLM, but runs T2K pretty much perfectly on my ancient PC.
  2. Buttox

    Mario Kart Ds

    Anyone else having connection problems right now? Been trying to get on for a quick game for the last 20 mins, but I just keep getting a connection error. Wireless setup is all unchanged.
  3. Buttox

    Mario Kart Ds

    I'll add you in hercules. Be on at 9 til about 10 - bit wrecked, so the easy win is guaranteed!
  4. Buttox

    Mario Kart Ds

    I'll be on tonight. Been a bit busy with the whole xmas thing over the last week, so a nice relaxed bit of racing is just what's needed.
  5. Buttox

    Mario Kart Ds

    I've added you DarthSquirrel and donpeartree - already had Earl added. I'm usually on in the early or late evening, or random other times. I'm more or less moving to having the list over at themelee as my core friends roster (I've just added a few, so have a check). My roster is full, so folks from the page 1 list who haven't added me, or aren't using Alan's tool are gradually being dropped, I'm afraid.
  6. Added: XBOKS MotiVater Would urge everyone to use Alan's tool
  7. Buttox

    Mario Kart Ds

    Still not decided on the wiggley boost mechanic. I thought the drift boost in MK:SC was nice and elegant, rewarding you for a good drift - this puts a bit too much extra action on the d-pad for my liking. Seems a lot more comfortable online though, as you don't have to worry about dragging items. Looks like my brain can only cope with holding down so many buttons at once. Fantastic game. *edit* WiFi eats your battery like crazy it seems.
  8. Added: Garwoofoo jiroczech DangerM fatbob Haven't had time to PM anyone I've added yet (sorry). Try to do it tomorrow. Be on from about 9.30 tonight.
  9. Added: Yiggy panda_t harmunt mr.miffed Van plus the 1st 40(!) from the big list on p1 (if anyone fancies adding me). Usually on in the evenings, sometimes afternoons.
  10. Mario Kart: 085959 - 529360 Add me! I'm a bit gash at it, mind...
  11. Saw this last night and it's very good stuff. The only let downs for me were that there are quite a few scare cliches (although less as it goes on) and it's maybe not as original as I'd hoped, concept-wise. BUT it's relentless, claustrophobic and very nasty, with a real sense of hopelessness at times. Also, the acting varies from good to excellent and you really do give a damn about the characters, which is the key to the film. Hard to compare it to Dog Soldiers, since it doesn't have the knock-about fun element (and I haven't seen it since it came out), but it definitely didn't disappoint. Go see (not if you're in any way claustrophobic though).
  12. That's what i thought, I enjoyed it a lot but it was all pretty pointless in the end. Also - did they really leave out Marv's "nothing tastes better than cigarette when you haven't had one for a long time" line, or whatever it is? Also also - Halle Berry is rubbish in it. Valkyrie my ass.
  13. Is there a more recent build with the LOS stuff?
  14. Bah, I've re-activated my pre-order. Damn you all for your unhomogenized opinions.
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