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  1. @LaParka @SimonC @MalevolentPanda We're now set up and ready to go. Hope this works OK. To get up and running: 1. Download Rails from https://sourceforge.net/projects/rails/files/Rails/2.0/ 2. Run the file rails-2.0.RC3.jar 3. Click Load Game 4. Select the file 18AL_20180315_1517_LaParka.rails from the Dropbox folder. Save files have the name of the next player appended, so the most recent file should always indicate whose turn it is. Initial turn order was randomised, and is LaParka -> ProfessorRob -> MalevolentPanda -> SimonC. First player is LaParka, so the file is named accordingly. 5. You only ever really need to load the save file when it's your turn, ie. the most recent file has your name on it. Save files contain the entire game history, so you don't need to load it during other people's turns. 6. After taking your turn, save the file back to the Dropbox folder using File -> Save in the Game Status window, ready for the next player to load it and take their turn. It should append the name of the next player. 7. Post the log of your turn to this topic, along with a heads-up to the next player. Starting out: The initial Stock Round consists of auctioning off the Private Companies. These are small companies that are wholly owned by a player or Corporation, which give their owners a dividend and/or special ability during Operating Rounds. These are: Tuscumbia Railway: Gives a $5 dividend. South & North Alabama RR: Gives a $10 dividend, and gives the owner two Coalfield tokens. These can be placed on certain hexes on the map and grant extra revenue when running trains to those hexes. Brown & Sons Lumber Co: Gives a $15 divided and allows the owner to place the Lumber Terminal track tile. Memphis & Charleston RR: Gives a $20 revenue, and grants the owner the ability to name two of their trains to get extra revenue when these trains run to certain cities. New Decatur Yards: Gives a $20 revenue, and allows the owner to purchase a new train at half price (but consequently closing the Company) More info on the Private Companies is in Table III of the rules. When it's your turn, you can either buy the cheapest available Private Company outright (for the Par price), or place a bid on one of the other companies. Buying the cheapest outright will trigger an auction for the next cheapest, between all the players who have already placed a bid on it. Once that auction has been resolved, the next cheapest one is auctioned (again, between the players who have bid on it), and so on. If a company has only one bidder, that player gets it for the amount they bid. More info in Section 3.1 of the rules. So, it's @LaParka's turn, and his choices are: 1. Buy Tuscumbia for $20. This will not trigger any auctions, as no other bids exist on the other companies yet. 2. Place a bid on one of the others, to get "a seat at the table" when it's auctioned. I'd like to stress once again that we're all learning this, so discussion is encouraged.
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