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  1. By Square-Enix Murdered.com Release date: June 6th 2014 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS
  2. On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Pneuma: Breath of Life for free during the month of November. Knight Squad will be available as a free download from November 16th to December 15th. Knight Squad is a medieval Bomberman meets Gauntlet with Unreal Tournament like game modes. The game can be played with up to 8 players online and/or local. All couch vs couch configurations are possible and you can also play with the AI. Free for all game modes: Capture the Grail, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Juggernaut. 4vs4 game modes: Soccer, Capture the Flag, Crystal Rush, Domination, Team Deathmatch. There are also single player challenges where you have to beat bosses and try to be the best on the leaderboards Starting in November all future Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 will be playable on Xbox One, giving Xbox One owners double the free games to play each month. When Xbox One Backward Compatibility launches on November 12, play multiplayer with your friends no matter which console they’re on and enjoy Xbox 360 games with the advanced features of your Xbox One, including Game DVR, Screenshots, and in-home streaming to Windows 10. Xbox One owners can download their free Xbox 360 Games with Gold from Xbox.com/GameswithGold or from their Xbox 360 console. The games will automatically show up in the “Ready to Install” section of “My games & apps”.
  3. Download link : https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Bundle/World-of-Tanks-Pre-Download-with-Bonus-Tank/22fce457-1675-4cc3-9355-380d51544afa Bonuses for participating: http://xbox.worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/beta-weekend/
  4. Let's have a thread for these then. I get the feeling there are going to be more released than I can be bothered to wade through. I played a few of the first 20 last night and already there are more. Here's two I thought were worth some time Artoon - A bouncing ball, land on the squares and they change colour, Q*Bert style, change them all and get to the goal. Simple, fun and nicely presented. Music seemed alright too (techno). http://catalog.xna.com/en-US/GameDetails.a...eb95&type=2 Weapon of Choice - Contra style run n' gun affair with right analog firing and left analog moving. Jumping with the left trigger felt weird at first but I got used to it. Crazy guitar music and wacky graphics. Should be fun. http://catalog.xna.com/en-US/GameDetails.a...62a1&type=2 Full list of titles can be found here: http://catalog.xna.c...mescatalog.aspx Feel free to add your own reviews/comments.
  5. We all know the 360 was probably the worst in terms of reliability in the early days. I remember at GAME we were getting nearly 50% back faulty at one point. Addons of warranties was dead easy, all you had to do was mention RROD. The PS3 I'm not sure of. With the current gen, I'm not expecting mega numbers, but we did get a handfull back every month at GamesCentre. I know I'm on my second Xbox One after the drive failed in my launch unit. I've also had a controller fail on it. 360 wise, I had 7 in total over the years. Most had the RROD and one had a drive failure, I bought a slim unit on release and never had a problem with it.
  6. Microsoft's new thing to try and combat PS+ does everyone know Fable III is free right now? Why didn't they bother to announce this?
  7. How not to be a n00b at battlefield. The most important change for a CoD player, is spotting. Spotting is critical to success. On 360 it is the back button to spot. aim at an enemy (person, tank, whatever) and press back to spot. This will highlight them for your team-mates and you and track their movement for about 10 seconds. Sometimes it's better to not engage someone and let a squad member or someone else from your side take them out: be it they're better positioned or you can do more damage by slinking towards the flag/MCOM and not give yourself away by letting out shots (non-suppressed fire marks you on the mini map). While there are times and places you can lone wolf it, and to great success, the key to winning is teamwork. There are two sides in Battlefield. The US and Russians. Each side has some weapons that are distinct to them. You might have been playing for a different side in one match and not seen your customisations. Actually I may have mis read your question. I should point out the unlocks are per weapon not an 'overall' unlock. i.e. you need to unlock the holo for each and every weapon. Am I levelling up as I play? When do i get more gear? 1: Yes, new attachments every 10 kills and new gear every level up of the weapon, and often when levelling your soldier. Why are some people green? 2: They are in your squad of four. You can spawn onto your squad but not the rest of your side. Also, 1 person leads the squad and can designate targets to attack/defend. Point straight at the target and press back. How on earth do you fly planes and copters? Seems very difficult to me 3: Slowly but surely. You need time to get accustomed and the game doesn't give you it at all. Once you are in the air, spot as many enemies, particularly aircraft, as you can, and you'll eventually get flares, then heatseekers, by which time you'l have got better at not pitching your machine into the turf. Vanilla aircraft are more or less useless. I'm playing without a mic as I dont have one - does this matter? 4: Appallingly few people use voice in this game. No idea why - it's built for it, it is limited to your squad to encourage squad play and being able to warn or call for backup as well as spot is worth many points sometimes. When a round has finished how do I leave the lobby? 5: You have to wait for the next game to start, then go to pause-quit. This is because DICE fucking hate you and want you to piss half your evening away loading maps you don't want to play. The skill level: What is Suppression? Basically, you shoot at somebody behind cover or not and whether you hit them or not - doesn't matter. Whilst you are suppressing them with fire, their screen goes blurry and distorted for a few seconds (or constant when under fire). The suppression perk makes the effect last longer and be more brutal. Then, if your team kills that person you get 50 points (suppression assist). Join a squad! Join a squad, even if it's randoms. It will allow you to get back into the battle quicker when killed and vice versa, rather than spawning right back at the base. Even if you're not using voice chat, sometimes squads just click, supporting each other with ammo, health, cover and spotting. Squad leader has a star next to their name, the other information in those columns are class and squad perk, in case you didn't realise. Pressing spot as squad leader scouts out commands to your squad and you get bonus points both for telling them to do it and for them doing it, I think they get a few points for following orders too. If you order an attack/defend on a specific objective it gets 4 little red arrows around it. Is there bullet/projectile physics? Yes Why be recon? Whenever Recon I'll make sure it's for counter-sniping (generally only ever on Rush). Damavand Peak is a perfect example where 1 good Recon can turn the tides. When you're attacking and you have 3-4 snipers on the opposite team defending from the towers. Your team become scared to move from all the suppression fire, so you tend to see them hang back shooting people to the far left of the complex. Take out their snipers so they don't have issues bombing down the hill and the defence will be overrun in no time. The MAV is perfect for advancing, it helps hugely to just see where their defence is setting up. Your Little Bird and your LAV can then rain down hell while your squad advances to the MCOMS on maps like Noshahr Canals for example. Then obviously as has been discussed, you get the spawn beacon. 1 spawn beacon placed in the right place behind enemy lines on Rush is priceless. Regarding spawn beacons: basically if you leave a spawn in open space then you will parachute in, if you leave it indoors or under cover then you will spawn on the group by the beacon. Gun stat porn:- TLDR: AEK-971 and M240B are still the shit. SCAR-H is still good. http://symthic.dy.fi/?s=bf3 Original First Post Below Beta Info... http://planetbattlef...y.php?id=164272 http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Full reveal in next months GI. (March 1st, but as always expect scans to be available earlier) http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Battlefield 3 allows you to feel the full impact of battle like never before. Powered by Frostbite 2, the next generation of DICE's cutting-edge gaming engine, Battlefield 3 delivers spectacular visuals, earth-shattering destruction and real as hell combat gameplay providing a dramatic immersive First Person Shooter experience. One moment you may be marching down a hilltop listening to the hypnotic sound of a firefight in the distance or admiring the way the light reflects off the smoke plumes of ground to air missiles rising from the city you're about to engage. The next you're on an urban street, surrounded, claustrophobic, fighting for your life and looking eight ways at once with all your senses on high alert, chilled at the knowledge that the building you're hiding behind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Welcome to Battlefield 3. Beta info. http://www.ea.com/1/beta
  8. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/01/29/lego-marvel-avengers-and-lego-jurassic-world-coming-in-2015.aspx Still no Lego Back To The Future. Booo. Here's the press release:
  9. It's Sledgehammer Games time for a go on the Call of Duty conveyor belt. Full reveal in a few days, but they've released a screenshot - let's speculate wildly! Going by the combination of the title and screenshot I surmise the black fella's name is Smith, what I haven't figured out is why he's wearing what appears to be a knight's helmet. Maybe Activision want some of that sweet, sweet Game of Thrones cash? EDIT: Apparently it's called Advanced Warfare and not Blacksmith so now my post makes no sense. Thanks a lot NeoGAF!
  10. smithstock

    FIFA 15

    Teaser trailer released: - PC, PS4 and X1 will use Ignite engine - New tag line: #FeelTheGame - More details to come in the EA conference
  11. October 2012 update Finally a freakin web browser! Previously: October 2011 update http://majornelson.c...review-program/ November 2010 update MY EYES! April 6th 2010 update: USB Memory Support Facebook, Last.fm & Twitter http://connect.micro.../XboxLIVEUpdate NXE FAQ Q - The NXE is shit, can I get the old Blades interface back? A - No Q - How do I show my avatar / gamerpic on a website? A - Make an avatar (duh) and gamerpic and then use the following URLs http://avatar.xboxli...avatar-body.png http://avatar.xboxli...avatarpic-l.png http://avatar.xboxli...avatarpic-s.png I think that these only work in IE Q - What can I do with my avatar? A - You can: Press the Right Stick to make your Avatar burp. move your head in different positions while you burp to get different burp sounds. Wiggle the right stick left & right to do an angry face. Spin the right stick for that face you put the pic of. Wiggle the right stick up & down for a sort of smiley face. Use left button to switch between different emotions. Use the right button to keep opening your mouth. Hold either trigger & he'll get dizzy after spinning round. Use the Right Stick to pull your Avatar's head back then quickly flick it forward; your Avatar will 'bump its head against the screen'. Q - My friend has purple hair - WTF? A - If you hang around on the hair colour screen without pressing any buttons, you get new colours to choose from. Q - Can I see all the rllmuk avatars anywhere? A - http://www.evilwallp....co.uk/avatars/ Q - How do I rip a game to the hard drive? A - Put the game in the disc drive and hit Y Q - Do I still need the disc after I have ripped it? A - Yes, you need the disc in the DVD drive to play the game from the hard drive. Q - Can I rip a game to my hard drive and then use that hard drive on another 360? (With the disk in the DVD drive) A - No Q - Tell me more about ripping games to the hard drive A - http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=196933 Q - How do I make photosharing work? A - You need to download the application from marketplace. Q - What PC resolutions does the NXE now support? A - It supports the following: 640 x 480 848 x 480 1024 x 768 1280 x 720 1280 x 768 1280 x 1024 1360 x 768 1440 x 900 (LB) 1680 x 1050 (LB) 1920 x 1080 (LB) = Letterboxed. Black borders top and bottom to preserve the correct aspect ratio Q - Can I change a setting so that I can see myxbox instead of Spotlight when I turn my 360 on? A - No Q - Is the NXE installed on my hard drive or on my 360? A - It is installed on your 360. If you take your hard drive off you will still have the NXE dashboard. However the installation files are still stored on the hard drive and it will update any 360 that you attach it to (If not already updated.) Q - Are there any games that cannot be ripped to hard drive? A - yes, Crackdown, Big Bumpin', DoA Extreme 2, Pocket Bike Racers, Sneak King and Pure . In addition Halo 3 can be ripped to the hard drive but actually performs worse due to the way that the disc caches data. Q - Where do I go to queue up videos and stuff on the web? A - http://marketplace.xbox.com Q - Can I rip xbox1 games to the hard drive? A - No Q - How do you check your download history on the NXE? A - Go to your gamercard and select Manage Account, Download History. Q - Can I get rid of games from my played games list? A - You can delete them from your played games list if the game has 0 Gamerscore. Highlight it and press 'X'. Thx to multiple posters in this here thread for these Qs & As!
  12. Trigg

    NBA 2K14

    So yeah, my one a year thread is late this time as I've held off getting the current gen versions as I intend to pick this up for PS4 at launch. I know in recent years theres been quite a few people who've enjoyed the series so here we are again. It does seem that the next gen version will be different as they didn't want to do a straight port over from PS3/360/PC. For now we don't know what it entails, we do know that the Path to Greatness mode and possibly Crew Mode won't be in the next gen versions. Seem bizarre to take modes out of a next gen game but hopefully they'll have some other modes and features planned. I guess its a given that they'll more fluid animations and more of them than the current gen version. He's an awesome trailer for the PS4 version. Harden and Lebron look damn near perfect. If we get the gameplay improvements then this could be a real great first outing on the PS4 and Xbox One. I have tried the demo for the current gen version and again it seems like a nice little update. I found it harder to score and you really had to work to get to the basket this time round. Plus your teammates seem a bit more knowledgeable about the game and were trying to create space and spread the floor. Defence seemed much better too, could force them away from the basket and you can now block dunks. Also improved the pump fake fouls, if you get them in the air you seem to get the call for foul too which is nice. Hopefully we'll be getting more and more information as we get nearer to launch.
  13. XBLA talk, have at it folks.
  14. Thanks for forcing me to have an Origin account if I want to play any of your games on my console EA! http://www.rockpaper...-your-password/
  15. There's a third Final Fantasy 13 on the way. Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning will be back in a new game, Square-Enix announced today. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This one is going to be a very different Final Fantasy. Series director Motomu Toriyama began a presentation in Tokyo by showing an image of a rose, saying roses have many meanings. He then said that this game is the conclusion of Lightning's saga. (No, we're not sure what that means either!) Toriyama said Lightning will make her comeback, returning as a stronger character than she was in the first two games, FF XIII andFF XIII-2. Lightning is going to face her final battle, so he asked the character designer to convey the power in her eyes. It's the end of her trilogy of games. From the start, Toriyama described features little seen in Japan's renowned role-playing game series. The game will offer players a lot of ways to customize their version of Lightning. Her outfits will be about more than just aesthetics. They affect her abilities. Character control will be more dynamic. She'll be able to hang off ledges, pull herself up, jump, duck behind corners. You'll be able to move her around in battle, a first, they said, for the series. During the presentation, we got a look at what might be the first screenshot of the new game. (If not, then it's a concept piece.) The whole game runs on a time-of-day system, with a monorail that moves through it on schedule, like everything else in the world—you can get stuck in one region waiting for the monorail to take you to another island. The game world touches on three themes: gothic, mechanical and fantasy. The game will be out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cj66f6Pvyuk http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LaJ5QjbBjfI http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WD54oDFNWJg
  16. - Offers previous features from the series - Largest amount of content yet - Will feel like an authentic experience - Different styles of driving - Career mode: become a professional pilot, get a teammate, get a sponsorship, and advance to the top - Several types of cars ranging from prototypes to super-modified vehicles - 22 locations - Over 100 courses - Online: join racing clubs and participate in weekly challenges - Share stats and climb to the leaderboards of RaceNet - GRID Autosport is slated for a June 27 release in Europe new trailer...
  17. by Trion Worlds defiance.com Release Date: April 2013 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS I have never heard of the show nor do I plan on actively watching it but the game looks interesting and most of all fun.The overal art style and visuals themselves might not be the terribly original but they're definitely, for lack of a better word, solid. If anything it is nice to see the two mediums co-exist and not have one lag behind the other. I for one am keeping my eye on this. Rllmuk Defiance ID's Aimless - Nephyri (PC) Dave White - dave white (PC) Mogster - Barry Scott (PC) mr_woo - Vic Vaughn (PC) VN1X - VN1X (PC) Takizawa - Takizawa (PC) King Antonius - Winston (360) elementalshift - DevastatorAlpha (PC)
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23815563 Thanks for the crazy ass video.
  19. It's not going to be free anymore as of 29/7. You have to upgrade to sky go extra to keep it going. That's that fucked then. edit: This is bound to apply to the PS4 and just announced Xbox One versions too. I wonder if bringing it out from behind the gold paywall has played any part.
  20. Quick recap for those who didn't see the earlier posts in the PS4 thread: Here's the table I compiled from Metacritic's top 20 games on each platform: As I mentioned above, it has slightly more PS3 exclusives than 360 ones, but far more cross-platform games than either. But Metacritic is a rather bland resource, with some questionable decisions in there (I have never understood the critic's love for LittleBigPlanet, for example). So then Pob made a brilliant suggestion: So I did. And here it is. The list contains 324 games. Of those, 158 are listed as having shipped for the PS3, and 189 for the 360. In total, 217 of the games shipped on one or both of these platforms - less than I would have thought, but we're a diverse bunch with love for lots of weird little games. Also, I'm defining "exclusive" here to mean "shipped on one of PS3 and 360, but not both" (more on this later). So Gears of War is a 360 exclusive, even though it shipped on PC too (eventually). Of those 217 games, 27 of them are PS3 exclusives, and 58 of them are 360 exclusives. A clear advantage for Microsoft. Here's every exclusive from the rllmuk top 100, the rest can be viewed at the spreadsheet: 10 PS3 games versus 18 Xbox 360 games. This strongly supports the probably quite common feeling that Microsoft had the better exclusives last generation (although Sony did manage three of the top five, which is some console-ation. Hah! A pun, see!) But what of my original hypothesis -- that platform exclusives are a sideshow and cross-platform games are where it's at? Again, sticking to my slightly narrow definition of "exclusive" as "one PS3 or 360 but not both" my data from all of rllmuk's top 324 games shows 27 PS3 exclusives and 58 Xbox 360 ones. But it shows a further 132 games that shipped on both platforms. I think this weakly supports my hypothesis: it's not as skewed as I thought, but it does show that people's affections more commonly land on multiplatform. Now, what about true exclusives, i.e. games that shipped on PS3 or 360 and nowhere else? This alters the count radically. Within the 324 games in the list, there are 24 PS3 games and only 32 Xbox 360 games. Suddenly it's a lot closer to parity. (Plus, for interest, the Wii manages 16 games and the PC 37.) The three missing PS3 games that were in the first list but not in the second are Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Motorstorm RC, and Guacamelee. All three of these are actually full Sony exclusives that shipped for Vita, but didn't appear on any other consoles. So Sony is doing well here in terms of tempting people onto its platforms via desireable exclusive games. Whereas the 26 games that shipped on 360 but not on PS3 were: Mass Effect, Minecraft, Alan Wake, Fez, Super Meat Boy, Witcher 2, CoD2, Condemned, Space Giraffe, Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, "mushihimesama futari 1.5", Space Invaders Extreme, Guitar Hero II, Phantasy Star Universe, Pinball FX, Mark of the Ninja, Guitar Hero Remastered, Quarrel, State of Decay, Bastion, Carcassone, Fable 3, Gun, N+, and One Finger Death Punch. I see two factors at work here. First, Microsoft's first party software houses often release on Windows as well as 360, whereas Sony houses have no such interest. And for many years, indies would often target 360 alongside PC or smartphone for smaller releases; sadly for Microsoft I think the tide had turned against it slightly and the indie momentum is Sony's for now. I still think my original point stands, however. Something like two thirds or three quarters of your gaming time is likely to be spent on games that are available for more than one console. For all the noise about your Uncharteds and your Forzas, true exclusive games are less important. So when you come to spend money on a console, don't forget factors like "which one runs cross platforms games best" (which was the 360 last gen and the PS4 now), "which pad do I prefer", "which network are my friends active on". These aren't factors the games companies spend much time talking about -- they just want to show you exclusive games -- but they are just as important. A footnote about launch titles. A quick scan down the first 100 games in the rllmuk top games list and I could only spot one single title -- Hitman: Blood Money -- released in the first year of either console's life. I have previously taken some flack for expressing the opinion that launch titles shouldn't matter very much when choosing a console because they are, by and large, crap anyway. I think this vindicates that opinion.
  21. Conference Times: UK: June 9th 5:30 PM BST EU: June 9th 6:30 PM CET Live Streams: Xbox.com Windows 8 App Gametrailers IGN Gamespot Twitch Spike/GameTrailers stream IGN stream on YouTube Giantbomb stream Live Blogs: Eurogamer Additional Media Links: http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/10/xbox-e3-2014-phil-spencer-interview/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/06/10/e3-2014-how-phil-spencer-wouldve-done-xbox-one-differently http://www.gamespot.com/videos/e3-2014-phil-spencer-doesn-t-care-about-the-consol/2300-6419566/ http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/yni07m/xbox-one-all-access---phil-spencer-interview http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/05/13/microsofts-yusuf-mehdi-explains-the-xbox-ones-split-with-kinect-2/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/video-games/e3/10892698/Xbox-One-Yusuf-Mehdi-interview-at-E3-2014.html See The Full Conference: Conference Expectations: Having performed the relevant policy reversals, taken their lumps across the media and all but abandoned their original vision of creating an all in one media box controlled via Kinect, Microsoft's Xbox division is in a very different place than it was going into last years E3. Perhaps the most significant change is at the top. Replacing the bumbling, android-esque Don Mattrick with the far more affable Phil Spencer, is being hailed by many across the industry as a sign that Microsoft is serious about getting gamers back on board, and at his first E3 as president of Xbox, Phil will be looking to make an impact. Xbox One already has a hugely promising set of games announced, including: Halo 5, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends and the enticing looking user generation tool, Project Spark. Now that the ID@Xbox program has had time to mature, expect Microsoft to make up ground amongst the indie community, by ensuring they get a good shot at the spotlight, likely in a similar fashion to Sony's Indie showcase last year. Microsoft have a lot of rumoured games in the pipeline too. The most prominent is the leaked Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which will feature HD remasters of Halo 1 - 4. With this and the inevitable Halo 5 showcase, expect E3 2014 to be a big deal for MS's 343 Industries. Another popular franchise heavily rumoured to be making a return to Xbox One, is Forza Horizon 2. The open world racer has been a strong fan favourite, and will be well positioned to go up against Sony's Drive Club this winter. We could also hear the first details about Black Tusks' Gears of War, even if it is just in the form of a CGI trailer, and similarly, Crackdown 3 may get an announcement trailer, although the game itself isn't rumoured to be arriving until 2016. Of the credible rumours floating around, this final one is probably the most interesting, and if true, will do much to sell me - and others I'm sure - an Xbox One. Project Nagano is the apparent codename for an Xbox One exclusive developed by action kings, Platinum Games. Of course Platinum have their good days and bad, but anything which smells even remotely like Bayonetta or Vanquish will almost certainly sell me an Xbox. On the services front, I imagine they'll talk about their next dashboard update, reveal more details about how Games With Gold is coming to Xbox One (cheers for the update Cosmic_Guru), and we'll hopefully get some insight into what their plans for Kinect are, now that they seriously need to incentivise people to buy it. More unlikely, is a reveal of their AR Fortaleza Glasses in response to Sony's Project Morpheus. It would seem like the wrong place to unveil the tech - if indeed they are still working on it - but who knows, it could be a way to give a game focussed show an injection of variety. Conference Review: In many respects, E3 was Phil Spencer's moment. After taking control of Xbox, Phil has had one message, Xbox is about games and this E3 was his time to prove it. One thing I think people forget about E3 2013, is that whilst policy announcements stole the show, MS were true to their word on making their E3 showcase all about games, arguably announcing a better set of exclusives than either Nintendo or Sony. They stuck to a similar strategy this year, and from the moment Phil took the stage, (but after offering a humble, almost contrite introduction to those watching) the game announcements just kept on coming, and didn't stop until the lights went down. Sticking with a long running tradition, the show opened with Call of Duty and was quickly followed by the unveil of the highly anticipated Forza Horizon 2. The show kept the pace up, with showcases for third party titles, Assassins Creed, Dragonage 3 and The Division, as well as some fun looking DLC for Dead Rising 3, which was announced as immediately available to download. The biggest third party reveal came in the form of Rise Of The Tomb Raider, which - awful name aside - has jumped to become one of my most anticipated titles for 2015. Sticking with 2014 though, and we were given a further look at E3 standout, Sunset Overdrive, along with create 'em up, Project Spark. The latter of which received a surprise outro from Conker. Although some bemoaned the implication that this meant MS was unlikely to deliver a full Conker title themselves any time soon. Unlike the previous year, Indie titles got a nice chunk of time. ID@Xbox head, Chris Charla was on hand to introduce a range of exciting titles, the highlights of which were Playdead's Limbo sequel, Inside and the gorgeous looking, Ori & The Blind Forest. Rounding out 2014's roster was the reveal of the - sadly - leaked title, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a remastering of Halo 1 - 4, featuring all the campaigns and original multiplayer modes, remastered at 1080p and 60fps. The collection is going to be available this year and all for the price of a standard game. With the known quantities out of the way, MS went on to reveal an early look at a reboot to Phantom Dust (a game I'd have to confess to not being familiar with), and more excitingly, Scalebound, a large scale action game (with added dragons), from the masters of the genre, Platinum Games. The show closed out with the announcement of an Xbox favourite, Crackdown, helmed by original creator, Dave Jones, the game is said to be utilising the contentious cloud tech to bring added physics to some of the larger scale set pieces. Conspicuous by its absence was any mention of Kinect. Either as a utility or as a game input, a fact which more or less puts to bed any notion that it will be used as a serious control method for games going forward. So there you have it. Phil stayed true to his word that E3 was going to be all about the games, and games is what we got. With no time dedicated to anything else, the show did at times feel a little like an expanded shizzle reel, so whilst they arguably cut the fat, they also lacked a variety in their pacing. Sadly prior leaks took the edge off many of their surprise announcements, an over reliance on CGI trailers blunted some of the excitement of their reveals, and a lot of third party games were given time many had hoped would be dedicated to first party exclusives. All of which left me initially underwhelmed by MS's showing, but in putting these links and text together, it's impossible to deny that they came out swinging, and showed off a lot of strong content. They have a stronger 2014 lineup than either Sony or Nintendo and Sunset Overdrive could very well be game of the year material. I'll be keen to see where MS is after a year of Phil's leadership. Game Media: http://youtu.be/-_9MesysOjg http://youtu.be/gG4ZCviOfYs http://youtu.be/zo2Stj9wJ2A http://youtu.be/d35G93K5aAk http://youtu.be/5kLAyzmWnk4 Crackdown 3: http://youtu.be/vjXiGFX7q4Q Assassins Creed: Unity: http://youtu.be/fSOsBetfZWU Killer Instinct New Characters: http://youtu.be/fT220Oh_UgA Evolve: http://youtu.be/9KqttzR0g7E Halo 2: http://youtu.be/zml6sRSOZMk The Witcher 3: http://youtu.be/qI4UFhMYDc4 Sunset Overdrive: http://youtu.be/foDEbAbOVZE Plague Inc.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dix_xLeU5o8 IDARB: http://youtu.be/EK3KJqZYGEc Knight Squad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=C57clqT8Y3Q
  22. Game of the Year: 10 to 1 20 to 11 38 to 21 59 to 41 76 to 62 103 to 81 140 to 104: Your Most Wanted in 2014 The Hall of Shame The Biggest Surprises of 2013 Hello! Apologies for the delay, but a busy end to the financial year at work plus exciting* family developments have led to somewhat less free time than I was counting on. But the results are all collated, I've started filling out my lovely, upbeat commentary, and I'm just about ready to start publishing. Those of you who've been in one of my results threads before should know most of the drill already, but for the rest of you: I'll be feeding you results in drips and drabs with attached comments. Said comments reflect my own opinions, rather than anybody else's, and as such may be at odds with the perspective of the people who voted. Quite possibly very strongly so. There is one difference this time around - solely for the Game of the Year results I've been nabbing paragraph+ length quotes from people in the voting thread (plus a handful I've seen outside of it) - if anybody would like to have a game recognised and highlighted by their own quote who didn't put anything in the GOTY thread, drop me a PM with whatever it is you want to say and I'll consider putting it in. Other than that: I've tried to exclude invalid entries (i.e. no pre-2013 games in the GOTY list) and catch any errors, but if you do notice something wrong - a single title accidentally counted twice under different names, for example - please do flag it up! Anyway, that's that. In a moment** I'll be publishing the first part of the results: your Most Wanted games of 2014. We'll look at the retrospective awards over the coming days, but for now, let's look to the future, eh! Oh, and as ever, the methodology behind the results collecting is spoilered below: *read: shit **when the forum stops auto-appending them to this post...
  23. Now coming to Steam yusssss! http://www.cnbc.com/id/100965004 http://youtu.be/agb8HlwR3Fs This is still by miles my favourite MOBA, it's direct control rather than clicking and something that has absolutely dominated my playtime this year. How to redeem your free copy on PC if you own it on console. From the Guardians Website (https://www.guardiansofmiddleearth.com/buy): Guardians of Middle-earth Steam Redemption Instructions We are pleased to offer Guardians of Middle-earth Steam free of charge to eligible users who purchased and played the console version. Please follow these steps to redeem your copy: From your XBLA or PSN account, start Guardians of Middle-earth* Navigate to PROFILE section Hit the BACK or SELECT button to bring up your unique VIP code Start the Steam client or install from: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ From the Steam client, select GAMES >> ACTIVATE A PRODUCT ON STEAM… Enter your console VIP code If eligible your account will be prompted to download the Guardians of Middle-earth PC version (Standard Pack) ** *Please note the XBLA or PSN full game must have been purchased by 8/15/2013 and at least one match completed to verify VIP code. **On August 29, 2013 your account will rollover to the retail version of Guardians of Middle-earth PC version (Standard Pack) When Guardians of Middle-earth was released last year, it aimed to take the traditionally PC-centric MOBA genre to consoles, and despite some technical difficulties, it did so fairly successfully. Now, developers Monolith and Zombie Studios are looking to bring the Lord of the Rings themed game back to its roots: the mouse and keyboard. Now, GOME was simplified a bit when it came over to the controller set, and for good reason. Skills have larger areas of effect to allow for easier control with a twin-stick setup, the traditional in-game item shop was removed in favor of a loadout system, and a match timer was added to shorten games. The result is a much more accessible experience than its MOBA ilk like League of Legends or Dota 2, both of which have been dominating the PC scene for some time. The core gameplay from the console release hasn’t changed too much. You still have 36 Guardians to choose from (all the DLC packs are included with the PC edition), many of which were either in the Lord of the Rings trilogy or have since been seen in The Hobbit. Legolas is still there, as are Bilbo and Sauron himself. It’s still got two main maps in 1-lane and 3-lane arenas. Hell, it even supports Steam Big Picture mode and controllers, just in case you really dug playing that way. But that doesn’t mean GOME has made its way to Steam entirely unchanged. The biggest addition is the inclusion of exclusive alternate skins for each of the 36 Guardians, all of which can be purchased by way of the in-game store. The character skins join the three map skins available as DLC for the original version of the game, which change the look of the map to The Shire, Goblin-town, or Mirkwood. Survival mode, a wave-based game where teams of five do their best to try and survive the onslaught of wolves, goblins, and other Lord of the Rings creatures as they stream towards the team, also makes an appearance. First introduced as DLC for the console versions, Survival is a fun little distraction from the more serious modes, but it’s hard to imagine it being anything more than that. While technical issues were prevalent in the console versions of Guardians of Middle-earth, the PC edition seems to have solved several of those problems. My online demo experienced very little lag, and I wasn’t dropped from a match a single time. That would have been somewhat unheard of when the console review was written, so it was a welcome change of pace. Part of that comes with the help of Guardians of Middle-earth’s full Steamworks integration. With the help of Valve’s servers and software, the developer has smoothed out the matchmaking process, as well as added leaderboard support.
  24. From Famitsu, via andriasang.com: The second game in Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games' partnership (following Lollipop Chainsaw) has been revealed in this week's Famitsu to be "Killer is Dead". Suda 51 is directing Killer is Dead, but it's not a sequel to Killer 7. The game promises to retain the essence of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, though. It also promises to be a sort of "Dark Side 007" story in that it will feature a number of beautiful Bond Girl-like ladies - hopefully not as carrier pigeons On the gameplay side of things, early reports indicate that the game will have swordplay à la "No More Heroes", but with new elements. The game's main character has a profession known as "an Executioner." And he goes around the world putting an end to S level criminals. Planning for the game began at the end of 2009. Actual development did not start until Spring 2011, though. The game is currently still quite early. Development of a prototype is either complete or nearing completion. The first draft of the game's scenario has just been completed. The key words for the game, according to Suda 51, are "Moon and Earth". The main character will visit a variety of places in order to fight his enemies. These enemies apparently have something to do with the Moon (?) Other keywords and themes include "Brilliant Game" (er...) and "Love." Love is an important theme for the game, said Suda 51, because the main character has someone he wants to protect, and he's fighting for this. The idea of "How far can you protect someone" seems central to the story as well. Killer is Dead will be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Debut trailer: Launch trailer: Official website: >> http://loveandkill.com/
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