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  1. Any idea what the two free games with gold will be in February? I'm on my work PC and any related searches are blocked, also if it turns out to be games that I'd want I'll have to source a new Hard Drive and I'd really need to start that process today Thanks for any help...
  2. Anyone else playing? Mechamonkey Mk2 on 360 here.
  3. I don't know how this hasn't been done yet, if it has apologies and you can delete this, but sparked by a conversation with a friend...What were your favourite games of the last generation, and no Wii U is not included. If the interest is there, I might get everyone to supply their top 10 and I'll compile a list a la the other "Rllmuk favourite" threads. I know there was a game of the decade thread, but this is different? Personally mine are: 360 - Mirrors Edge The one game that DICE got right. The fluid motion and sense of movement is something to behold, when you put the practice in. You can say what you like about the story and cut scenes, but the actual gameplay was awesome. Can't wait to hear more about the long overdue sequel. With Xbox One's DVR I will be poluting people's lives with my videos! 360 - Halo: Reach Pinnacle of the Halo series. The single player was pitched just right. No one before or since have gotten enemy AI close to what was achieved with Reach. Not to mention the multiplayer. I spent more time on it than was probably right. 360 - COD:MW2 People mention MW1 as the peek but MW2 took everything from the original and improved upon it. Me and the mates used to get together online on Monday nights and play a selection of games, but MW2 is one of the ones that sticks out the most. 360 - PES 2013 Have to put this in just for the sheer amount of hours I put into it. About 600 online games = about 200 hours on that alone. Not many single player games, but online MP made up for it. PES 2014 is a better game, but a combination of online issues at both ends mean it's been more frustrating that anything. 360 - Rock Band 3 Put more money into DLC for this than anything ever. I don't think anything will come close to it this gen either. Ever since I bought an import copy of the original Guitar Hero and played it, in black and white, on my PS2, I was hooked. Rock Band 3 took it to the nth degree. 360 - Trials Evolution I love this game! I convinced some a few mates who would never have bought it, or it's prequel, otherwise to purchase! But it's exactly the type of thing I really love, it's longevity with me came from that ever lingering need to improve! Needs to be a new one on Xbox One, DVR functionality required! 360 - Alan Wake Alan Wake was one of the best single player experiences this gen. The story, the mechanics, everything about it drove you to complete it. Makes me look forward to Quantum Break for Xbox One. 360 - Bioshock Again, in the same vein as Alan Wake. It's story and setting was perfectly realised and the game mechanics were spot on. Enjoyed every bit of it apart from the final boss fight, which was by all accounts good, it just stretched the believability a little bit. Wii - Mario Galaxy Unadulterated fun! Not much more I can say about that. Mario games pinnacle was Mario 64, but then Galaxy came along and blew it apart. Everything about it was a joy and made collecting every little star so enjoyable. I never got around to Galaxy 2, which is supposedly better, but I'll get there some day! Wii - Wii Sports The amount of time spent playing this with friends justifies it's addition in here. Bowling taking the majority of the time, but each game was fun and something only Nintendo could provide. So much so, I will be rebuying each sport when released in Wii Sports Club on Wii U. There are no doubt some games I've missed. But that is a pretty good list.
  4. Last night, I finally accepted that my launch 360 controller had to be retired. It just can't cut it anymore. The left thumb stick has a massive dead zone. The rubberised top bit of it is half missing. the triggers are a bit loose. It's time to retire it to the top shelf (as if I'm gonna throw it away, yeah right!). By my calculations it has had at least 4000 hours of use in its lifetime, starting December 2005. I know every surface of it. I hate the new 360 controllers, they feel different. The left and right shoulder buttons especially. Its like they swapped from micro switches to leaf springs at some point. Luckily I have another launch controller that probably has about the quarter of the wear and tear, but even that feels alien to me. So this post is a tribute to my trusty 360 controller. Goodbye, old friend. I couldn't have scored goals, killed foes, ridden horses, or destroyed cities without you.
  5. This is it folks, as I write, GTA V is just 6 days, 8 hours and 40 minutes away from release. So lets stick all our exciting dispatch/delivery details in this thread, along with any unboxing vids of collector's editions. Also post any rumours of any rebels selling the game early.
  6. Gamecom Official Website Conferences: Sony: Times: August 20th 6:00 PM(UK ) / 7:00 PM (EU) Live stream: http://gamescom.eu.playstation.com/en_GB Live Stream: http://blog.us.plays...nce-live-today/ EA: Times: August 20th 3:00 PM(UK ) / 4:00 PM (EU) Live stream: http://www.ea.com/uk/gamescom-2013-ea-press-conference MS: Times: August 20th Live blog: http://www.lazygamer...wcase-liveblog/ http://embed.scribbl...meId=12676&ss=1 (With comments) http://embed.scribbl...0&ThemeId=12676 (Just news) Attendees & Lineup: Sony: Sony have said that Gamescom will focus on showcasing PS4's launch lineup along with updates to PS3 & Vita. We do know a much anticipated (is it 30fps or 60fps) build of Driveclub will be playable, along with a fresh demo of Infamous: Second Son which sadly won't be playable on the floor. PS4: Infamous: Second Son (PS4) Drive Club (PS4) Knack (PS4) Killzone: Shadowfall (PS4) PS3 Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (PS3) Ratchet & Clank: Nexus (PS3) Wonderbook: Book Of Potions (PS3) Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler (PS3) Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs (PS3) Puppeteer (PS3) Vita: Destiny Of Spirits (Vita) Killzone: Mercenary (Vita) Tearaway (Vita) Their conference is also promising launch details of the PS4, and hopefully a Vita price cut along with some fresh game announcements. Microsoft: With MS opting not to stream their conference, rumours of a new Crackdown unveiling are looking unlikely. They have however said that they will be focussing on a 'unique exclusive' and offering the press some hands on time. Xbox One: Dead Rising 3 Fable Anniversary Forza 5 Killer Instinct Kinect Sports: Rivals Max: The curse Of Brotherhood Ryse Zoo Tycoon Xbox 360: World Of Tanks Nintendo: All eyes will be on Nintendo's Wii U lineup at Gamescom, and to be fair, in spite of there being no conference Nintendo are brining a respectable Gamescom showing: Wii U: Pikmin 3 The Wonderful 101 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Sonic Lost World Wii Party U Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Super Mario 3D World Wii Karaoke U Mario Kart 8 3DS: Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Watch Dogs Tom Clancy’s The Division Splinter Cell Blacklist The Crew Just Dance 2014 Rayman Legends Might & Magic Duel of Champions Online Card Game Might & Magic Heroes Online Might & Magic X Legacy The Might Quest for Epic Loot Activision: Call of Duty: Ghosts Destiny Skylanders SWAP Force Angry Birds: Star Wars Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn Thief, Murdered: Soul Suspect Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Deus Ex: The Fall Bethesda: The Elder Scrolls Online Wolfenstein: The New Order The Evil Within Deep Silver: Saints Row 4 Killer Is Dead X Rebirth Secret Files : Sam Peters Lost Horizon 2 The Dark Eye : Memoria Konami: PES 2014 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Other: Batman: Arkham Origins Eve Online Dark Souls 2 Dust 514 Hawken Hotline Miami 2 Payday 2 Mad Max Space Hulk Star Citizen War of the Vikings The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt WWE 14 Thanks to VG247 for sourcing this list.
  7. Trigg

    NBA 2K13

    So, it's that time of the year again for the best sports simulation game to be released. Didn't really play 2K12 as much as I thought I would if I'm honest, they did make some nice improvements to the game play (I particular liked the new post game) but it just felt lacking for some reason. Looks like they're out to rectify this with NBA2K13 though and I'm eager to play it. Not far off to do so either, think it has a release date of the 5th October. With EA and NBA Live 13 looking like a disaster at the moment this is going to lead the way in Basketball Simulation. Trailer below. As per last year, they're doing developer insights too but in video form. Bit of gameplay in each of them it seems and does talk about one of two features. The exciting one is the making the right stick become the dribble stick. Left moves your legs, the right the hands/ball. Should work wonders when mastered. They've also changed the Post game again to mimic the normal shot selection too. The idea being you don't have to learn the post move game and you should be able to make the transition simple enough. They'll also bound to have fantastic presentation as per previous games. No one does it better for me! Promiosing changes for 'My Player' mode too. My favorite mode but utterly broken in the last game due to daft AI management decisions with trades etc. Produced by Jay-Z too this time round, not sure what that actually means in the grand scheme of things I'll be honest. If you want to keep up to date, their facebook page seems to be the best place to do so. - Gameplay part 1 - Gameplay part 2 - Animations - MyCAREER
  8. Just a quick video. There are 157 cars, grouped in classes (F,E,D,C,B,A,S,R) There are 4 kind of single player game modes: - Time Trial (with online Top20 fastest lap, like MRGP2) - Time Attack, pass the checkpoints and complete the most amount of laps. - Head to Head, finish first after a one-lap quick race, to advance on the next track. - Quick Race There is one local-multiplayer game mode: - Battle Mode (up to 4 local player), you should stay ahead, and gain a screen distance over opponents. There is the online race mode (like MRGP2) I will add some other kind of games, and probably a "season mode". (but I don't know if before or after the release as update) Just to have some feedback (positive/negative) from you (if you want, I'll appreciate it). I know that it's just a video.. but also with MRGP2, starting from a video, I got some nice suggestions. Have a nice day
  9. By Frogwares Magrunner.com Release date: Coming Soon ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Looks decent enough I suppose. At least it's not brown. I mean just look at all dat colour.
  10. Times: Game Trailers Pre Show: UK: June 10th 16:50 PM BST EU: June 10th 17:50 PM CET Full Microsoft Conference: UK: June 10th 17:30 PM BST EU: June 10th 18:30 PM CET See Full Game Trailers Schedule: Game Trailers Schedule See The Full Conference: Rumour Roundup: Word is that MS are out to prove to gamers that they're all about games, and they plan on dropping a lot of bombs at this E3. Now that they have at least clarified their position regards DRM and online connectivity, I'm sure they will be hoping the road is now clear for a memorable E3 show. Insomniac Games delivering two Xbone exclusives (GAF Rumour) Big unannounced 360 exclusive Mirrors Edge 2 Classic Rare franchise coming back Respawn Studios "Titan" will be a Xbone exclusive 360 Redesign League Of Legends going console Xbox exclusive Dead Rising 3 What They Need To Show: ... and they bit didn't they, bit down hard and just kept going in spite of everyone around them waiving their arms about, warning them of the consequences. Xbox One could well be the most disastrous hardware reveal by any major game company... ever. Their online and used game policies have rightfully drawn the wrath of gamers and media alike. Can they turn it around? Well for many, nothing short of a complete reversal of the aforementioned policies would be enough to sway them, but for those willing to suck it up and play ball, then MS will be looking to shower you in games. With journalists being largely shut out this year, and rumours of yield problems resulting in a down clock of the systems already weak GPU, Microsoft need to have the best E3 imaginable to sway gamers opinions on the system. Further clarification of their DRM and online policies Details regarding the cloud and how it will be used Launch details More details on the fabled 15 exclusives How are they going to repair their image with Indies How will Kinect improve games Drinking Game Key Word: Experience Cloud
  11. http://www.engadget....om-with-images/ So basically there a projector in the TV (and elsewhere?) that projects part of the game on to the walls, ceiling, and floor of your room to immerse you in the game. Looks pretty cool, but gimmicky. Edit: Original thread from September 2012 about the patent:
  12. A friend of mine, has released this really cool game. if you love fps+minercraft style, I suggest you to give it a try Have fun! http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Blocks-and-Tanks/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550d17?cid=RSS The world is fully destructable. You have 2 kind of fire (cannon and gun) and 1 block rebuilder (you may build blocks, as defence). Both cannon and gun, have the "sniper" mode.
  13. smithstock

    FIFA 13

    Details Links http://www.thesixtha...en-with-balls/# http://www.guardian....fifa-13-preview http://www.eurogamer...ferees-a-w-nker http://www.eurogamer...-voice-commands http://www.eurogamer...nuses-announced Videos
  14. I know the first response of pretty much anyone when an internet account is comprised is to blame it on shadowy hackers using their l33t cyberskills to target them personally, then it usually turns out that it's an isolated case of some asshole social engineering a call-centre drone in Delhi and having 'Who is my favourite Ninja Turtle' as your secret security question wasn't the best idea. But over the past few weeks the reports of people's Xbox Live accounts being nicked and the perpetrators blowing all their points (or worse if they have a credit card linked to it) appear to be rising alarmingly. There's a thread in our own Ask The Forum by some poor sod who's suffered this lately and he doesn't appear to be alone. http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=252262 It's not isolated here, reports appear to be springing up all over the place, some examples. http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=442986 http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=448522 http://www.quarterto...ead.php?t=66686 http://forums.thedig...ad.php?t=611511 http://forums.whirlp...archive/1783997 http://thegooster.wo...f-eas-fifa-dlc/ A quick Google search for the last month reveals loads more. In particular this past Sunday (2nd October) appears to have been a real red letter day for people suddenly finding themselves locked out of their own Xbox Live accounts. Worryingly there doesn't appear to be any common factor apart from Xbox Live itself. To compound matters it doesn't appear MS customer service is particularly hot in this area, and even if you get on the phone to them the second it happens you can expect to be locked out from your account for a minimum of a month and no chance of a refund from MS for any money the perpetrators spend. EDIT: If have a credit/debit card linked to your Xbox Live account you can only remove it online if you've only used it to purchase XBL Points, DLC, Videos...etc. If you've ever used your card for the actual Xbox Live subscription then you have to up Xbox Customer Support and ask them to remove it manually. It seems people are being told by Customer Support that removing the card will result in you downgrading to Silver and losing the remaining Gold time you've already paid for. Thanks to the ever-helpful Sarge for pointing out customer rights in this area. UPDATE 1: 14th October 2011 It's starting to be acknowledged by the gaming media. http://www.eurogamer...-buy-fifa-packs http://arstechnica.c...2-purchases.ars http://www.joystiq.c...ounts-to-buy-d/ Microsoft are saying nothing is wrong. UPDATE 2: 22nd November 2011 The mainstream media have finally picked up on the story. http://www.thesun.co...yber-fraud.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/15837971 http://www.dailymail...-criminals.html http://www.guardian....hishing-attacks Microsoft are taking a firm party line that this is all the result of users falling for phishing scams and the media appears to be buying it. Personally I find that hard to believe given the extent this appears to be happening and that a lot of people affected are pretty tech savvy. Also, if this is all happening because people are sloppy with their security details online then wouldn't we also be seeing a similar spate of stolen accounts being used to buy FIFA coins on PSN?
  15. http://marketplace.x...15-d8025841125d Had a good couple of hours fun with this today after trying the demo then buying the full game straight after. 800msp The lovely pixel art graphics are very similar to Scott Pilgrim but the action is much faster paced. Awesome chiptune soundtrack too. There was some sort of story but I don't know the original game this is a spin off from and didn't care for the anime drama, so ended up playing single player Arcade mode. There is also 1-4 player co-op and vs, local and online. Neogaf thread has all the basic info screenshots and videos you could possibly want. http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=514402
  16. Saw this posted at NeoGAF, they seem to be treating it as reliable. EDIT: I've tidied up the text to make it easier to read.
  17. This is so bought: Although it does mean giving money to the current team of nincompoops at IO Wonder what they did with Contracts, I'd imagine they simply took the offending song out. Which is what they should have done ages ago to get the game released on Steam and GOG.
  18. I do this every year after the holidays: I see games going cheap, and I am tempted to get them despite knowing what I am not going to like. I guess it comes with reading about games so much (especially the bargain thread here) and games being so good these days that even the bad ones are still good. Having said that, I am after instant gratification. I want good combat before "experience". I hated the combat of the AC games I played (2 and Brotherhood); I own all the Halos but I have yet to finish Reach. Dragon`s Dogma combat has been praised above all, and soon the DLC is coming out. Blockbuster is doing them cheap right now. Should I just ignore them and save my hard earned, dwindling money for MGR? Give me the strength rlllmuk.
  19. Woohoo! https://live.xbox.co...ccountMigration I just changed my Canadian account (don't ask) over to the UK, let's see how this goes.
  20. A 2D puzzle platformer that Gilbert describes as a game in the vein of his old adventure games. Preview here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-24-the-cave-preview-double-fines-new-game-for-sega Trailer: Promising, no? And no, this is not the Kickstarter game.
  21. Surprised that there wasn't a thread on this game; I presume it must have just been discussed in the MS conference thread last year. Anyway, I give you Fable: The Journey and what's wrong with games by Peter Molyneux http://www.gametrailers.com/video/gameplay-discovery-fable-the/727575
  22. http://www.computera...gamer-magazine/
  23. I've just heard about a website that catalogues free stuff on Xbox. I thought about putting this in bargains but I thought it'd do well to get a big audience. http://www.xboxgamin...rketplace-free/ Is the URL, you can search, and set filters for your region. Rock Band Players would do well to check out the free songs from Rock Band Network. I just added a song for free by a band I didn't even realise were on RB. Here's a list of stuff that I've shamelessly copied from another site, beware some items aren't available in all regions. If this is old news, let me know and I'll delete!
  24. No screenshots yet, seems they released the statement before the websites referenced went live. Does current generation hardware have enough power to properly render Roger Moore's eyebrows?
  25. Dark Souls 2 announced at the VGA awards: http://www.forbes.co...360-ps3-and-pc/ Trailer: http://kotaku.com/59...s-debut-trailer
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