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Found 10 results

  1. As per the other thread, curious to know if any fancies taking part in a one-off 10v10 game on FIFA 18? Restrictions: - Pro Camera - Random.org teams: Odds v Evens - Fastest Finger Positions Tentative Kick Off: Thursday 22nd Feb 22:00pm The game will be streamed online for those unable to make it. Here is the old thread: See the original match here 1. @smithstock 2. @Bleeders 3. @AlfromSleep 4. @gooner4life 5. @tcharliel 6. @BiGBaZ96 7. @Sladey19 8. 9. 1
  2. Another team walking to the title (well done to Wanderers) this season, but isn't it getting a bit predictable?! I can't remember for certain, but vaguely recall if it was mooted some time ago about looking at moving the ANY role about instead of having a fixed player all season long?! Just an idea off the top of my head; @gooner4lifecould be the ANY for City against Wanderers in the first two fixtures of the season, but he wouldn't be able to be the ANY in the resulting second and third fixtures against them. Manager would then have a decision to make regarding who would be the be
  3. Another season of pain/glory (delete as appropriate) awaits. Due to the way the Christmas break gets in the way of the schedule, we'll be skipping the pre-season cup and the first league fixtures will commence on the 7th January. If you are up for the challenge, please stick your name down below! There are also likely to be gaps for managing next season, so please also step up. Existing managers: Please post if you're staying in the role! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are two changes of note for our 1/3rd cen
  4. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. It's all change with a new game, a new season and a new approach. The season kicks off on the 1st October. If you are up for the challenge, please stick your name down below! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are two major changes that'll be in effect for our 32nd (!) Season.. Team selection shake-up Firstly, the team selection will be changed and we're moving away from the auction night. I know it's been popular over the years, but it's also been a bit of a hindera
  5. We've only got 1 more week of league fixtures on the 360 version, so it's time to start taking names for the new era for the league, on PS4. I suspect we'll only have 4 teams to begin with (Athletic, Town, United, City) due to numbers, but we'll see what kind of response we get and take it from there. Other than the change of platform, season length (due to less teams) and the likelihood that we'll treat this as a new version (ie draft, rather than auction) I don't think anything else will change on the format side of things. All TBC, of course. So pop your name down and we'll see what happens
  6. Please use this as a shared dressing room style thread.
  7. Rules: League setup * 8 teams of five. * Sunday evening games. Start time 10pm * Two matches, home and away. * Season lasts for 7 weeks * No individual team threads, all nattering to be done in the discussion thread Team selection * Draft picking at start of each season Match setup * No pro restrictions * Must be an 'any' * Human keepers are optional. The 'any' can also make his pro a keeper. * If a match is unable to start or abandoned due to one side not having enough players, a 3-0 win (or the scoreline when the game ended if it's preferable) is given the innocent party. Match reporti
  8. fantasybapleague Top Row- Outsider(£14.3), Meerkat(£14.2), Jamin(£18.7) Bottom Row- LittleJoe(£17.7), Smithstock(£11.4), Mitchell(£11.4) & Al(£9.2) Welcome one and all! Its time to test your managerial metal, do you have what it takes to put together a winning team!? I am sure you are all well aware of fantasy football and how it works (similar to www.fantasy.premierleague.com), for those of you who are not familiar, in simple terms you are given a budget to put together a team of players who all play in the same competition, you are then awarded points based on their performances (Full
  9. We're still a couple of weeks away from the end of the season, but sooner managers know who they have to work with the better. Please yay or nay below.
  10. With chrimbo coming its a good idea to get the ball rolling on next seasons roster. Please confirm in or out for season 20! The upcoming schedule is: 13th - fixture week 9 20th - fixture week 10 27th - no fixtures Jan: 3rd - BAP cup 3rd to 6th - team selection 10th - season 20 athletico cup 17th - season 20 fixture week 1
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