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  1. To keep all the info in one place as well as to allow non-managers to see how it works, here are the details of the upcoming team selection process etc. Keep in mind that this is all very new so there will probably be some teething issues here and there and we'll roll with the punches. I encourage managers and players to ask questions about the process! Summary * Before Thursday, the managers have to pick a team they'll be using for the upcoming season. * There are three blind bidding windows, where managers bid on a selection of players. The winner is whoever bids the most for that player. * After those three, anyone who has not found a team goes into a 48 hour open auction. * If there are still players without a team at that point, they'll be assigned by me. Managers for Season 32 RPL City - Shalo calo RPL Rovers - bennette98 RPL Town - GrahamDunn RPL United - Sladey19 Picking a team and 'dressing up' The first set of teams for the managers to pick from will be the last snap shot before the World Cup in Brazil. National teams 20 June 2014 http://sofifa.com/teams?v=14&e=157669&tp=national Managers need to pick a team and post in this thread before 8pm on Thursday. Before the first competitive match, managers have to ensure all players have transformed their pro into one of the chosen team's players. That means their pro: * has the same height * has the same weight * has the same position * has the same text and commentary name * has the same shirt name * has been altered to resemble the RL player they are to represent Players must stick with that pro for the entire season. They can be played in other areas, but must retain the above attributes. (eg a RB can be played at RM, but he will still be a RB!) Timeline Thursday 1st by 8pm - Managers have posted their chosen team in this thread. 9pm - List A is posted Friday 2nd 8pm - List A window is closed and results are announced 9pm - List B is posted Saturday 3rd 8pm - List B window is closed and results are announced 9pm - List C is posted Sunday 4th 8pm - List C window is closed and results are announced 9pm - Auction thread is opened Tuesday 6th 9pm - Auction ends * times are approximate How the blind bidding works At the time stated on the timeline, a post will be added to this thread which will list the players available for bidding in the opening window. These players will be displayed with a minimum bid amount. The lists are balanced between value and last team so, for example, not all of the most expensive players will be in one window and nor will all of Rovers players. Managers then have until the window closes to submit a PM to me with the amount they wish to bid for individual players on that list. They can alter their bids all the way up until the closure. Once closed, I'll collate the bids and announce in this thread who had the highest bids for each player. Anyone who isn't subject to a valid bid will be placed in the auction, which follows the three windows. There are some rules to be aware of when making a bid: * You can only have a max of 10 players in your club (including yourself). * You can bid on more players than you can actually sign due to that player limit. Once you reach your limit, all your remaining bids will be ignored. * You cannot bid using money you don't have. You are responsible for ensuring this. If you do bid and win, but can't pay, you'll be starting the season with a points deduction. The Inside Man A new feature is available to managers... Once during the entire transfer period (and only once!), a manager can utilise their contacts at the FA to find out if one of their bids is the current highest for a player or not. So if you have that player you really want and can't bare the wait to see if you get them, you can pull some strings and find out. Best used late on in a transfer window (but not too late, you still need to rely on the FA being manned!), just send a PM to your contact in the FA (ie me) and ask: "Am I the highest bidder for [player name]?" The answer you get will be a single word, "Yes" or "No". How the auction works [tba]
  2. We're into the second half of the season now and we'll run straight into the next version of FIFA. The steering group has announced that there will be a draft for the start of each new version. If you wish to carry on your career into the new season, please post in this thread saying so! It's also a good place to post an 'player portfolio' if you wish to give those managers something to help them pick you over the next guy. The cheesier the better Status: (IN, OUT) Alfromsleep Baring Big Gus Billy Brown Bleeders Br00n Cary Brown Charliemouse dan_tm Fermister FuntimeDave Gambit Gerry Helmet Goldbricker GrahamDunn Hannay Hereticboy Humdrum Jamin Jazzy Kiko kylz LittleJoe Mackenie MardiganX Matthius Meerkat MickMarmalade Mitchell Moosden25 Nathan Pants McSkill PeterUK Petey Pilotwings Pompey88 PoppaLarge Razzle RickyDVT Rogue Soul Ryanski SaintM scooot77 Seanfl9 Shalo Calo sith sjvinnie Sladie smithstock Steely SuperCat themomentbefore TheOutsider Timmo Tobert tomakasatnav Tommymat Tomox02 trevski 9 tris3d Tyler ---------------------------------------------------------- SaintM - A man for all seasons The draft will bring new opportunities for teams to rebuild and start making history for themselves. I can be a part of that as a key component of a strong squad looking to win titles. I'm loyal, keen, eager to be involved, eager to improve both myself and the team, and happy to help with admin/match reporting. History I've played for three clubs in my time, opening my managerial career at RPL Town in season 1. I can't recall what happened, but I must have been awesome as a mere 8 seasons later Athletic signed me up as their new manager. Rumours that nobody else wanted to follow the managerial powerhouse of Nathan and Sean are unfounded. In the intervening time I carved myself a niche as one of the top CDMs in the league, picking up a title winners medal as part of 'the invincibles' at Athletic in season 4. A move to the newly created Rovers beckoned a few seasons later before making my return to Athletic in season 9 as player manager. Three seasons and an amazing run of lucky FIFAisms and rebounds later, we'd completed the triple double. Two seasons of mid-table soul searching with only a cup win to appease the fans then gave way before another couple of double winning seasons took me to the end of my managerial career. Since then I've continued to sit in the CDM position and strive to push my team to the title. Unfortunately we came up short last season, with a strong Town side nabbing the title by the slimmest of margins, but we're in the driving seat this season* and another chance at glory remains. * correct at time of publishing Preferred positions I will play anywhere I'm asked. I have most often been utilised at CDM, but i'm always looking for opportunities to play in more attacking positions, however few and far between they may be. Strengths * Fiercely loyal * Reliable * Organisational powerhouse Stats * 6 league titles * 6 cup titles * 362 Appearances, with 210 at CDM. * 2 team of the season awards * Numerous team of the week appearances Pick smart, pick SaintM(art).
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