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Found 12 results

  1. Just watched the third episode. Don Glover is a hip-hop manager (I think, it's unclear just now) who manages his cousin 'Paperboy' who's just scored a breakout hit. However, he's still slinging drugs. Highest ratings for a comedy on FX. Really enjoyed the first three episodes, it's got this weird tone to it, quite trippy. Anyone else watching yet?
  2. Couldn'd find a thread, but wondered if others have watched this? It's by the Parks and Rec team (or some of them). It's an odd mix of endearing, funny and intriguing - with both bite and warmth. (You can feel the similarities to their previous shows despite the complete difference in story and setting) It shouldn't work but the actors (Bell and Danson in particular) do some heavy lifting that you can't help buying into their world and troubles. I'm up to 1x07 (Nine episodes have aired) and I'm really enjoying it - they nail the end of episode whammy!
  3. I binged the whole series of this on the Iplayer yesterday and it's great - about two young lads from Elephant and Castle trying to make it as entrepreneurs. Very funny, likeable characters and some surreal moments (A guy in armour on a horse turns up in one episode - "you man seen Iago? Tell him I'm looking for him"). You would have seen star and writer Kayode Ewumi as the American Lets guy in Stath Lets Flats and also apparently from that head-tapping meme!
  4. I watch American comedy TV series, and four-quadrant blockbusters with a lot of jokes (like the MCU), but I don't often watch things that are just marketed as broad comedy films. I have a massive blind spot when it comes to the last 20 years of live-action US comedy movies, and the cast members who came from things like SNL. For example, when reviews of the 2016 Ghostbusters came out, I saw a lot of people criticising the improv-reliant style of a lot of Apatow/Feig US comedies, but I don't think I've seen any examples of what they were talking about. I think 21 Jump Street
  5. No 2019 Wipe, but there is this. Only five-minute episodes unfortunately. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000cff3 He then tweeted pictures of the Other Humans, finishing with... who else?
  6. So, Motherland was initially a comedy pilot last year for BBC Two and thanks to good audience response it was commissioned. The writing team includes Graham Linehan (Father Ted, IT Crowd) and Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe), and actors include Anna Maxwell Martin as career woman Anna and the brilliant Diane Morgan as single mum Liz. The first episode featured a chaotic birthday party, with a racist entertainer and a sick birthday girl. Anyone else watching, or identifying strongly with the characters?
  7. So this is on Netflix. It's literally just Hannah Gadsby doing her new comedy set at the Opera House. It runs for just over an hour. I don't know how to sum it up. It's about non-comformity. The trap of self-depreciation. Art history. It's funny in places, incredibly confronting in others. It's worth its own thread.
  8. Not a fan at all, but I've always found Morrissey's interviews good value for money and always considered him to be self-aware and at least having a sense of his own ridiculousness. I'm really taken aback by how defensive and unable to take criticism he is in this video. I never thought I'd hear Morrissey, of all people, refer to journalists as "haters", for goodness sake, and his moaning about his record not being played because of some organised conspiracy against him is just pitiful, paranoid and completely off base. The stuff he says about journalists having an agenda against h
  9. Know who Mitzi Shore is? You should probably be watching I'm Dying up Here, Showtime's new Sunday night one hour drama about the Los Angeles comedy circuit, mostly focused around one club, very closely based on The Comedy Store. Melissa Leo play's basically Mitzi Shore, who gave loads of massive comedians their big break by putting them up at the club. I'm only really a part-time comedy nerd, most of what I know I've gleaned from comedians podcasts over the years, but I'm still loving this. It's really well acted, evocative of the time period through spot on detailing. With heavy l
  10. Now that BBC Three is online only they seem to have also gone all "edgy" with their social media and content. I just saw this clip (because it's all about the clips) of the show The Real Housewives of ISIS. It's a comedy. Facebook video - Mirror at vid.me The reaction seems quite mixed; some people feel like this is unacceptable / insensitive, with others defending the show because 'if shows like Family Guy mock ISIS, why can't the BBC' - to paraphrase. Where do you stand?
  11. Just wanted to share a webseries I was part of quite a while back but the first episode has just finally been released online. It's called 'Road To FA Cup' and is a 6 part mockumentary based around a fiction semi-pro football team, the Croydon Terriers, who have just been entered into the FA Cup for the first time in their history at the same time that they have just been bought by a playboy millionaire. Hope you enjoy! (I play Ian 'Speedo' Davies and was a good 4 stone heavier at the time!) http://youtu.be/zumZ-naIGTs www.roadtofacup.com
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