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Found 6 results

  1. LucasArts fansite The International House of Mojo has published this book-length restrospective (~30,000 words!) on Sam & Max: Freelance Police, the game that was abruptly cancelled in 2004: https://mixnmojo.com/news/Mixnmojo-releases-its-memoirs-in-the-form-of-ridiculous-Sam-and-Max-2-retrospective This one that had this trailer: Well, it's ostensibly about Sam & Max: Freelance Police - and covers that game's development very thoroughly. But the first few parts are about LucasArts in general, and the changes in the company
  2. A fascinating article by Ed Fries (formerly of Microsoft's VP of Xbox game publishing): https://edfries.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/chasing-the-first-arcade-easter-egg/ The rest of the article is about his attempts to get it working first on MAME, then on a real arcade machine. It's quite a detective story!
  3. I think it would be a useful resource if we had a list of good, solid books on various aspects of game development. I find that as good as the internet is for finding chunks of good information, there's a lot to be said with a book that can go into some depth on a particular subject, particularly one that puts a good deal of effort into explaining both the how and the why. I can start off with a few books I've read recently that have been pretty useful. Programming Game AI By Example - Mat Buckland Written by the guy who coded the AI for Scrabble on the Spectrum, so you know it's going to be g
  4. Hey there, I'm looking at a way of logging when we get referrals in (we aren't connected to any main hospital system and as such are currently doing this by simple tally charts). It's the first time I've seen this process we use and I know it can be automated, we're currently writing down a new sheet of paper for everyday and then translating that into an excel sheet by hand :s Anyway, I can see this process would be much easier if we essentially had a digital tally sheet on a touch screen with a button you press that then sends an 'add + 1' command to an excel box. To be honest, I would love
  5. here's a little insight into how we did our beat/keymatched audio in ookibloks
  6. Thought that some of you might be interested in reading an interview with Infinite State Games, developers of the brilliant Frutorious. And if you have not played it yet, rectify that immediately! There's also a look at future plans, including the awesome Avoid Droid... http://www.100percentindie.com/2013/07/05/infinitely-happy/
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