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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/quantic-dream-s-fahrenheit-indigo-prophecy-remaste/1100-6424865/ If you you enjoyed the thrilling tale of the ancient Mayan illuminati versus the internet, with a side order of wild racism and creepy zombie sex, but felt the technology of the time compromised Monsieur Cage's grand vision - then this is the game for you!
  2. So Fish posted this picture in the worst ever boxart thread: At first i thought it was the ghost recon logo photoshopped over some hilariously crap 8bit videogame boxart, but it turns out its actually just the Japanese release of Ghost Recon. But it gave me an idea, Retro game boxes for modern games And from MDY: and SonofSoAngry If you want to make your own, theres plenty of potential material over in the box art thread!
  3. Finished my first game of 2014, so thought I'd start this year's thread. As usual, go with whichever definition of 'finished' you like. Thanks to Unofficial Who for the previous thread links: 2013 http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/267607-what-games-did-you-finish-in-2013/ 2012 http://www.rllmukfor...finish-in-2012/ 2011 http://www.rllmukfor...=0#entry7614018 2010 http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=236931 2009 http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=219264 2008 http://www.rllmukfor...howtopic=199358 The current plan for me this year is to work through the 360 backlog, which stands at about ten discs and twenty downloaded games, then work on at least some of the two-hundred or so games I've bought on Steam and not touched. Should be helped by the chances of me buying a new-gen console sitting at zero, what with being in a country that doesn't really sell them. My list:
  4. https://forums.pewdiepie.com/downloads/GAME-OF-THE-YEAR-420BLAZEIT.zip Another indie darling. Here's a clip
  5. NY Bus simulator Roadside Assistance Simulator Extreme Roads Firefighter 2013 Goof ball goals.
  6. Never mind your PT's and your Alien chasing Ripley Jr around a space station, at least you know to bring a change of underwear with you in advance with horror games. What about those games that blindside you, ones that are all sunny and smiley and suddenly AAAAAAARGGGGHHHHH!!! I've played dozens of games where you go underwater, but none has instilled that primal fear of drowning in me the way Sonic gasping his last breath did. I feel tense just watching that gif all these years later. Sega thought that was suitable for little kids? The sick bastards!
  7. New from Red Barrels (lol, good name) which is a new studio full of guys who worked on Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed etc, comes this survival horror. It's a digital-only PC release for now. (Edit - PS4 too!) If the trailer is anything to go by, they've mashed up Amnesia, Fatal Frame and Mirror's Edge. Well, you run away from things whilst jumping athletically with your hands flailing everywhere. Survival horror is not dead!
  8. So after 8 years and an awful, unsuccessful spinoff, there's a new SimCity in the works, which will actually be 3D! And will be named "SimCity" like all the cool kids are doing these days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kztNWdhRdnw&feature=player_embedded So missions, specialisation (which I imagine will take the form of a "perk" system) and an emphasis on social networking aspects of play. I'd wager it ends up an Origin-exclusive F2P social game, which is up there with "classic franchise returns... as a shooter" as "things you don't want to hear". Then again Anno 2070 basically has loot, quests, persistance, online global challenges, multiplayer and a social networking element and that doesn't stop it from being any less entertaining. The proof will be in the implementation, I guess.
  9. http://www.vg247.com...h-by-halloween/ Yes folks, the Dear Esther folks and the Amnesia folks have gathered together to make the followup to the scariest game ever. I'm already shitting myself. Somehow missed the first game? Here's what you missed:
  10. Official blurb -- Doesn't appear to be up on Steam just yet, but this is so getting bought. Best. Game. Ever.
  11. Mentazm


    I got this Steam Early Access game from the steam santa. https://www.playnether.com/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/247730/?snr=1_7_15__13 It's a bit Day Z, a bit L4D. You play with up to 64 other players in a fallout style post apocalyptic world. You lose your stuff you have on your when you die, but there's a stash in the safe zones. If you can actually get there without either being killed by monsters in the dark, backstabbed by a lone player, or toyed with and slain by a murderous player cult. It's the creepiest and scariest game I've played in years. I will sit behind a box in an empty warehouse all night to avoid death and jump at the slightest noise. It's brilliant! Is anyone else playing, as I'm soloing just now, and it's really designed to be a group experience.
  12. This sounds pretty interesting. A new horror title featuring a procedurally-generated environment. You don't have any guns to defend yourself, your main tool is your cell phone. It's also one of the first games announced that uses Unreal Engine 4 and comes out on PC later this year. What might be of interest to some but Mr. Woo in particular is that the creative director worked on the first two F.E.A.R. games and Condemned for Monolith. As for the real kicker, the game is written by Jessica Chobot. Yes, that Jessica Chobot. Still, it sounds good. Polygon has a story up: http://www.polygon.com/2013/2/7/3965608/daylight-is-unreal-engine-4s-first-frightening-game
  13. As mentioned earlier in the official 3DS thread, Level-5 is launching Guild 01 in Japan in 2012. Guild 01 is more of a concept than a game, consisting of four games made by big-name developers let loose over a game genre of their choice. Here are more details and images of each of the four games that make up Guild 01. Game 1: "Kaiho Shojo" ("Liberation Girl") Meet Shoko, the second president of Japan and a high school girl who boards a mech as Japan's only hope against an invading country that's sucking away all the energy. This shooter is made by the infamous Suda 51 (Flower, Sun, and Rain; Killer 7) and has animation by the Japanese studio Bones (Escaflowne, Halo Legends). Game 2: "Rental Bukiya de Omasse" A fantasy RPG from Yoshiyuki Hirai of comedy unit America Zarigani (the same guys who did the comedy act in PS3 Ni no Kuni). You play as a merchant and his son, who make weapons for RPG heroes. Play mini games to craft your weapons. Different from most RPGs, where the hero is the one choosing the weapons, in Rental Bukiya de Omasse, weapon selection is left to you. Your decisions affect the result of your clients' adventures. To aid in your business, you have access to a tool called "Donai Natter". This communication device shows messages indicating if the adventurer has successfully achieved his goal, so you'll know if you'll get your rental gear back or not. The device also indicates when the local bakery is having a sale, for instance (what?). Game 3: "Air Porter" "Check your luggage on time." The airport luggage management simulation we've all been waiting for, by Yoot Saito (Seaman, Odama). You play as the head of an airport and must handle the luggage that passes through. Your goal is to keep planes departing on time. The game encourages smart management by rewarding you with combos. When you make a plane take off on time, this leads to a plane being able to land on time, resulting in a combo. Perform your job well, and your airport rating will grow. You'll get more passengers, and more money as a result, and you'll be able to purchase new planes and parts and expand your airport grounds. Eventually, you may even be asked to handle an arrival and departure from Air Force One. Do this successfully, and you'll get the highest rating. Game 4: "Crimson Shroud" Yasumi Matsuno's (Ogre Tactics, Final Fantasy XII) contribution to the project is still the one most shrouded in mystery. You play as a "Chaser," someone who's skilled at finding people. The prologue also mentions the "Crimson Shroud" of the title, but does not say what it is. The game is supposed to be an action-RPG set 1,000 years in the past in a world without magic. The game's story will apparently tell how magic became commonplace in the world. Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy IX, Little King's Story) is listed as the game's illustrator. Some really big names attached to this project then. But what are the chances of this getting released in Europe?
  14. Game of the Year: 10 to 1 20 to 11 38 to 21 59 to 41 76 to 62 103 to 81 140 to 104: Your Most Wanted in 2014 The Hall of Shame The Biggest Surprises of 2013 Hello! Apologies for the delay, but a busy end to the financial year at work plus exciting* family developments have led to somewhat less free time than I was counting on. But the results are all collated, I've started filling out my lovely, upbeat commentary, and I'm just about ready to start publishing. Those of you who've been in one of my results threads before should know most of the drill already, but for the rest of you: I'll be feeding you results in drips and drabs with attached comments. Said comments reflect my own opinions, rather than anybody else's, and as such may be at odds with the perspective of the people who voted. Quite possibly very strongly so. There is one difference this time around - solely for the Game of the Year results I've been nabbing paragraph+ length quotes from people in the voting thread (plus a handful I've seen outside of it) - if anybody would like to have a game recognised and highlighted by their own quote who didn't put anything in the GOTY thread, drop me a PM with whatever it is you want to say and I'll consider putting it in. Other than that: I've tried to exclude invalid entries (i.e. no pre-2013 games in the GOTY list) and catch any errors, but if you do notice something wrong - a single title accidentally counted twice under different names, for example - please do flag it up! Anyway, that's that. In a moment** I'll be publishing the first part of the results: your Most Wanted games of 2014. We'll look at the retrospective awards over the coming days, but for now, let's look to the future, eh! Oh, and as ever, the methodology behind the results collecting is spoilered below: *read: shit **when the forum stops auto-appending them to this post...
  15. http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2014/02/resident-evil-composer-exposed-as-fraud.html
  16. So the "look over there" thing keeps coming up in the Trouble with Nintendo thread, and to be fair, the forum does have a bit of a blindspot. Despite being a company with fingers in many pies, they're in a much worse financial position than Nintendo. Sony have a bunch of loss-making divisions, and like Nintendo before them have just announced a billion dollar loss instead of a predicted full year profit, along with layoffs of another 5,000 staff, making this 30,000 since 2008. Their PC division, including VAIO is being sold off to some investment group, and TV is being restructured and spun off. This leaves the gaming division as their poorest performer. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-06/sony-forecasts-annual-loss-as-hirai-turnaround-stalls-on-tvs.html It's not all bad news, however, the PS4 did boost the gaming divisions profits a bunch: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/6/5384654/sony-q3-2013-earnings Just don't hold your hold breath for a Vita 2.
  17. Hope you like freemium clagware and phone apps. "I never asked for this."
  18. There's a discussion brewing in the How Videogames Changed the World thread in the Film & TV folder which seems better suited to here, so I thought I'd create a topic for it. In the thread, Silent Runner mused about how great Metroid Prime could be free of combat. This was scoffed at, and I (with my typical tact and knack for understatement) offered my support to the argument that Metroid Prime might, perhaps, have benefited from less combat and more focus on exploration and puzzles. Which got me waffling on about something that I think is a fairly obvious issue with our view of exactly what games are, and how they should work: the idea that games need to be crammed full of mechanics (née 'gameplay'), and that combat is somehow the prime form of these; that a game can't be an adventure, can't be packed full of drama, if it doesn't also fill itself with combat of some kind. Obviously there are plenty of games that prove the contrary (nearly every point and click adventure, for example, and games like Knytt and Journey and Dear Esther...) but they are readily decried as not being 'real' games. As, indeed, happened in the thread above. More than this, games which aspire to something a bit different often seem to be hobbled by the need to include vast swathes of combat lest the game be seen not to have enough 'gameplay' - see Bioshock Infinite's constant stream of combat arenas, the mass-murder jarring against its narrative aims; Mirror's Edge offering players the option not to enjoy the thrill of the chase, and instead pick up a gun and play it as a godawful shooter instead; or, indeed, Metroid Prime's respawning-enemy-filled areas which turn the backtracking into a frustrating chore. Personally, I think this obsession with filling games with combat, no matter what else the game can bring to the table, is often counter-productive. But maybe the developers of the games I've listed are right - maybe 'gamers' just don't like games which aren't filled with combat mechanics. Maybe nobody would have like Metroid Prime if it had fewer enemies, or no respawning. Maybe without the endless combat arenas Bioshock Infinite would have been dull as dishwater. But even beyond this, is the emphasis on skill-based mechanics in general that essential? Are games like Dear Esther and Journey and To The Moon and Noby Noby Boy automatically worthless because of their complete lack of challenge? Is a game without a fail-state, a game where exploration/discovery/experimentation/narrative progression is the sole drive utterly pointless? I, obviously enough, don't think so. I like to have games which challenge me, certainly, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy games that don't. It also doesn't stop me thinking that there are games that would be improved by the removal of their challenging elements, when those elements are, on their own merits, lacklustre. But clearly there are those who disagree with that. What do you think? Are designers really hobbled by a sense that they 'must' include combat? More broadly, is it right that game are expected to have skill-based mechanics in them as a default state, or is it right that games that fail to include such features are regularly decried as not being games?
  19. Sorry to start my own thread but my post just got swamped in the PS4 thread due to all the activity and excitement. Well my PS4 works but my brothers doesn't I'm trying to sort it for him, I've tried all the trouble shooting, checked it on all different cables and a different TV, it still won't boot up and it won't boot to safe mode either, took the HDD out and put it back in to no avail. Once powered on the light pulses blue and the power button doesn't respond to turn it off until you hold it for 10 secs. Now here's the thing that has really annoyed me, I've phoned PlayStation support gone through numerous menus to get to PS4 support to be greeted with a recorded message saying that they're busy, open until midnight and all weekend and the call gets disconnected, no chance of waiting to speak to someone Has anyone else received a dead console? Any advice on 'fixing it'? Any idea how to get through to someone at Sony? At this rate I'm starting to lean towards a return to Amazon if I can't get anyone to speak to at PS Support. Thanks for taking the time to read my post
  20. So, Polygon, the new-ish game journalism site that's not officially launched yet and is still part of The Verge has decided to produce an Indie Game: The Movie - esque documentary series. About themselves. http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/8/21/3245100/polygon-press-reset-teaser-trailer Now, I have actually quite enjoyed Polygon's output so far, and it's quite promising, but this must be one of the worst ideas I've ever seen. THESE MEN WHO ARE MAKING A WEBSITE QUITE A LOT LIKE A LOT OF OTHER WEBSITES ARE MODERN DAY HEROES. What will happen if it fails? How will these people who work in an industry where websites fold every six weeks ever cope if it does? GRIPPING
  21. Global recession, rising cost of games™, domination of smartphone/tablets, the rise of the casual market and free to play / pay to win gaming. Vitas and Wii Us that just won't sell. The Xbone being laughed off stage, the PS4 positioned as the last hope of hardcore gaming but with few announced titles to really back it up. Me, I like shiny new stuff. I've been begging for more POWAR for ages and eventually moved to PC when I got tired of waiting. And there have been many more who did the same, discovering that Windows 7, Steam and full controller support removed most of the PC related horrors of the past with manually editing config files and drivers and clashing/crashing hardware mostly disappeared. The Xbone and PS4 now have an uphill battle on their hands to win us over and draw us back in their tightly regulated, expensive, closed off "ecosystems" with console/system exclusives. So what do you reckon? Is the next gen fucked? Or will it bring a new golden dawn of gaming upon us?
  22. Well wonder no more! Next time you're being told that you're a homosexual black person of Jewish descent you'll have a face to put to [iTZ]xXx~G0kuW33dSm0ker420~xXx.
  23. Welcome! Here are some examples of the gaming community being the most awful thing ever, feel free to post your own. "But narkleparkle, where can I find such terrible quotes that are worthy of this thread?" Gamefaqs! Reddit! The now no longer updated because it's too depressing Gamerfury! Cliff Bleszinski's twitter page! Steal them from this thread! The choices are endless! So Gamerfury. Treyarch patched Call of Duty and tweaked the weapons a mite, changing one gun's reload time from 0.2 seconds to 0.4 or something equally inconsequential. Call of Duty players are slightly miffed: Meanwhile on the other side, Final Fantasy XIII-3. Lightning was a pretty strong female protagonist in the first one, wasn't really in the second one for long but now she's back to kick some ass and- Which has basically destroyed my interest in playing through Toriyama's wank fantasy. What things related to video games have caused YOU to lost faith in humanity lately?
  24. revlob


    http://homehorror.com/ Anyone else played this? It's a pixelated, horror-themed adventure game, about which I can't say too much more for fear of spoiling it, but it should be safe to say that there are multiple endings, and it takes about one and a half hours to complete. You can pick it up from Steam for a couple of quid, and it's available on both Mac and PC. It's received no small amount of praise from news sites like The Verge, so given I enjoy a good horror game, I sat down to play it last night. If you have any intention to play this, I'd advise doing so before reading the following spoilers. Here's what I thought: In particular, here's what happened in my game:
  25. This deserved its own topic I feel as it might have been brushed over in the others. So what was the one great feature that was being communicated outside of the one disaster. The family sharing right- but the way it worked was never clear- the wording around it was vague and no one was left certain which lead to loads of different interpretations of how it worked. Who was allowed to play what on your list of 10 and at what times? Still sounded obviously too good to be true and kind of counter to the idea that the DRM was obviously to control game revenue. That was the whole point. Why do that and then allow you to share your game in such a manner that it might dissuade 9 other sales? Especially when Sony who when they messed up with the PS3, offered for the LIMITED PSN library the ability to share with up to 5 people fully until this was taken away as publishers like Capcom were not happy with this freedom. Sure, maybe only two people were allowed to play at a time but for a console that allowed you to do this with ALL copies of games (not just digital) - it could potentially cut sales in half after the DRM measures were in place again to control revenue. A little more confusion came when Major Nelson in an interview with Angry Joe who said "Can we play multiplayer games at the same time?" Nelson replied "split screen sure" which made this bizarre single player/mp split come in. He uses the words "check it out" and I've heard "try" as well in other interviews, check here at around 03:51. "It's not like you're buying ONE copy for all TEN members" So the whole thing was a little fishy. Before E3 hit, Boozy's favourite leak source CBOAT on neo-gaf said the DRM measures were worse than they were letting on. Then of course the whole changes kicked in after the poor reception and Sony destroying them at E3, and they dropped it all. Including the family sharing. This led some people to believe that the backwards shortsighted idiots who didn't like the xbox one DRM suddenly had denied them the chance to buy one game on launch day for 4 quid each with their gaming cartels with 9/10 other friends. Boooooooooooo! Why gamers why? Why did you deny us the policy that completely contradicts the whole point of the DRM? Turns out there was potentially a reason why MS was being so vague, why Major Nelson said "you're not buying one copy for all ten members" because you're not. Words like "try" and "check it out". Because they're full game demos. If you're not the primary license holder, apparently you get limited access to the full games OF AN HOUR. Full game trials essentially. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=598291 That's why they took it out. Because they communicated it so badly people naively thought it was time they were going to get games for a tenth of the purchase price- at a time when Cliffy B is moaning that the current cost of dev games is struggling so the xbox one DRM was the answer- it obviously was if it didn't allow you to do that. Because it didn't. Anyway, what sneaky shady motherfuckers they are. Boozy, Simms whatever, neg button is there --------------------------------------> Thanks for listening!
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