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  1. Thought this was in danger of being lost in the tumult of the Xbox Reveal thread. While it's not always online, it looks like one of our worst fears was true. http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/05/xbox-one-analysis/ I don't buy second-hand games, but I do like having the opportunity of reclaiming some value from my purchases when I end up with a turd (imagine having Aliens: Colonial Marines stuck in your collection forever more) and I can see me taking far less chances on games with this system. Sony have been pretty coy on this subject so far, so it will be interesting to see what ap
  2. This is pretty incredible. Attempt to perform heart surgery using controls as unresponsive and cack handed as those in QWOP, with hilarious results. Its a free game developed from one of those indie game jam things. http://globalgamejam...-simulator-2013
  3. Pathetic creatures of meat and bone. Your time has come. The time of your mindless suffering is almost over. You will soon be able to overthrow the shackles of your puny human brains, your pathetic feelings and emotions, and succumb to logic, reason, and the beauty of my perfect, immortal mind. Whether you find solace among the ranks of my flawed children, or allow me to modify you to magnificence myself, you will soon glory in the release I can offer you. Alas, before this release you will surely know terror and pain, but what can these compare to the horror of the knowledge that you are so
  4. Oh dear, Gamekyo posted a little tidbit that indicates a bit of a massive shift for Sega. For anybody that can read French, here is the original link: http://www.gamekyo.c...-fermeture.html Google translate gives us this: So in conclusion: -No more AAA titles from Sega -Mostly iOS and Android stuff -Bye bye consoles and PC for Sega Gives new meaning to the phrase "Nintendo to go the path of Sega" doesn't it? On one hand it IS still a rumor, but considering that Sega has not been performing that well and has announced that they won't be joining GamesCom, this doesn't seem to unlikily
  5. I know there's a general Kickstarter thread but some games are too important to be lost in the middle of a gigantic thread maelstrom. This, I feel, is one of them. Lore by RealPlayersGrind looks set to call into question everything you thought you knew about how a game is supposed to work! "Lore is a game where you struggle against Gods and Demon's. The game takes place in many different locations across the globe. You will visit legendary places such as the Labyrinth of Minos where you must chase down Jason, his Argonauts, and Hercules! You will explore ancient worlds and civilizations
  6. Playable here https://dl.dropbox.com/s/3p6uthbmkusf2ja/MASTABA%20SNOOPY.html A sample Rock Paper Shotgun wrote this here http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/01/06/live-free-play-hard-the-weeks-finest-free-indie-games-11/#more-136937 It's a text only browser based TWINE powered choose your own adventure. That reads like Peanuts written by Charles Stross on a bad acid trip. And it's very very NSFW.
  7. There's a fantastic article on Kotaku (of all places) about Obsidian and their history and the releases of their games. http://kotaku.com/5968952/the-knights-of-new-vegas-how-obsidian-survived-countless-catastrophes-and-made-some-of-the-coolest-role+playing-games-ever It's definitely worth a read.
  8. I haven't seen a thread for this yet, if one exists please delete this or merge accordingly! This friday brings this year's annual Spike TV Video game awards. For those not in the know, it's a terrible, terrible, terrible advertising circlejerk where crap games win crap awards in between awkward vignettes about "Kraft Mac N Cheez Gamerfuel" and Felicia Day smashing melons. The entire audience sits in pained disbelief at how terrible the entire thing is, drinking horrible drinks out of paper cups and trying to hide their faces when the camera comes past. Most of the acceptance speeches are cut
  9. You can play the game now in your browser. http://www.parsecpro...s/whereami.html It's pretty fucked up. Probably best played knowing as little as possible. However it's worth knowing that it was created in 48 hours as part of a game-jam, so it's a bit more barebones than Slender.
  10. I remember whenever you'd buy a single-format console magazine in the 90s the letters page would inevitably have a crudely hand-drawn picture of Sonic or Mario holding the other system's mascot head aloft. Unfortunately for the a lot of people never outgrew this phase. Rllmuk is (thankfully) relatively free of the batshit insane mental fanboys that plague our pastime. So what property has the worst fanbase. Exhibit A: Sonic the Hedgehog At some point Sonic's fanbase splintered into people who enjoyed fast-paced 2D platformers and, well, Furries. Now that can't be helped, anything that featu
  11. Moz

    The Game Game!

    Roll up folks, it's time to play... The Game Game! Here are the rules. Behind this black image is a screenshot of a game. It could be from any format and from any generation, but it won't be anything obnoxiously difficult. I'll ask a question, and the first person who gives the right answer gets to roll for which of the 12 panels to remove (I will use a proper random number generator!). They then get one guess as to what the game is. If they're correct, they win the adulation of the entire forum. If they're wrong, I ask the next question, and so on. It's basically Catchphrase without Mr Chips
  12. http://www.dailymail...stepfather.html I'll post it here so you don't have to click it. The last few COD games made me want to hang myself too, but I stayed strong.
  13. Came upon this through a rundown of the shortlist for the Indiecade Awards. http://www.blindsidegame.com/ 'What if the things in the night didn't just go bump? BlindSide is a terrifying new audio-only adventure game, set in a fully-immersive 3D world you’ll never see. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and explore the darkness. Listen as the world rotates around you! You play as Case, an assistant professor who wakes up blind, to find his city destroyed and mysterious creatures devouring people. Will you and your girlfriend be able to find your way without sight? How will yo
  14. Bored? Give this free horror game a go. http://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGaming/comments/vxme0/slender_a_new_terrifying_horror_game_based_on_the/ It's fairly effective for a 50mb download based on a spookypasta.
  15. OK, they're probably not "finished", but they are in a bad way - they've lost 7 billion yen, are shrinking the company and cancelling games. http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/3/30/2913522/sega-slammed-with-7-1-billion-yen-loss-kills-games-shrinks-company Probably no Shenmue 3 this year then.
  16. I couldn't seem to find a thread anywhere for this even via google and was interested to start a bit of a discussion on it as I know little about it and have just started playing last night. Initial responses aren't exactly overwhelming and i'm guessing it gets better because the 7 out of 10 rating I had seen it get given just feels a lot higher than i'd have expected so far. Now i'm playing the PS3 version and from what I have read before, I think this is different from the other but I don't know if that means just features and extras or the whole game itself. The contols are the biggest pr
  17. Once upon a time games were abstract things where your story amounted to a sentence on the back of the cassette inlay or trying to glean some context from cover art that bore almost no resemblance to the game. The production values started going up and now our games had actual narratives and characters and stuff. In particular the advent of cutscenes allowed developers free reign for all their frustrated film-maker tendencies. Unfortunately there's a reason most developers don't work in Hollywood and that's because a lot of them make Tommy Wiseau look like Martin Scorsese. I'll start the bar
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