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Found 2 results

  1. Please read this spoiler first! Sonic Pocket Adventure Many complain that there hasn't been a decent Sonic game released for years, and if a decent Sonic game requires no homing attacks, wisps, or sidekicks then this is true. However, before complaining about a lack of new game, why not make sure you've played all the old ones. Sonic Pocket Adventure, released in 1999, is a pure Sonic game, loosely based around the themes of Sonic 2 but with entirely new level designs and mostly new bosses. Unlike the Game Gear Sonics, it's been designed around the limitations of the small screen. After co
  2. I loved Card Fighers Clash on the NGPC. As well as a few of you do too. So imagine my exitement when the game popped back into my head today whilst bored at work, then I found a cheap Android Emulator on Google Play and snaffled the SNK version online. But what else is this I stumble upon? A blog about Cardfighters Clash 2, which was never released outside of Japan due to SNK crashing and burning, leaving some poor soul called Flavor to take it upon himself and a motley crew to translate the whole thing into English. Why did I never hear about this in 2008?! I had no kids then and a lot m
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