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  1. Thanks so much to @phillv85 for nominating me this time – this will be my first pick from when we switched to nominating individuals, but I was the person who originally suggested Parodius back in 2019 when deciding on poll candidates, so it's probably my second pick overall. I know we've already had a few rounds with fighting-themed games, but I feel like we haven't had a pure 1v1 fighter for a while. And it's a genre that's relatively easy to pick up and enjoy in the space of a fortnight! That being said, the game still needs a little bit of background for the uninitiated. Pocket Fighter or Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix is a "chibi" 1v1 fighter that is sort of a love letter to many classic Capcom games – with more than a few cameos and references – as well as being a fun blend of fighting game staples like super jumps, guard crush, special moves and super combos. It's a three-button game where you have a punch, kick and "special" – and the properties of these can change when holding a direction, crouching or jumping. Furthermore, there are easy chain combos in this game – as long as you start with a punch attack, you can press more punch/kick buttons to chain together a combination of attacks that can result in a powerful ender. As you fight with your opponent, gems of various colours and sizes will explode out of the characters, and picking these up will fill up meters (of the associated colours) at the bottom of the screen – with bigger gems filling the meters more quickly. You'll want to build these meters to improve your specials: in front of the meters are icons that show a particular special move and the corresponding command. So Ryu has an icon of the fireball move in front of the red meter, and if you collect red gems you can power up your fireballs. Items can also burst from onscreen chests – there are items you can hold on to and toss out with kick+special, and food items you can pick up for recovery. You'll always begin with a throwable item at the start of the match – it'll be shown as the circular icon next to the two small heads below the lifebar. (I think your easy chain combo can result in a new chest appearing as well?) Super combos do exist, and your super meter is below the health bar at the top of the screen. Most of the time you can get a super combo out with two quarter circle motions and an attack, so try stuff out or ask in here! Also, if you find yourself in a tight spot and have a super meter full, you can press all three attack buttons simultaneously for the Mega Crash move – this acts as a burst and knocks the opponent back, but you lose your super meter and gems. It sounds like there are a lot of systems in there, but you can still thrash around with the easy chains and have fun – and then if you're after something more, the depth is there too. Pocket Fighter saw releases on PS1, Saturn, WonderSwan, in the arcade, and in the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. I believe it's also available in the Capcom Fighting Collection released in 2022 - but someone might need to confirm. I actually have a copy of Alpha Anthology in my shelving unit at the moment, but I don't have a PS2 right now, so instead I'll probably go for the PS1 version via DuckStation. (I may also have the WS version on my RS97, but I need to check.) My goal is to at least make it through arcade mode with a character before the next game is nominated! Previous nominations:
  2. I've been enjoying Mega Man X4 recently and the last games I played on PS1 were Gunners Heaven and the opening of Alundra. I thought it might be interesting to make a list of all the pure 2D sprite/pixel based games on Sony's 32-bit console. Do include: Games featuring beautiful 2D pixel art Games that play in 2D but use digitised sprites (Mortal Kombat, Oddworld, NBA Jam) Games that are mostly 2D but with occasional use of 3D - but please highlight them and state what parts of the game are in 3D or use polygons (the save rooms in Symphony of the Night for example) Do not include: Games featuring 2D sprites over a 3D or polygonal background (Breath of Fire, Grandia, Xenogears) Games that play in 2D but use polygons (Einhander, R-Type Delta, Tekken) Games that play in 2D but use pre-rendered sprites (Heart of Darkness, Skullmonkeys) The List: Advanced V.G. Advanced V.G. 2 Adventures of Little Ralph Alundra Arc The Lad Asuka 120% Special BURNING Fest. Asuka 120% Excellent BURNING Fest. Asuka 120% Final BURNING Fest. Batman Forever the arcade game Beatmania Bishi Bashi Special Blazing Dragons Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Broken Sword 1 Broken Sword 2 Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands Bubble Symphony Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move 4 Capcom Generations 1-4 (sold individually in Japan and as a collection in Europe) Capcom vs SNK Castlevania Chronicles Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Chronotrigger Civilization II Cleopatra Fortune Command & Conquer Command & Conquer: Red Alert Dark Stalkers Dark Stalkers 3 Discworld DiscWorld 2 Discworld Noir Dune 2000 Earthworm Jim 2 Final Fantasy Anthologies Fire Pro Wrestling G Front Mission 1st Gex Gradius Deluxe pack Gradius Gaiden Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto 2 Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 Gundam: The Battle Master Gundam Battle Assault Gundam Battle Assault 2 Guilty Gear Gunners Heaven (Japanese version of Rapid Reload) Hat Trick Hero Hebereke's Popoitto Hello Kitty's Cube Frenzy In the Hunt International Karate+ International Superstar Soccer Deluxe Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen Legend of Mana Lemmings and Oh No More Lemmings Lomax Lucky Luke Lunar Silverstar Story Marvel Super Heroes Marvel vs. Street Fighter Mega Man X4 Mega Man X5 Mega Man X6 Metal Slug Metal Slug X Mickey Mania Midway presents Arcade Classics: Atari Collection 1 (Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Super Break Out, Tempest) Midway presents Arcade Classics: Atari Collection 2 (Millipede, Gauntlet, PaperBoy, RoadBlasters, Marble Madness, Crystal Castles) Midway presents Arcade Classics: Midway Collection 1 (Spyhunter, Root Beer Tapper, Blaster, Burgertime, Moon Patrol, Joust 2, Splat!) Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero Mortal Kombat Trilogy Mr. Driller Namco Museum 1 (Rally X, New Rally X, Galaga, Bosconian, Toypop, Pole Position, PacMan) Namco Museum 2 (Xevious, Gaplus, Super Pacman, Mappy, Grobda, Dragon Blaster) Namco Museum 3 (Galaxian, Ms Pacman, Phozon, Dig Dug, Pole Position II, Tower of Druaga) Namco Museum 4 (PacLand, The Genji and the Heke clans, The Return of Ishtar, Assault, Ordyne) Namco Museum 5 (Dragon Spirit, PacMania, Metro Racer, Baraduke, Legend of the Valkyrie) Namco Museum Encore (Rolling Thunder, Dragon Saber, Rompers, Wonder Momo, Sky Kid, Motos, King & Balloon) Namco Soccer Prime Goal NBA Jam Tournament Edition Nekketsu-Oyako (aka Hot Blooded Family) Nightstriker Oddworld: Abe's Exodus Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Pang Collection Parodius Deluxe Pack Pocket Fighter Point Blank Point Blank 2 Point Blank 3 Pu-Li-Ru-La Qix Neo R-Types Raiden Project Rampage Through Time Rampage World Tour Rapid Reload Rayman Rhapsody A Musical Adventure Road Rash Saga Frontier 1 Saga Frontier 2 Salamander Deluxe Pack Silhouette Mirage Slam 'n' Jam 96 Star Ocean The Second Story Street Fighter Alpha Street Fighter Alpha 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Street Fighter Collection 1 (Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold) Street Fighter Collection 2 (Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting) Street Fighter The Movie Strider (included with Strider 2) Strike Force Hydra Strikers 1945 Strikers 1945 II Suikoden 1 Suikoden 2 Super Drop Zone Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Super Robot Taisen Tails of Destiny Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Umihara Kawasae Shun Valkyrie Profile Vandal Hearts 1 Vandal Hearts 2 Warcraft 2 Wild Arms Wolf Fang Worms Worms Armageddon WWF Wrestlemania X-Men vs. Street Fighter X-Men Children of the Atom
  3. Oh god... Real talk - I've been kind of apprehensive about this one. The original plan was just to do a thread on the original Persona, and then I warmed to the idea of covering both Persona 2 games, but this one may end up being the least accessible. You see, the two earlier games both had modern reworks on PSP that were localised for Europe. To my knowledge, EP never got that treatment... there was a PSP release for Japan, and an English-language release for North America on the PS1, but that's about it. Soooo there might be some old-fashioned clunkiness to get around! As you might realise given my earlier LP threads, this game has now become one of the few remaining games in the series where I'm completely in the dark. I think I did a "curiosity emulation" thing months ago but didn't make it more than about 15-20 minutes in because the dated presentation hit me like a truck and I was scared to go on. I have set up the necessary stuff to get this playing well (although my "turbo-mode through the battles" tendencies may be limited here), and although there are probably fan-tran versions of the PSP game I'll be sticking with the PS1 version for the time being. The same caveats as before apply - I'll be emulating for screenshot purposes, and discussion is welcome and encouraged, and people can play along, but keep spoiler etiquette in mind. I have no idea how this one's going to go, but I'll try and share the opening moments later on this evening... If you missed my LP threads on the previous games, take a look at them here:
  4. I've recently come into possession of a Playstation 1, and it needs a bit of a spruce up. Is there a good resource for me to buy a replacement shell for the machine? I can only find a clear smoky case, and I'd prefer either grey or something a bit more interesting.
  5. I guess this is happening? Firstly, a huge thanks to anyone who dropped into my Persona 1 Let's Play thread around June-August of last year; I wasn't planning on doing a follow-up at first, but as it's the new year I'd like to attempt at least one of the two P2 games. Persona 2: Innocent Sin was first made available in Europe back in 2011, and the second game - Persona 2: Eternal Punishment - exists on PS1 somewhere, maybe only in the States? Anyway, I'd like to take things one step at a time and look at Innocent Sin for now. Whilst I made a spirited effort with P1 back in the day, I don't know if I got more than 15 minutes into Innocent Sin, so a lot of this will be new to me. In preparation for this thread I did go a little bit further, so I at least know about things like the new Rumour system (which I'll explain when I get there), but the majority of this will still be very new. The same caveats as before will apply - I'll be playing on the lower difficulty due to my inexperience, I'll be using the PPSSPP emulator for screenshot purposes, and I invite others to play along but keep spoiler etiquette in mind. Bonus caveats this time around will include me taking my time getting my head around the Rumour system, and choosing to do this thread in a year that promises a whole bunch of fun new 2019 videogame releases. I can't say my time won't be divided between new and old games, but I think it'll work out fine. Oh, and I'll try and introduce the opening of the game later today as well, so stay tuned. If you want more Persona LP threads, take a look here:
  6. We do it! I've had this game in a library of an old PSP account for what must be years, and as a big fan of the later games I was always disappointed at the fact that I bounced off it so hard. For those who don't know, the Persona series is a bunch of popular JRPG games that follow a group of demon-summoning high-schoolers who go dungeon-crawling and uncover some big adventure or mystery. The 1996 game was already obscure enough, but Europe never really got their hands on it before the PSP release in 2010, so gamers over here can hardly be blamed for having P3 or 4 as their introduction to the series. As a fan of 3 and 4 I was keen on taking a look at the origins of the series, and so I bought the PSP release digitally. Unfortunately, the first game is very different to how we view Persona today. With grid-based first-person dungeon exploration, a grid-based battle system where character positioning plays a part in tactics and negotiation that's much more in-depth than it was in 5… one would be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. I tried pretty hard to get into it on PSP but with so much to consider it can be a slog to say the least. Making this thread should – in theory – motivate me into trying again and not give up partway through. However, I'll outline a few caveats about how I'd like this thread to go. Firstly: I'd like to play on the lower difficulty because I have barely any experience with this game. For what it's worth, I played P3 and 4 on Easy for the first attempts and today I use Normal mode in those games, so forgive this wussing out. If all goes well I might even use this thread for a Normal mode re-run in the distant future! Secondly: I'd encourage anyone else who wants to join in to do so, but keep spoiler etiquette in mind. Perhaps I'll miss bonus optional stuff, but that's all part of the first experience. One other caveat – for screenshot purposes, I'll be using the PPSSPP emulator. Like I said, I have bought the PSP digital release before, but this will be much more convenient for screenshotting. And of course, if this thread sees no action for months, you're welcome to mock me on Twitter or in PMs and motivate me into coming back! If you want more Persona LP threads, take a look here:
  7. The Toys are Back in Town as the Collectorabilia returns in MARCH!! Over 50 tables selling the best of: Retro Video Games, Consoles, vintage toys, action figures, Star Wars, He Man, Comics, graphic novels, Lego, Geek Culture, Pixel Bead Art, Funko Pops, original artwork, t-shirts and much more...... The Sentinel Squad will be there in full costume raising money for charity too so come and get your picture taken with Vader and the gang! Perfect place to get those great additions to your collection, buy back your childhood, discover new things or start a new collection. The Venue Leeds Marriott Hotel, 4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6ET (2 mins from the train station) The Date Saturday 19th March 2016 - 10am to 5pm Admission £2 per adult, Under 16s Free (when accompanied by an adult) Check out the Website http://collectorabilia.com/ Join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/RetroEventsLeeds and check out our other events coming up too! Tell us you are coming on the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1645817885692188/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RetEvents Come along and join in the fun and get some great stuff for the collection too!!
  8. Can anyone suggest the best place to sell bulk lots of PS1 and PS2 games?. I don't have a huge amount and certainly don't have any so called rare games but I would like them to go to a good home as I just haven't got the room in my new house that I did when I first started collecting them. Are there any website (excluding ebay). I will also put them up on here but I would really like to sell the lot and get them collected.
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