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Found 479 results

  1. I didn't realise that this was coming out on PS4 as well as XBone. Brilliant. Loved the first one. Anyway, some footage... Not sure that it looks particularly "next gen", but if the gameplay's as good as the first, I don't really care.
  2. A lacklustre show still managed to deliver some quality content, the highlights of which were: YS Everyone's Golf God Eater 2 New Gundam Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War Yakuza 0 Kingdom Under Fire 2 Disagea 5 Dead or Alive 5 Resident Evil Revelations 2 P5 Dragon Quest: Heroes You can watch a dubbed version of the conference at the U-Stream link below: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sceja-press-conference-english?ftcnt=ps:com_sceja_en Pre-Conference Intro: Neither Nintendo or Microsoft will be hosting a TGS press conference this year.
  3. Sony has rescheduled its PSN Maintenance period, so expect the service to be offline tomorrow. According to Sony the service in Europe will now be taken offline from 4pm until Friday, August at 5am BST. In North America, it will be offline from 9.40am to 4.50am EDT. The later than planned maintenance obviously has something to do with engineers scrambling this past Sunday and Monday to bring services back online after DDoS attacks. For the duration, users will be unable to log-in to Account Management and the PS Store. PS Home will also be unavailable. As usual, if you have successfully signed-in to your account before maintenance starts on a PS4 or within the last 5 days on any other PlayStation device, you should be able to stay connected and not lose your online session. The rest will not be able to sign-in to their account or begin an online gaming session. It’s also possible for additional downtime after the maintenance period has ended so Sony can test things out. Hit up the links for more information.
  4. This just appeared on the PS4 store without much fanfare. I've read the first few comics which are pretty good, so have middling to optimistic hopes for this. I do love an on-rails shooter and this looks lovely. At £12 or so, it seems mighty tempting. There's also a demo, which you can download now. http://youtu.be/XKucWy4deFM Eurogamer
  5. Scant details at present. Sounds interesting though. Was there any more information in the conference?
  6. That's a good idea, but collating all that information is rather a lot to ask of any one person. So as an experiment I've made a spreadsheet we can all fill in collaboratively: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lieKpgd7mhNWsCFpPMUv-t_oN2sogMqlBzu65LvL9Ks/edit?usp=sharing Could be no-one is arsed, and this will die. Or maybe Jon is on to something and this could be handy. That's just a first draft, feel free to add columns if you think we need more (a URL of a trailer might be useful, say).
  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-05-19-as-killzone-shadow-fall-gets-co-op-guerrilla-plots-future-on-ps4 Luc de haan, concept artist at Guerilla Games, shared a few pictures, possibly from the new game *Supposedly not from the new game More here - http://www.artstation.com/artist/lucdehaan Just make that game Sony, just do it!
  8. I think Sony really need to have a re-think on their storefront and how it integrates with the dashboard. I know people moaned at the amount of advertising (particulalrly for non-gaming content) on the 360's dash, but one thing it was very effective at doing was showing the new titles that had been added to on-demand or XBLA, as well as sales and offers. The Playstation store on the other hand is hidden away at the end of the navigation, there's little-to-no announcement of new titles or offers anywhere on the dash, and then if you do go and take a look at the store, the new stuff is still hidden away behind largely pointless adverts for PS+ and full-price games that have been out for months. Why does it not try to push the new titles, and why does it dominate the screen with a big PS+ advert when I'm logged in and it can presumably recognise that I already have a PS+ account? I want it to tell me when new content is available so that I can make the choice whether to buy it, but as it stands, unless I'm prepared to regularly search and research what's available, stuff just passes me by. They need some Mary Portas-a-like to give it the once over and try and make it more effective, both for Sony, and for the customers.
  9. Xevious

    True Trophies

    I've been on True Achievements for a few years now and I've found it has influenced the way I've played games to some extent. I'm not a huge achievement hunter - down at the bottom of the RLLMUK gamerscore leaderboard - but the site lets you see which achievements others have gained, which look interesting, and encourages you to play games for more than half an hour before consigning them to the 'play more one day' pile. The site includes loads of walkthroughs, guides to finding stuff, and community. The original thread for TA is here: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/191268-true-achievements/ They've finally launched the sister site for Playstation games, at http://www.truetrophies.com ... It's taken this long since they had to wait for Sony to open access to the trophies data, and then work out some way of scoring the trophies. It's a bit sparse at the moment but I'm sure it'll pick up quickly. I've created an RLLMUK leaderboard for me to be at the bottom of.
  10. I remember seeing some articles (like these) where Sony and Microsoft stated that games for the new consoles would be priced similarly to 360 / PS3 titles. However, apart from some exceptions, most new games are priced at the best part of £50. Even shopping around, it's difficult to find anyone selling them new for less than £40. Apart from the DS, the PS4 is the first console I've bought at launch, so I'm not sure if this is just early-days fleecing and we can expect to see lower prices as time goes by. What I do know for certain though is that it's dissuading me from buying stuff that I'd otherwise pick up - I quite fancy playing Infamous, but the fifty quid price point puts me off. As a result, my PS4 games library consists of the following: Knack - bundled with console Battlefield 4 - full price pruchase AC4 - Bought for £19.99 on PS3 and then £10 upgrade for PS4 download version. Steamworld Dig - approx £7 from PS Store Everything else I own has been from PS+ and thus free (apart from the subscription). To be fair, I should point out that I'm hooked on BF4 and as a result don't have any desperate need to buy new stuff at present, but the fact remains that if games were at a sub-£40 price point, then I'd most likely have bought at least some of them in passing. Can we expect prices to drop, do you think? Otherwise, I suspect I'm going to end up only paying full price for must-haves and waiting for everything else to either appear on PS+, or be discounted, which I guess is probably not the preferrence of publishers
  11. Teaser Trailer: Launch TraOH GOD FEELS: Formats: PC, PS4 Launch Dates: 30/01/14 (PC), Q1/SOON 2014 (PS4) Price (Estimate): $14.99, With a 20% Discount to $11.99 for the first week, allegedly. Where: Steam, and a Humble Bundle Widget on the Official Site. Use the widget to win at currency conversion. What about the Original game?: Download here, bucko. The fuck is this? It's a game where you play an octopus raising a good, honest human family. While pretending not to be an octopus. Makes sense. How do you do that, then? Easy, you do normal household chores in a smashing blue business suit to appease your spouse and kids. Well, not really - The game is operated similar to QWOP or Surgeon Simulator, in that (depending on your choice of controls), you operate each of your limbs separately. As a result, most of your general movement will involve an aquatic creature barrelling sideways into an obstacle course of objects to comedic effect. Oh, that's neat, except when I get found out instantly because I'm a Octopus being sideways half the fucking time. Shut up. Most of the game gives you free reign in terms of how you go about things, and as a result you're pretty much free to do what you want (and is required to find the secret collectables through the game). It's very much like Katamari Damacy's level of goofy destruction, and the 'ACT HUMAN YOU FISHY IDIOT' sections should be pretty obvious. Like? Re-enacting Octodad's wedding to his wife by walking down the aisle, in front of all the in-laws. Without slipping over banana peels. See? it's like Metal Gear Solid, but not shit. Alright. But aren't these indie games kind of short, and therefore I feel less inclined to buy it due to some odd self-entitlement? Probably. But at the same time, the developers are releasing the Level Editor and Steam Workshop support, so nobody gives a shit. How about reviews? I totally trust 8.8 scores. None yet. But I can attest to the demo being the best thing I played at Eurogamer Expo 2013. And that was after seeing Titanfall. But Titanfall is a wonderful multiplayer experience, this isn't! Yes it is. Turns out, you can do local co-op in Octodad. Everyone controls a limb. ...Well, shit. I best buy this, then. Thought you would.
  12. Devil May Cry Trademark Pops Up, Sequel Announcement for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Imminent? Probably not a sequel and if at all, by Ninja Theory, but a man can dream!
  13. World cup knockout stage Ties are two legged affairs, with away goals deciding a tie if level after both matches. Same rules otherwise; 7 min halves, standard defending, no formation/tactic customisation, online squads etc. Quarter final games to be completed by Sunday 26th January at 8pm. If you can't get a response from your opponent, let me know. Good luck!
  14. Game of the Year: 10 to 1 20 to 11 38 to 21 59 to 41 76 to 62 103 to 81 140 to 104: Your Most Wanted in 2014 The Hall of Shame The Biggest Surprises of 2013 Hello! Apologies for the delay, but a busy end to the financial year at work plus exciting* family developments have led to somewhat less free time than I was counting on. But the results are all collated, I've started filling out my lovely, upbeat commentary, and I'm just about ready to start publishing. Those of you who've been in one of my results threads before should know most of the drill already, but for the rest of you: I'll be feeding you results in drips and drabs with attached comments. Said comments reflect my own opinions, rather than anybody else's, and as such may be at odds with the perspective of the people who voted. Quite possibly very strongly so. There is one difference this time around - solely for the Game of the Year results I've been nabbing paragraph+ length quotes from people in the voting thread (plus a handful I've seen outside of it) - if anybody would like to have a game recognised and highlighted by their own quote who didn't put anything in the GOTY thread, drop me a PM with whatever it is you want to say and I'll consider putting it in. Other than that: I've tried to exclude invalid entries (i.e. no pre-2013 games in the GOTY list) and catch any errors, but if you do notice something wrong - a single title accidentally counted twice under different names, for example - please do flag it up! Anyway, that's that. In a moment** I'll be publishing the first part of the results: your Most Wanted games of 2014. We'll look at the retrospective awards over the coming days, but for now, let's look to the future, eh! Oh, and as ever, the methodology behind the results collecting is spoilered below: *read: shit **when the forum stops auto-appending them to this post...
  15. So the "look over there" thing keeps coming up in the Trouble with Nintendo thread, and to be fair, the forum does have a bit of a blindspot. Despite being a company with fingers in many pies, they're in a much worse financial position than Nintendo. Sony have a bunch of loss-making divisions, and like Nintendo before them have just announced a billion dollar loss instead of a predicted full year profit, along with layoffs of another 5,000 staff, making this 30,000 since 2008. Their PC division, including VAIO is being sold off to some investment group, and TV is being restructured and spun off. This leaves the gaming division as their poorest performer. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-06/sony-forecasts-annual-loss-as-hirai-turnaround-stalls-on-tvs.html It's not all bad news, however, the PS4 did boost the gaming divisions profits a bunch: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/6/5384654/sony-q3-2013-earnings Just don't hold your hold breath for a Vita 2.
  16. World Cup! 32 teams (or as close as we can get)! Seeding! Sign up below!
  17. With the next gen about to hit alot of people have been posting up their gamertag in preperation for creating/updating their friends list for players who own their console of choice. The lists we have in the online folder are looking a little old so I thought this might be a good chance to refresh things a bit. To help with that I have created a google docs form and spreadsheet. The form is for entering your details and the spreadsheet contains the list of people who have entered their details. The links are: Form Players list You should be able to access both with these links but the player list is view only (you can take a copy of you wish). I can share editing rights with other who want to help keep at eye on things. I will post this in the online folder as well and see how we get on. Any suggestions please post here. Please note, ideally this list is for people who either already have a next gen machine or are getting one at launch, its not a general list of everyon'e online ID's
  18. Posting this thread in case anyone here is effected, so they don't worry when they suddenly can't access PSN. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-21-psn-eu-resets-many-user-passwords-as-a-precautionary-measure Despite that tweet, it doesn't appear to be the entire EU PSN cusomer base. This is really fucking sloppy on Sony's part, instead of e-mailing those effected, people only found out when they tried to log-in to PSN, people were rightfully scared that their accounts had been hacked, but the real reason only came to light in an off-hand post on their forums. Some are finding that they cannot change their passwords due to date of birth issues and are now locked out of their accounts through no fault of their own.
  19. My mate just picked up a XBone there and was telling me the downloads are >30gb. Fair enough, but my fucking internet will melt if I was downloading these sorts of files - its bad enough as it is. So, the question I'm really wondering about is - do you think we're likely to start seeing demo discs again? Seems like a good opportunity for the mags to put together HD video content / demos so we don't have to download 1TB of demo data.
  20. Sorry to start my own thread but my post just got swamped in the PS4 thread due to all the activity and excitement. Well my PS4 works but my brothers doesn't I'm trying to sort it for him, I've tried all the trouble shooting, checked it on all different cables and a different TV, it still won't boot up and it won't boot to safe mode either, took the HDD out and put it back in to no avail. Once powered on the light pulses blue and the power button doesn't respond to turn it off until you hold it for 10 secs. Now here's the thing that has really annoyed me, I've phoned PlayStation support gone through numerous menus to get to PS4 support to be greeted with a recorded message saying that they're busy, open until midnight and all weekend and the call gets disconnected, no chance of waiting to speak to someone Has anyone else received a dead console? Any advice on 'fixing it'? Any idea how to get through to someone at Sony? At this rate I'm starting to lean towards a return to Amazon if I can't get anyone to speak to at PS Support. Thanks for taking the time to read my post
  21. Previous 01) Knack Knack Mark Cerny is a man of many talents and has made some of the most memorable games around and Knack promises to... yeah, not really! 01) The Sony Difference (Part 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA Some said they would never agree to this future, if Sony weren't doing it. It’d be commercial suicide for them! Some say that it was shameless opportunism on the part of Sony. That they had exactly the same plans in place as Microsoft but they did not follow the script as intended. That we should know that the same future is coming and it has already been written. Then, finally, comes the sensible and logical conclusion - Sony is listening. Sony has been listening for a while now. The first signs that things might be changing was in 2007. A year after disastrous E3 left it’s mark and they came back with new found humility with a message “Games, Games and more Games” and “commitment to the consumer, and to you the gamer”. The PS3 became of a bit of a “make-do” situation for them, but there was a clear determination to get things right, even if we were still too busy laughing at Giant Enemy Crab jokes. In 2008 the PS4 project started in earnest. Mark Cerny was brought in to give a fresh perspective of what a games console should be: ease of use, ease of development, powerful hardware. Mark didn't beaver away alone on this adventure though. In came the Developers. Finally, Sony reached out and found out exactly what the developers want. They let development teams, both first and third party, sit down with them and give them unprecedented input into the hardware. Randy Pitchford is going hang his hat on that 8Gb GDDR5 RAM quote forever, and independent Bungie helped make the controller perfect for FPS. Sony reached out to the Indies. Jonathan Blow stands firmly on stage to tell the everybody how much he likes the Playstation 4. A calling card for other independents who over the next few months double, triple, quadruple in number. Then, came us, the consumer. There are two ways to please the customer. Either give them something they didn't realise they wanted. A product so amazing that they will absolutely want to buy it. Or, listen to your customer and respond to those needs. Sony chose right. The gamer is vocal and knows what it wants. It wants the games. All of them. Yesterday. Without DRM and without Microtransactions. And the games are coming. Tomorrow. Not soon enough for some, but Sony have all their internal studios working on games (some two/three projects) and with over 120 games announced you can’t help but feel the momentum is already there. With record beating sales in the US and almost certainly record beating sales across Europe. In the past Sony has built the Playstation on pride, arrogance and complacency. Now Playstation is built as a commitment to gamers. Desire, passion and collaboration. That's the Difference Sony. Welcome to the Next Gen guys. Enjoy your PS4.
  22. Ok, this is just to see where we are, as a forum of gamers. Where have you invested your cash? Have you plumped for Mario? Have you Rysen for the Xbox One? Have you fallen under the shadow of the PS4? What is Rllumk's split across the three new consoles? (I'm obviously on about PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders here, but I'm sure you know what I mean)
  23. With the next gen about to hit alot of people have been posting up their gamertag in preperation for creating/updating their friends list for players who own their console of choice. The lists we have in the online folder are looking a little old so I thought this might be a good chance to refresh things a bit. To help with that I have created a google docs form and spreadsheet. The form is for entering your details and the spreadsheet contains the list of people who have entered their details. The links are: Form Players list You should be able to access both with these links but the player list is view only (you can take a copy of you wish). I can share editing rights with other who want to help keep at eye on things. I will post this in the online folder as well and see how we get on. Any suggestions please let me know Please note, ideally this list is for people who either already have a next gen machine or are getting one at launch, its not a general list of everyon'e online ID's
  24. Global recession, rising cost of games™, domination of smartphone/tablets, the rise of the casual market and free to play / pay to win gaming. Vitas and Wii Us that just won't sell. The Xbone being laughed off stage, the PS4 positioned as the last hope of hardcore gaming but with few announced titles to really back it up. Me, I like shiny new stuff. I've been begging for more POWAR for ages and eventually moved to PC when I got tired of waiting. And there have been many more who did the same, discovering that Windows 7, Steam and full controller support removed most of the PC related horrors of the past with manually editing config files and drivers and clashing/crashing hardware mostly disappeared. The Xbone and PS4 now have an uphill battle on their hands to win us over and draw us back in their tightly regulated, expensive, closed off "ecosystems" with console/system exclusives. So what do you reckon? Is the next gen fucked? Or will it bring a new golden dawn of gaming upon us?
  25. Suda 51's first next-gen game. As you can see, the game seems to involve Shinobu (the student-cum-samurai assassin from the NMH games), and another girl who's possibly her rival. Suda 51 once mentioned that a possible third instalment in the successful NMH series might revolve around the character of Shinobu, meaning that we very well could be looking at the first images of the next No More Heroes game. Which is awesome.
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