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  1. http://store.steampowered.com/hardware
  2. Mersey Remakes Some lovely 8 bit remakes on this site plus lots of good indie news Indiegames weblog Fantastic site with news and links to the finest games Shoot The Core (STC) THE dedicated site to all things shmup. Tigsoruce Indiependent Gaming source. Insert Credit The 2 Bears Game Giveaway of the day THE INDIE DATABASE PM me to add your favorite homebrew site.
  3. No thread for this then? I'm sure I was singing its praises on here when the first trailer/walkthrough came out, if my avatar wasn't enough. Maybe all the chat was resigned to the indie game thread or something... Anyway, the original trailer from GDC 2008 is here for those who haven't got a clue what it is yet. The new trailer shown at GDC this year can be found here. Apart from the actual game, I'm also looking forward to hearing more of their chiptune backing tracks... Can't wait.
  4. We go again. This will be a bit of a rough list as I’m on my phone, but I’ll tidy things up later. Here’s the 2022 thread again: I didn’t do well. I nailed my predictions of SFVI being announced and Tunic being released, but that was about it. Enhance waited a year to tell us "actually we'll have news next year lol", BF and Forspoken were worse than "meh", and P6 is still shrouded in secrecy. But that won’t stop me trying again! My rough 2023 thoughts for the moment: Street Fighter VI is released to positive reviews because they actually have a game rather than whatever SFV on day one was Zelda Tears is the most critically-acclaimed release of ‘23. Duh. FFXVI gets released. Rebirth gets a 2024 release date No Persona 6 news No “Switch 2” news No news of an Elden Ring “expansion” Forspoken bombs. By the end of the year it has a yellow metascore at best Someone at Giant Bomb tests PSVR2 without calibrating it properly and the internet goes nuts Some of my predictions have been carried over from last year (Forspoken), but I feel like most of these are fairly safe bets. It’s too early for Switch 2, P6, Elden Ring expansions or Rebirth… but I’d love to be proven wrong. What do you think 2023 will bring? No prizes; it’s all for fun.
  5. Considering the last few pages in the Switch eshop thread have been Picross-filled, I reckon we can probably get away with a thread for it alone. Between Picross S1, S2 and S3, Murder By Numbers, Voxelgram, Pictoquest and many, many others, there's no shortage of dodgy picture based puzzle games on the Switch. How do you play Picross, you ask? Well, why not see this handy guide which goes over the basics. https://grandgamersguild.com/how-to-solve-picross-puzzle/ And Picross 3D? Have a another handy guide: https://www.nintendo.com.au/learn-how-to-play-picross-3d-round-2 Then, of course there's Mega Picross, which I admit I've never really got to grips with. Best place to start is probably one of the Jupiter S- Games. Jupiter are the Picross masters and each game is filled with hundreds of puzzles with a generous learning curve. However, Murder By Numbers is a Ace Attorney style game with Picross puzzles in between the investigation parts. It's also great. I don't think I've said the word Picross enough. PICROSS!!!!!
  6. I played this once at a friend’s house, I think it was probably on a cover disk from one of the magazines (ST Format/ST User/Zero… any others I’ve forgotten?) but it may have been a public domain disk. My memory has me playing it around the same time we played this other awesome game called ‘Maze’ (first person tag with monoliths) and that was on the cover of ST User 68 in October 1991. This one was a single screen puzzle game, with the gameplay based around matching colours in some way that I can’t remember. I want to say it involved changing coloured fuses, or there were glass bulbs and electricity involved in some way but that may be a red herring. The thing I mostly remember it for was the really catchy music, which at the time sounded to me like a chip tune version of a pop song I already knew (like the Thompson Twins or something). It may not have been a cover disk but it certainly wasn’t a retail game. I can’t for the life of me remember how we got hold of PD disks, but we must have done somehow because I used to play a few. Sinister Development’s Asteroids was a big favourite, no idea how I got it.
  7. Confirmed for a 3DSWare release this December, is Intelligent Systems' (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem) Pullblox (aka Pushmo in the US, or Hiku Osu in Japan). The storyline finds a short, pudgy boy named Mallo (formerly: Maro) who has discovered that his hometown has been covered in blocks. He then takes it upon himself to climb up these giant structures to claim flags placed on their peaks... Pullblox is all about moving blocks in order to reach those flags. As the title implies, you pull (or push) blocks and create a path to climb them and navigate the stage until you reach the goal. The game's supposed to have over 250 courses. The game's also leveraging old-school Nintendo nostalgia by using classic 8-bit NES sprites as levels. There's even a level editor included so you can make your own old-school homages. Official trailer/tutorial video: Gameplay:
  8. I couldn't find a thread for this so apologies if a duplicate. After playing this at EGX last year I picked this up today for it's paltry budget price. If you liked Inside then just go buy Little Nightmares now. I'm I think about half way through and it is utterly brilliant. It's looking like being one of my favourites games so far this year and that's saying something given the year we've had already. Basically take Inside, a dash of Trapdoor, Little Big Planet and a dash of your childhood fears and you're there. I urge people to not watch spoilers and take the plunge. I just hope the rest holds up to what I've played so far. As info this runs at 60fps on PS4 Pro and at a higher res, looks fine on my standard model though.
  9. All kinds of mixed results for me last year. I feel like most of my guesses were fairly safe bets but the predictions life is rarely smooth. Again, try to predict things that probably aren't going to be confirmed by the end of today and there are no prizes, it's all for fun. My 2021 recap: So yeah, not a great result for me. But that won't stop me trying again! Persona 6 gets its first for-realsies unveiling. The unveiling is every bit as vague as the Persona 5 chairs. PS5 and Switch. Street Fighter VI. It's announced. Everyone is Luke. Still no 2D sprites, because Luke. And time, and money. We're all too busy playing Ultimax anyway. Enhance Games provides some news and updates on Humanity but it isn't released in '22. We go again. Tunic actually gets released this year! Pretty confident about this one since the demos I've played have been pretty solid. Everyone ignores it because it doesn't have Zelda in the title. Babylon's Fall and Forspoken both get released to Partridge shrugs all round. Yellow metascores by the end of the year. I feel like this isn't even that controversial.
  10. It's that time again. I feel like I did fairly well with my 2020 predictions; only the most outlandish suggestions turned out to be false. As suggested with last year's thread, try to predict things that definitely won't be confirmed later today and you should end up with a solid list. And with that... Balan Wonderworld is released to a mixed reception. I mean, I love NiGHTs, but aside from the art style I don't find this all that interesting. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong. (Update: this literally has red critic metascores and green user metascores on some pages, so does that count?) Enhance Games provides some news and updates on Humanity but it isn't released in '21. I wanted to predict that they release it as a nice surprise, but there's still so much that's unknown. No Switch "Pro" hardware refresh next year. Not whilst the existing hardware is selling so well. Nier: Reincarnation is released!... but either it's unavailable in the UK App Store or my device doesn't meet the requirements to run it. Bah. I don't have any interest in the series and I haven't played any of the games. Maybe there's an announcement, maybe there's a logo, maybe there's a trailer. I'm just going to say "Uncharted 5" I really don't know what to expect out of '21 so my predictions are pretty scattershot. Hopefully you can do better!
  11. Announced for the Switch during this month's Nintendo Direct presentation, World's End Club -originally titled Death March Club - is a puzzle action-adventure video game developed by the Too Kyo Games studio and Grounding Inc. and is published by Izanagi Games. The game is co-directed by Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape series), Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa series), and Takumi Nakazawa with character designs by Take (Pokémon series). World's End Club is a side-scrolling puzzle action-adventure game set in the late 1990s. The game is fully 3D animated and fully voiced. The story is split into two main modes; action sections where the player solves puzzles, and adventure sections where the player progresses through the main story. The player controls Reycho, a silent protagonist and elementary school student, and the rest of the cast is made up of his classmates. Each of the students has their own powers and abilities - such as the ability to control electricity or be able to throw objects - which is used to solve the puzzles and riddles as you go. Although the player can only control Reycho, the other characters follow behind you and their abilities can be tagged by using a button trigger. The game's been out in Apple arcade for some months now, and has received mainly positive reviews. But besides that, who could say no to a quirky little game which resulted from the co-operation between the minds behind the critically acclaimed Zero Escape and Danganronpa series? Debut trailer: >> Official website. Out this May
  12. Too soon? Relax, this can still be used for things that definitely can't be confirmed in the next 24 hours, whether that's because of release dates or whatever. I've started threads like this on Boxing Day in the past, so chill. Nintendo announce the Game Boy Classic Mini - built-in games, Lithium battery, no GBA content. The new Xbox gets an exclusive updated edition of Minecraft Someone compares Elden Ring to Dark Souls Remake or re-release of NieR Gestalt or Replicant announced Drift Stage is still not released in a "complete" form, still in Early Access by December 31st 2020. Final Fantasy VII Episode 2 news before 2021 Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie: The Game
  13. Yeah, that Croteam. Makers of the batshit insane Serious Sam series. They had these puzzle mechanics in place for Serious Sam and decided they were good enough to build a separate game around them. But instead of going for the quirky Portal (the game it will be compared to most) route, they decided to let Jonas Kyratzes (The Sea Will Claim Everything) and Tom Jubert (FTL, The Swapper) write a philosophical narrative for it, focussing on themes like humanity and free will. The puzzles themselves are beam puzzles, the likes of which you've seen in games like the Portal and Zelda series, or Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, but with Croteam's own spin on them and it is set in these rather beautiful quaint environments. Reviews are coming out and they are really, really good. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-12-09-the-talos-principle-review http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/12/08/the-talos-principle/ Game will be out this week on Steam. Definitely gonna buy it as I love a good puzzle game and Jubert is one of the most interesting writers in gaming. This interview goes into more detail: http://gamingbolt.com/the-talos-principle-interview-ps4s-very-own-first-person-philosophical-puzzler-that-is-not-portal Here's a small teaser as well:
  14. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-10-a-monsters-expedition-review-true-charm-through-puzzle-perfection Looks the part, sounds promising. Have bought and shall get stuck in over the weekend. Really like the aesthetic.
  15. Really fancy this. Would be keen to know anyone's experiences with it.
  16. This one got a bit lost amidst all the Nintendo Direct news from last week... A black and white puzzle platformer, with a simple but bold presentation and with a very strong core mechanic: you create boxes in different directions from your, well... box-shaped-hero (Hakoboi actually means litt. ''Box Boy''), to interact with the world and solve puzzles. And you jump. And that's it. It looks so simple at first, and it's the classic game that's difficult to explain by words as is easy to grasps while watching the trailer or, better, playing it. By the end of the video this core mechanic gets applied in some astounding ways, opening up an inordinate amount of possibilities, driven by clever game and level design. As per Hal's trademark development skills. A Euro release is a big unknown at the moment.
  17. Spoiler-free zone! Please keep all spoilery content for previous games in the 999/VLR thread It's also probably worth keeping away from trailers/plot information for this game if you haven't yet played 999/VLR. Going in blind is the best way to experience those games! Source Announced at Anime Expo 2015, seemingly out of nowhere. Expected Summer 2016 for Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Following Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward, the announcement of the third game in the Zero Escape series is quite a shock. After poor sales of VLR, the series' creator, Kotaro Uchikoshi took to Twitter with a dedicated English-language account to explain the current situation - even looking into Kickstarter, which at the time couldn't be utilised by residents of Japan. Then, silence; Uchikoshi was working on some other products, including the writing credit for an anime ("Punch Line", which seems to revolve around looking at pants - watch it on Crunchyroll! or, don't), and the Zero Escape trail went quiet. One day earlier in the year, this happened - a seemingly-random dump of information that was quickly picked apart. A website (4infinity.co) which contained some snippets hidden in its metadata. A website that now links to the Aksys Twitch channel, where the game was announced. Not much more info to go on, but I'll keep this updated as news rolls in. The only video I could find of the AX reveal is below, but expect a proper trailer soon I guess: You can watch the entire Aksys AX panel . What's a Zero Escape? Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward, the first two entries in the Zero Escape series, are visual novel-style room escape adventures*, and are best experienced as spoiler-free as possible. It's generally recommended to play them in order, though I can confirm it's not essential as someone who played VLR first. Both games begin with a protagonist who awakes to find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar location, wearing a strange watch-like device on their wrist. Progress is broadly split into two parts - Room Escape puzzles and Visual Novel segments. For those who haven't played a Room Escape-style game before - put simply, you're trapped in a room, and must solve puzzles to escape, by hunting for clues and interacting with the environment. The Visual Novel segments are what really bring the game to life, though - unravelling the mystery of how you came to be trapped in a mysterious location, discovering the other eight people who share your fate, and seeking a way out. Your choices during these segments will decide your fate, potentially that of your companions, and perhaps even six billion others. Buy the previous games in the series Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors: iOS | Nintendo DS [iOS version has redrawn art assets but no puzzle rooms] Virtue's Last Reward: Nintendo 3DS | Playstation Vita [3DS version has a save bug] Live vicariously through others 999/VLR RLLMUK Megathread [SPOILER HEAVY. You have been warned] *everyone's secret favourite genre
  18. One of the zanier — and undeniably more intriguing — announcements during this year's E3, was the puzzle-action game, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido. The game is being developed by indieszero, the same development studio behind quirky portable titles like NES Remix and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In the game, players will be tasked with eating sushi and stacking the plates after they’re done faster than their opponent can. Those same plates, however, can also be used as weapons (!) against the other player. In order to beat challengers and progress, players must draw a line between the same types of sushi that appear on a conveyer belt. The goal is to collect as many pieces as possible before bringing them to your place and gobbling them up. This being developed by an indie studio who's earned its stripes, and the game having a real Elite Beat Agents vibe as well, gives us all the more reason to look forward to it Launch trailer: Opening movie: >> Official website. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido will be released this June.
  19. http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2017/02/14/disney-drops-pewdiepie-over-anti-semitic-jokes
  20. By ThreeOneZero Official Site Release Date: March 28th 2016 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEO Interesting write-up by Polygon. In before "Gravity: The Game lolol".
  21. Considering this game is due out next week, it seems a case of secret by name, secret by nature. I know top-cat has participated in a few of the beta weekends so hopefully he can chime in with some thoughts and impressions. In a time when fantasy MMOs seem to be dime a dozen, you'd think an MMO that tries to break the mould (in setting, if not gameplay), would stand out from the crowd but it truly seems as though there is next to no buzz at all for this game. Perhaps it's the curse of Funcom; perhaps people have MMO burnout or perhaps the game just hasn't been marketed enough. Whatever the reason, the game's themes and settings have certainly piqued my interest! I love all that creepy monster world behind the human world stuff a la Buffy, Angel, Grimm etc. The Premise Launch Trailer Key Features Choose a side. Join one of three secret societies – the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars – and battle with or against other players for world domination. The Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars – each stand united in their war against the rising darkness, but divided in their pursuit for power. What secret society you choose to join will have profound, long-lasting effects on your gameplay experience. No classes, no levels. Total freedom of play. Experience a game that has no classes or levels. Truly freeform character customization allows you to create the alter-ego that you want to play. Choose from hundreds of different powers for your character without ever having to re-roll, completely eliminating the need to follow a set path of progression throughout the game. Choose the powers, the weapons and the clothing that you want to use. The Secret World does not force you down a set path of progression. You are free to do anything you want at any time. If you ever get tired of doing missions or slaughtering demons, why not return to your secret society and perform tasks for them so you can rise up in their order? Do so, and you will unlock even more powers, weapons, and even unique uniforms. And, of course, untold secrets! Explore stories and locations throughout our own, modern-day world Massively multiplayer online games have traditionally been set in medieval fantasy or science-fiction based worlds. InThe Secret World you get to explore known and unknown locations throughout our own, modern-day world, from bustling metropolises such as London, Seoul and New York, to exotic adventure locations throughout Egypt, Transylvania, New England, and beyond. Battle creatures of myth and legend! Hang out with your friends at a local pub in London, practice your newly acquired powers in the Crucible, and then travel to far-away lands, exploring everything from haunted castles to closed-off military facilities. Along the way you will battle monsters and other creatures of myth and legend, from vampires to werewolves, to gigantic metal golems and undead dinosaurs! A storyline unlike anything seen before in an MMO With the whole world, all its history, all its legends and all its myths to choose from, the developers of The Secret World are creating a story unlike anything you have ever seen before in a massively multiplayer online game. The Secret World features a unique, story-driven gameplay experience that explores the myths, legends and conspiracy theories of the real world. The Secret World brings MMO storytelling to a whole new level by putting you and your friends smack in the middle of an exciting, overarching storyline filled with memorable characters and unique missions never before seen in a game of its kind. Experience missions with a purpose, many of which go beyond the grind quests traditionally seen in massively multiplayer online games. Weapons and Powers The Secret World provides you with hundreds of different options for your character, from different weapons and clothing, to a vast set of different powers. As there are no classes or levels, there are no restrictions as to what to wear. You can pick up new pieces of clothing through missions or battle, or you can visit the shops in London, New York or Seoul and dress up your character any way you like. The powerful progression system allows you to pick and choose whatever powers you want, never restricted by class setups. You can acquire powers within anything from firearms to destructive magic, mix and match anything, or choose to specialize in a certain direction. Regardless of your choices, you will never be at a disadvantage and you can always play together with anyone you want to. Gameplay So, there are no levels? No. Well, kind of. But not exactly. You still have an xp bar. Every 25% you get an action point and every 100% you get a skill point. Action Points Action points go into your action wheel. You pick your weapon type and then spend increasing amounts of points to purchase abilities, which are either active (as in, you press a button to use them) or passive (they're 'always on, but usually only activate when a condition is met, like you critically hit an enemy or something). Each weapon is split into two tiers, the inner tier, which is again split into two groups, and the outer tier, which has more groups. The skill wheel looks like this: You never stop earning action points, but abilities cost more and more the further you delve into a weapon - beginning skills cost 1 point, end skills cost 50. There are 257 active abilities and 243 passive abilities. As mentioned, you never stop earning points, so theoretically you could eventually have all of them. You can only ever equip 7 active and 7 passive at once, for a total of 14 skills, but you can mix and match whatever you want, as long as you have the points to unlock them. One minute you could be a healer, healing a group through a dungeon and then with a couple of clicks you can completely change your build and equipment to become a dps, or a tank, or focus on pvp or whatever. It really is a great system. Skill points are spent improving your chosen weapons and are split into two paths: one is always damage and the other is tied to the weapon type. For example, hammers and blades have damage and survivability paths, since they're seen to be the tanking weapons. Pistols and shotguns have damage and support paths and fists have damage and healing etc. The first point in a skill path costs 1 skill point, the next costs 2, the next 3 and so on, so forth. The skill paths look like this: Decks If you're stuck on what build to go for, you could do a lot worse than opt for one of your faction's 11 pre made decks. These decks are almost like starter builds, to give you an idea of how the synergy between the skills works. Selecting one will highlight where to spend your points to complete the build, though you're not forced to follow this. Upon completion you will be given a very special faction-specific outfit for your troubles, such as those seen below. Please bear in mind that whilst a Templar can build the same deck as the Dragon Warlord, they will not receive the outfit for it. Also worth mentioning is that the deck outfits are classed as 'multislot' outfits in your dressing room, meaning you either equip all of it or none of it - sadly you cannot equip only certain parts. The Illuminati Mercenary The Illuminati Thaumaturge The Illuminati Gunslinger The Dragon Ninja The Dragon Martial Artist The Dragon Wu The Templar Puritan (you too can look like Alan Moore!) The Templar Exorcist The Templar Paladin Once you've unlocked these costumes, you can continue to wear them whenever you want - even if you change builds and weapons. Because of the way the game works, you never stop earning action points, so eventually you could have every single deck and costume at your disposal. Gotta catch em all! The rest of the decks can be seen Here In game shots of the decks can be seen at the links below: Illuminati Templar Dragon How does questing work? Every quest, except main story and investigation ones, can be repeated once every 24 hours. They always award the same amount of xp they did the first time. This means you can group up with anyone at any time and not worry about not being rewarded because everyone earns skill and action points at the same rate, but people who have been playing longer take longer to buy new skills as they cost more, as mentioned above. Let's say you've been playing throughout early access and then your friend starts playing with release tomorrow. You're worried because you've spent points in a tree, you'll be too powerful, right? No worries! Just equip a new type of weapon you've not spent any points in and you've effectively just reset yourself to your friend's level. You'll earn the same amount of xp and points and can spend them in your new weapon and effectively 'level up' all over again, or pool the points to spend in your 'main' set of weapons. All quests are split into tiers, which are effectively stages. For example, tier 1 might be to collect the components to make mines. Tier 2 will be to plant the mines and tier 3 will be to lure enemies into the mines. Each tier updates on the fly - no need to run back to the quest giver at all! Quests come in distinct flavours: Action - these are your typical 'go kill x enemies' quests, but the tiers help make them more varied. Item - these start as your typical 'go collect x items' quests. Sabotage - these are stealth and puzzle based quests that task you with avoiding traps and enemies to complete. Investigation - these are my favourite types: puzzle quests! These are meant to tax your brain and you're given absolutely no ingame help on how to solve them - you're just given clues and have to figure it out yourself. For example, you might be played a message in morse code and it's up to you to research what the message means to figure out the next part of the quest. The game features a fully functional ingame web browser, so you can google and Wikipedia clues to help you find solutions (or the answers, if you want to cheat yourself out of some of the best content the game has to offer). For example, your clue might be a plaque in memory of someone. Googling their name reveals that person used to be a painter, and you remember that you saw some paintings hanging in a building nearby, so you go check them out and discover your next clue, which is a riddle. Solving the riddle reveals a bible reference, so you either google or look through a bible (in the real world, not in game) to find your next clue and so on. They really are fantastic fun and give such a sense of accomplishment when you solve one! Story quests - these are the main story quests that further the plot. They're not meant to be completed all in one go - they cover the entire area so you're meant to do them alongside the other quests. You can only ever have 5 quests at a time and sometimes accepting a new quest will cancel an existing one (the game warns you and asks if you're sure, don't worry). You might think this is shit and you have to start all over again but you don't - the game remembers where you were in the quest chain and you just pick up where you left off! A fantastic feature! But how does gear work? Your gear is split into talismans - wrists, head items, belts, necklaces and rings - which provide stat bonuses (more crit rating, more healing or whatever). This gear doesn't actually show on your character, they're just for stats. Then you have your weapons, which also have stats on them. Gear and weapons are split into quality levels, and you have to have spent into a certain amount of skill points in the tree above in order to use them. This is where the gear progression comes in. As stated above, you can just equip a new weapon type you've not spent any skill or action points in to quest with friends without totally overpowering things. Your clothing - what you actually see your character wearing - is totally cosmetic. You get clothes from quests, dungeons, drops, faction rewards and you can buy them from shops in game or using the real money shop. The game really ties together well. Everything compliments everything else into a really tight, cohesive package. Trailers and Gameplay Vids Previews http://www.computera...as-newest-mmo/# http://uk.pc.ign.com.../1220687p1.html http://www.pcgamer.c...out-compromise/ http://kotaku.com/59...-amusement-park Screenshots So who is playing? The forum server is Arcadia Forum name - Character Name - Society Templar Doctor Shark - Kelsten moosegrinder - Jenfinity Spork: Ojoj idespair - Cypri Illuminati top-cat - Blackdawn Dax - Daxen Cokezero - Raynee SuperMbo - Swearengen Xibxang - MammaTang Fneeb - Fneeb Mogster - Starmix Dragon El Spatula - Indranel Flub - Worldwalker Motivator - Evamortti Here is an awesome shot of some of the Rllmuk team after successfully completing the first game dungeon, 'The Wreck of the Polaris' L-R: MammaTang, Fneeb, Kelsten, Ojoj and Blackdawn.
  22. RLLMUK, Y U NO LOVE THOMAS?! If you haven't heard of Thomas Was Alone, it's a game about rectangles. "How droll, let me go back to taking arrows in the knee and watching Extended Cut Endings". No. You see, although it's a simple platformer puzzler with rectangles, the rectangles have personality. In fact you grow attached to the little blighters thanks to the excellent narration by comedian Danny Wallace. "Oh god that twat from Assassin's Creed". Yes, that one. But he's really good in this. The writing's great too, it's funny and light-hearted and paints each rectangle as an evolving AI with its own personality, and looks at their story in their simple world of platforms and unique abilities. The gameplay is enjoyable but really what drives you is to advance the story and hear more from the rectangles. You actually care about them. Even subtle differences like the tone of their jumping sound helps to add personality to a coloured block. You control one rectangle at a time and can switch between them at will. All you have to do is get all the rectangles to the exits, combining their unique "abilities" - some are thinner, some can jump higher, some have a few unexpected abilities! They need each other to get to the end and the narration plays on this brilliantly. The platforming does get quite tricky or this is a game I'd recommend your casual gaming buddies should play - in everything else it's very accessible, simple controls, simple premise, entertaining story, characters and nice ambience. The puzzling ramps up in difficulty but you'll never hit a complete roadblock, the difficulty is nicely judged here - and there are a few unexpected and clever twists to the puzzling too. The graphics are very simple but beautiful in their own way - light often shining from a direction, casting long shadows as your little quadrilaterals bounce around. Special mention has to go to the atmospheric soundtrack too. Charming, fun and different, Thomas really should not be alone. He needs you! Get it on PC or Mac here: http://www.thomaswasalone.com/ Anyone here played it, what did you think?
  23. can't wait for them to announce the galaxy 3ds. they didn't announce the galaxy 3ds
  24. By Klei Entertainment Official Website Release date: March 2013 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS This has come out of nowhere for me and jumped all the way to the top of my wishlist on Steam. You can currently buy it on Steam to gain access to the beta version which, I imagine, will also grant access to the full game once that's out. It looks very promising from what I've seen so far!
  25. Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies (prov. tittle) will be the last episode of the acclaimed puzzle series that started 5 years ago on the NDS. The story takes place one year after the events of The Miracle Mask, and will conclude the storyline of the second trilogy in the series. Not much more is known about it except that Layton, Luke, Emmy and Jean Descole will all be present again, and the full reveal will take place later this year at TGS 2012. The game is expected to launch in Japan during Summer 2013, and Euro 3DS owners can look forward to the game in late 2013. Official teaser trailer from Nintendo Direct: Official Japanese site: >> http://www.layton.jp...nmei/index.html
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