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Found 51 results

  1. Ran


    Just encountered this on Eurogamer and I think it looks like a great piece of design. It's tidy looking but has that air of AA, so not dripping with lavish production values but neither was their previous game Sang-Froid. I never played it myself but it was very well received generally and this looks to be just as well thought through and implemented. Developer website
  2. Wiper

    Homeworld 3

    https://www.fig.co/campaigns/homeworld3?utm_campaign=homeworld3&utm_medium=email&utm_source=fig-newsletter Icky things first: this is, as you may have gathered, going on a crowd-funding run. Despite being already with publisher, namely *spit* Gearbox, who do after all own the Homeworld IP. And despite officially not needing the funding (hence its, er, $1 target). Leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. Less icky things: It's a new Homeworld game! it's being developed by the team that made the rather lovely Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. It's a NEW Homeworld game! The music and art style appear to be on point.* It's a new HOMEWORLD game! Randy Pitchford isn't mentioned even once in its description. IT'S A NEW HOMEWORLD GAME! On balance, I'm pretty excited. There hasn't been a bad Homeworld game yet, and it's been more than long enough since we had a new, good, true-3D space-based RTS, so it's not as if this is settling into an over-saturated gamespace. And while there have been some disappointing crowdfunded reboots, we've had some fucking great examples too, so I have some hope! *despite the distressing lack of Adagio for Strings, nor indeed the involvement of, er, Yes. Okay, perhaps it's sometimes a good thing not to hew too closely to the original
  3. Before Fire Emblem began merging relationship management (and creepy face-rubbing minigames) with its turn-based SRPG roots, there was Sakura Wars. Anime visuals, JPop themes, turn-based mecha combat and a fully fledged visual novel combined, it inevitably saw no release over here, despite massive success in Japan and a succession of sequels released across the Saturn and Dreamcast. It wasn't until Sakura Wars V that the series would come to the West, on Wii and PS2, but having taken five years to get localised to by-then superseded consoles, was a bit of a flop in 2010. Well, it looks like Sega - presumably spurred on by the final success of the Yakuzas over here - have decided to roll the dice on another game in the series releasing in the West. It'll probably be terrible! Nevertheless, I'm excited, as late '90s me would have killed for this. In 2020 we get to look forward to steampunk robots punching monsters/each other in the face, interspersed with melodramatic branching visual novel sections. Translated from their '90s anime stylings into 3D, the character models look predictably awful, and the story will inevitably be complete rubbish. I can't wait!
  4. New F2P multiplayer RTS/RTT game with a Viking theme. Looks very similar to Total War: Arena. Official Gameplay Trailer: Official site: https://destructivecreations.pl/ancestors-legacy/ Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/720380/Ancestors_Legacy_Multiplayer_Open_Beta/ I think it looks cool.
  5. Well, it's a setting I enjoy very much, and if they're taking inspiration from the fiction (as the video suggests) rather than just doing a Hollywood and throwing out everything interesting in the attempt to make things more 'realistic',* this could make for a great Total War game. The Total Warhammers have shown off how well Total War's design can mesh with fantastical elements, while the Shoguns show how well the series lends itself to a concentrated geographic area; while Three Kingdoms won't be able to take advantage of the drastic asymmetry of Warhammer, and China is far larger than Japan, the (presumable, judging by the trailer) ability to field heroes combined with a relatively concentrated area to battle over seem a promising match to me. Of course, it's also been a while since the last duff Total War, which suggests we may be due one. So, you know, probably worth paying close attention to early coverage rather than going out and preordering on a whim. *Fuck you very much, Troy
  6. Just seen this while browsing, must say quite tempted. http://www.tinymetal.com/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/751500/TINY_METAL/ One thing to be aware of, apparentlythe directoir Hiroaki Yura is accused of embezzling £750,000 from the Kickstarter campaign for the Project Phoenix to pay for the development of this game. Seem to be reviewing well on the Switch as well.
  7. http://awbw.amarriner.com Oh no! My life!! Advance Wars, over web... The UI is a little rough around the edges, but it gets the job done. Anyone up for a game?
  8. Hello, I'm interested in your opinion about this topic: http://progorion.com/blog/2017/06/15/computer-tycoon-is-a-business-simulation-or-a-grand-strategy-game/ What do you think, what makes a game to be a grand strategy? Do you need armies as a mandatory? Thanks for any feedback! Andris
  9. I'm only a few levels in but it does feel like the best AW style game yet for mobiles. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/id1008496061
  10. This is shaping up to be something special. Grand strategy masters Paradox, are finally delving into the sci-fi space with the release of Stellaris, out May 9th. Unlike traditional Paradox grand strategy, a game in Stellaris will feature 3 distinct phases of play; covering the early > mid/late > end game scenarios. Starting off with a single homeworld in one star system; a typical campaign begins like a traditional 4X game. Explore other systems; expand your borders and colonise other worlds; gather/exploit resources; conquer other races (or not!). Mid to late game; focus shifts towards traditional Paradox grand strategy as races and territory throughout the galaxy battle for supremacy. Conquer other races, create and shatter alliances, jostle for territory. Dominant race in the galaxy? The game doesn't end there. Experience end-game scenarios that dramatically shift the balance of power. Fallen empires far superior to yours offering judgment on your dangerous AI research; visitors from another galaxy; space-time rifts. Don't take your dominance for granted FEATURES PAUSABLE REAL-TIME STRATEGY WITH MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT In Stellaris, you can conquer the galaxy on your own, or contend with upwards of 32 players DYNAMIC WORLDS WITH A VAST NUMBER OF UNIQUE RANDOM SPECIES Design and name a custom species with the government and attributes you desire. Encounter countless different alien species, each with unique appearances, traits, and ethics EXPLORE VAST GALAXIES FULL OF MYSTERY AND WONDER Uncover the secrets of the galaxy - every time you play! expect the unexpected as your science ships explore new anomalies with branching storylines and surprising twists RESEARCH AND REVERSE-ENGINEER RARE TECHNOLOGIES The skills and personalities of your scientists will affect which technologies you can develop. Many technologies are unique and must be found or reverse-engineered from debris, wrecks or alien ruins... DEEP DIPLOMACY AND WARFARE Conquer the competition, or entice the alien empires to join your glorious federation. the mid-to-late game of stellaris features the same kind of depth and dynamism seen in games like Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II BE WARY OF THE COST OF PROGRESS The expanses of the galaxy hold many dangers, as do your own advances at home... SCREENSHOTS VIDEOS Fantastic playthrough series with one of the lead developers...
  11. Renowned Explorers: International Society is a strategy adventure game set in the 19th century. Take command of a hand-picked group of diverse explorers and travel across the globe in search of legendary treasures while staying ahead of your rivals. Earn prestige in the Renowned Explorers International Society and become the world's most Renowned Explorer! Screenshots: Reviews from the Steam Store Page: I just got this last week and played it a couple of times, it's way more fun than I anticipated (to be fair, I had never heard of it before my first play). Anyone else got this? What are your thoughts, you got any advice, etc etc.? I play on easy and still sometimes lose, ugh
  12. By Counterplay Games Play Now | Steam Official Site | Wiki | Reddit | PC Gamer Primer Release Date: August 23, 2016 (Steam) ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS While it is still technically in open-beta the game will 'release' to version 1.0 on April 27. Now I'm not much of a card game connoisseur (I've only played Hearthstone for a couple of hours) but I do like strategy and this seems to offer it in spades! You choose a faction, place your cards on a grid where units can then move around freely, you outsmart your enemy for a bit and after a match you get currency to unlock new cards which then allow you to build a better deck and so on and so forth. You get the idea. Basically if you mix The Banner Saga with Hearthstone you'd end up with Duelyst... I think? Turns go by fast and while there's obviously some RNG involved the tutorial and matches against the AI haven't felt unfair (so far). Obviously I've not even scratched the surface here but have already won my first online game just now, hurray! So give this a try! It's free, looks gorgeous (seriously, how could you say no to those sprites?) and while I'd be the first to admit that a strategy game involving cards/deck building can feel a bit overwhelming, the short tutorial does a good job of establishing the basics and letting you then progress naturally. By the time you've had a few practice matches against the AI you're ready to go up against your first human opponent and take your first steps to world domination (add me to get rekt breh)! I'm curious to hear what the residential Hearthstone players make of this? How does it compare? Is it any good? Is it for casual plebs? Validate my enjoyment please.
  13. Mr Tony

    Halo Wars 2

    Holy crap, suprise announcement at GamesCom. Halo Wars 2 coming Christmas Holiday 2016. It's made by Creative Assembly of Total War fame, so hopefully should be good.
  14. Developed by Firaxis Official Site | Reddit | Steam | PS4 | XB1 Release Date: February 5, 2016 - XB1/PS4 September 30, 2016 ABOUT COVERAGE IGN First: XCOM 2: Welcoming Our New Alien Overlords IMAGES VIDEOS
  15. Reddit has mounted a campaign to have Gabe Newell crowned Heat Magazine Hottest Hunk 2015. You can vote here: http://hunks.heatworld.com/ They've definitely noticed the votes because they just tweeted this: https://twitter.com/heatworld/status/577853398877364224 If you need any more convincing, watch this for several minutes and be converted: http://gaben.amigocraft.net/
  16. By Petroglyph Official Site Release Date: January 27th 2015 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Yup, that's the actual title! Only have done 3 campaign missions and so far this seems like the perfect marriage of casual and hardcore. You can hang back if you want to and take a beating, steadily build up your army and then full out attack or play it more competitive and go all macro keys on their asses. I never was one for RTS' like Starcraft but GG, while more in that direction, is very reminiscent of the old C&C/Red Alert games. They've taken a very back-to-basics approach here and it's great! So get on this people of the internet! I need someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong when I have to restart the 2nd mission after 20 minutes and then later do end up winning, but only after like 30-40 minutes... It's pretty relentless (for me anyway). Also, music by fucking Frank Klepacki!
  17. By Focus Home Interactive & Tindalos Interactive Official Site Release Date: TBA ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS - So uh yeah more Warhammer strategy games!
  18. By Wonderstruck Games Official Site Release Date: It's out! ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS Saw like 2 minutes of the GB Quick Look immediately started working on a thread. I was very much pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The stylized visuals and excellent soundtrack alone are enough to make me put this on my wishlist and combined with the super easy control scheme (you only need a mouse) this seems like a winner! Secret Santa, take note! (actually don't as the current price point is a bit too steep I find) I'm honestly a sucker for these types of visuals. Just love me some stylization! So much so that even Escape from Dead Island thing looks enticing to me
  19. So this is probably being announced today at PAX Firaxis famously no longer have access to the Alpha Centauri franchise, so this looks like a spiritual sequel. Let's hope they fixed the performance from Civ 5. And the multiplayer. And the AI.
  20. Hello rllmuk Gamers! Dani here, from R2Games. I wanted to let you guys know about our newest game, League of Angels, and the Committee has been kind enough to let me spread the word here. It’s a turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game in which players embark on engaging quests, compete in massive PvP battles, and conquer challenging events and minigames – all with the aid of the mighty Angels. To celebrate the launch we’ve teamed up with great cosplayers to represent the Angels. Maridah did a beautiful job with her portrayal of Loralei, and more are soon to come! If you’d like to receive exclusive cosplay photos (and free gift codes!), just sign up to our League of Angels newsletter. To check out the game go to loa.r2games.com, and let me know what you think
  21. Here we go again Huge thanks to everyone who took part last year, especially those who saw it through to the end! The plan For those new to the idea, Moz provided a good summary in 2010: DISCLAIMER I don't want to make too many hard rules for this thread - there was a bit of conversation last year about whether you should record games bought for others, how you should record gaming gifts received, etc - so I'll just say record what you want, how you want. If you choose to leave out a bunch of items due to some random loopholes you can think of, that's your choice whether it results in you cheating yourself or not. My general rules for myself are that I don't record gifts bought for others because I'm mainly tracking my own self indulgence, and that gaming gifts received from others are recorded as £0. Also, I'm recording games bought with store credit as £0 purchases, and I'm recording games traded in for cash as minus figures. EDIT: also don't forget that if you buy XBL Marketplace funds, PlayStation Store credit, Steam credit etc, and then buy games with that credit, be careful not to double-count it! I tend to record the purchase of the store credit, and then when I buy something using the credit I record it as £0. Tracking spreadsheet I've cleared the old spreadsheet and saved it as a new one here - it's available to edit for anyone with the link, so let's all act responsibly Also, in line with Sprite Machine's comments at the start of last year, I haven't removed last year's spreadsheet, so it can still be viewed here for comparison purposes. Older threads: 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 As for my personal spending goals in 2014... well, I did think about getting a PS4 because I really reined in my spending last year; then again, I'm having second thoughts about that thanks to the PSN debacle. I may still get a cheap PS3 for Persona and Amplitude though Best of luck!
  22. The majority of Xbone and PS4 launch games are, as expected, a bit pants. People are finding that out today, the day before release, because Microsoft had put an embargo on reviews, making websites publish stories over a week and a bit . The classic argument is that this means that Microsoft get maximum exposure (managing page views over the week), but looking at the comments on the Eurogamer review for Ryse it's clear this has a side effect - people are committed to buying the game before the review comes out. The interaction between embargoes and pre-orders is putting a lot of power with the publisher. They can put out a limited edition or even just warn of shortages. They can prohibit websites from publishing reviews until a couple of days before release. Effectively, they can dupe people into buying a sub-par game just through hype, and getting them locked in early. No more. I'm not preordering anything, or even buying anything on launch unless I've seen numerous reviews - and in particular, reviews from sites I trust not to have just reviewed a game based on two hours' play in a controlled environment. I will get games a couple of weeks late, at best. I will be able to understand any issues with servers, log-ins, short single-player modes, saving bugs, and so on. I will quite possibly pay £10 less. I won't get a mountain of limited edition crap that's destined for the bin in two years anyway. Who's with me?
  23. Johan Andersson of DICE revealed something he has been working on with AMD, Mantle, a new low level API designed to give console-like programmer control to PC games. Currently exclusive to newer AMD graphics cards based on the same technology family as what is found in both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Potential #gamechanger to reduce the performance penalty for PC games coming from having to use DirectX or OpenGL. As Andersson says himself: Andersson also talked about the potential usefulness of Mantle for low latency VR and running entire game worlds on the GPU. While browsing Timothy Lottes blog, I came across something he posted several months ago, seems to be a common theme amongst the coding elites to want less abstraction and more control: http://timothylottes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/thinking-about-better-graphics-api.html
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