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Found 25 results

  1. Not sure whether this has been covered in any topics. Makes me a bit nervous of any Nintendo digital e-shop purchases especially the fact the redownload option will eventually cease to work. Dat eshop tune doh. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-09-29-wii-shop-channel-is-shutting-down-nintendo-has-announced
  2. So after months of not touching my consoles or handhelds I finally took the courage to start up my Wii and play Skyward Sword. Well I wish I could say that but the only reason I did so was because my video card crapped out on me and thus rendering my PC useless other than to: Porn, Facebook and Rllmuk (yes, in that order). I'm now 20 hours in to SS and it made me realize how much of a void there was for me as far as pure gaming glee goes. It's been said a thousand times already but Nintendo games do have a certain unique charm to them that make most, if not all, of their titles a joy to pla
  3. Nintendo Land is an upcoming videogame for the Wii U, to be released as a launch title for the console when it is released in late 2012. The game, set in a theme park atmosphere, is intended to serve as the main demonstration of the functionality of the Wii U, along with its Wii U Gamepad - in much the same way WiiSports demonstrated the functionality of the Wii and Wii Remote - and so will probably come bundled with the console. Nintendo Land will feature 12 different minigames based on various Nintendo franchises - some of which support up to five players, with four using the Wii Remote an
  4. According to NeoGAF the next-gen only rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt as it's from a different source than the rest.Animated loading sequences, who said they were running out of ideas!
  5. Link Good to see Naka back, hopefully it will be more like Sonic Colors than the other shit sonic games that Sega has been releasing EDIT: Now a Wii U and 3DS game, after a long development ...
  6. So here it is. I guess maybe we could bring out the more positive sides of all things Nintendo? I dunno. Discuss.
  7. I know there's been a bit of discussion of this in the Trouble With Nintendo thread. But I thought it was worth spinning out into a separate discussion in the spirit of the feeling in the megathread discssion in ATF. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-02-05-nintendo-clarifies-youtube-revenue-share-program-asks-users-to-delete-non-nintendo-videos So basically if you want to upload footage of a Nintendo game, then you're not allowed to have any videos of any games from any other companies on your channel at all. Also you can't even show footage from any Nintendo game, it has to be one fr
  8. Hopefully this will get a European release. Ive played around with the NTSC version a bit (and earlier the DS version, which this a nicks a few levels from); reminiscent of Wario Ware and Elite Beat Agents, you have to time pressing A or A and B simultaneously to the beat of changing rhythms and ambivalent audio cues. Its fucking funny at times, with a completely bonkers set of (50) levels and it looks and sounds really cool with some inspired, simplistic art and catchy music. http://www.destructo...er-220990.phtml 9.5 http://www.1up.com/r...eaven-fever-wii A- http://kotaku.com/58...e-kotak
  9. I don't know how this hasn't been done yet, if it has apologies and you can delete this, but sparked by a conversation with a friend...What were your favourite games of the last generation, and no Wii U is not included. If the interest is there, I might get everyone to supply their top 10 and I'll compile a list a la the other "Rllmuk favourite" threads. I know there was a game of the decade thread, but this is different? Personally mine are: 360 - Mirrors Edge The one game that DICE got right. The fluid motion and sense of movement is something to behold, when you put the practice in. You
  10. As per title. MS are putting all their eggs in one basket by bundling the Kinect, that no gamer I know wants, with the Xbone and adding a hefty margin on to the price. My question is, and one MS should have asked as a dashboard poll on 360 or something, Do you care about gesture control? I don't. I feel like an idiot shouting voice commands, I hate controlling games with gestures. Nothing is as accurate as a pad or keyboard and mouse.
  11. Times: Nintendo Direct E3: UK: June 11th 15:00 PM BST EU: June 11th 16:00 PM CET Gametrailers Nintendo Power Hour: UK: June 11th 19:00 PM BST EU: June 11th 20:00 PM CET See Full Game Trailers Schedule: Game Trailers Schedule Video Streams: http://www.ustream.tv/nintendouk/theater http://e3.nintendo.com'>http://e3.nintendo.com http://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo'>http://www.youtube.com/user/Nintendo https://www.facebook.com/events/525288477533379/'>https://www.facebook.com/events/525288477533379/ Rumour Roundup: With Nintendo having already confirmed that
  12. The Wii Mini, a smaller version of the Wii, is scheduled to come out on December 7. Looks rather spiffy, tbh. If the price is right (eg. £ 75) I might get one... Hopefully, this won't be limited to the US only, and there will be another colour than red.
  13. http://www.computera...gamer-magazine/
  14. With all this Wii U talk and the holidays coming up, I'd like to reinstate the Wii a bit for family gaming. However, being proper hardcore and all, I never play these kiddie games and party shite stuff so I'm looking for some advice here. Basically I'm looking for games that are fun for a 3 and 5 year old, and it's a bonus if they're tolerable for adults too. So far I was thinking of Mario Party 8, Carnival Games, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games and that Dora shovelware stuff, but other suggestions are more than welcome. Would Smash Bros Brawl be a good choice?
  15. I was thinking that around about 6 years ago i started a thread displaying pictures of all the launch games and announced games for the Wii. You can find that thread here - - but im going to post some pics and thoughts here. Twilight Prince on the Wii before launch. It looks amazing, it was the game we all wanted since we saw the realistic GC demo in 2001. Actually if you look at that demo now it looks terrible but they gave us what we wanted. For a launch game this was up there. It looked great, used the motion controls and was an epic game, despite some of the hatred it got a few weeks a
  16. Times: UK: June 5th 5:00 PM BST EU: June 5th 6:00 PM CET US: June 5th 9:00 AM PST US: June 5th 12:00 PM EST Video Streams: http://www.nintendo....nintendo_direct http://e3.gamespot.c...ce/nintendo-e3/ http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/ http://www.g4tv.com/...s/nintendo/136/ http://www.youtube.com/user/E3 What Are We Expecting: Nintendo's conference has about as clear a focus as you could get. The re-reveal of their next gen Wii U console is almost certainly going to be the talk of E3. Unlike other console manufacturers, Nintendo probably won't be blazing the machines specs up on their
  17. Well, I haven't done one of these in a while. It's another Know Your Boxart quiz! All the letters below are from the boxart of 2012 game releases. How many do you recognise? Please put your answers in spoiler tags so as not to ruin it for others. I'll post the answers up tomorrow if no-one gets them in the meantime. And yes, there is no letter 'Q' - I couldn't find a decent one.
  18. Now it's old news that EA regularly shut down servers for the online components for games. But even by their shitty standards this one is a new low. EA's MMA game was released at the end of October 2010 (so actually it's less than 18 months old). It was one of those games that required an 'online pass' if bought second-hand and quick look at its achievement list shows that a lot of the achievements require online.
  19. So, what better thread to start on a lazy sunday then a predictions and expectations thread about this years E3. It's only a month and a week away now, so better get those crazy and outlandish ideas in before the first inevitable leaks start seeping in. Personally I'm looking most forward to the Nintendo stuff this year: The final Wii U presentation, new 3DS games ea. I'm hoping we get to see the new Wii U Mario title, Pikmin 3, a new 3DS Zelda game (which will hopefully feat. Toon Link), more of Luigi's Mansion 2, more of Animal Crossing 3DS + it's actual name, more on Level-5's Fantasy Li
  20. Another (nearly a) month, another issue! Features: Ten Games That Will Save Nintendo (cover feature) The 25 Reasons You Must Play Kid Icarus Uprising Confessions of a Digital Gigolo Previews: Epic Mickey 2, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Darksiders II, Lego Batman 2 Replay: Space Station Silicon Valley Time Warp: Rod Land (NES), Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Beyond Good and Evil (GC) Still Playing: The Last Story Judgement Play: ISS 64, Revenge of the Gator, FireEmblem: The Sacred Stones Reviews: Wii: Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL - 70 3DS: Farming Simulator 2012 3D - 38 3DS: Cr
  21. From Nintendo's Facebook page: Looks like we'll be seeing something similar to Super Mario All Stars then this coming year. On one hand ROM-dumps but on the other hand MOAR KIRBY! Never a bad thing eh?
  22. Doesn't seem that long since the last issue, does it? Features: Assassin's Creed III The 29 Worst Decisions in NIntendo History Previews: Kingdom Hearts 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS, Theatrhythm FInal Fantasy Replay: Timesplitters 2 Time Warp: Chuck Rock, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Ikaruga Still Playing: Super Mario 3D Land Judgement Play: NBA Jam, Solar Jetman, Meteos Reviews: 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising - 92 DS: Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard - 72 3DS: Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure - 76 Wii: Pandora's Tower - 81 3DS: Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D - 49 3DS: Carni
  23. New issue's just popped through t'letterbox, so another round-up is due. Features: Wii U: The Truth The 25 Heartbreakingest Nintendo Moments Interview: Hironobu Sakaguchi Replay: Freedom Fighters Time Warp: Viewtiful Joe Still Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles Judgement Play: Glover, WCW/nWo Revenge, Solstice Reviews: Wii: Mario Party 9 - 80 3DS: Nano Assault - 75 3DS: One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP - 31 3DS: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - 70 3DS: Pac-Man Party 3D - 50 DS: Captain Morgane & The Golden Turtle - 50 3DS: Secret Mysteries in London - 21 Wii:
  24. Story, and text below for those at work: So will everyone choose an animal and customise it appropriately? Or will we be using stylised Mii avatars? Or will the animals in question be all but a myth? Speculate.
  25. Xevious


    http://www.wiipreorder.co.uk is great. It shows you when shops get stock in. And alerts you to companies who take the piss, so don't deserve your custom. This just popped up: http://www.techfocus.co.uk/pages/product/p...cookie%5Ftest=1 - Only a markup of £100 over the normal price. So, I'll not be buying from them ever. Where have you seen silly prices for a Wii?
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