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  1. This is a thread for anyone who has gone on an unnecessary journey to get the highest player level, or find all of the orbs, or complete the legendary armour set. Cheevo hunting is one thing, but even that is something explicitly set as a goal by the developers, rather than your own dogged endeavour. What recent examples have you had where you’ve chased a certain goal that may not even be a mandatory requirement in the game you’re playing? I think a recent one for me has been the stamps in Persona 5 Royal. P5R is a dungeon crawling RPG, and in addition to progressively harder dungeons in the story, there’s one ever-growing dungeon that can be repeatedly revisited called Mementos. In the original P5, the goal was simply to unlock the final area in Mementos and ultimately finish the game. However, Royal added locations in Mementos where you could get “stamps” that could be redeemed for modifiers - it seems innocent enough, but the compulsive trigger was the fact that the game explicitly tells you the number of stamps in an area... so that record of “17/20 stamps found” is the worst gamer itch. To be fair, you do get an optional extra thing after getting enough, but it’s by no means mandatory if you just want to see the ending. And I only knew about the optional extra thing after the fact. In vanilla P5, I finished the game at level 83; in Royal, most of my party was level 99... and I’m pretty sure that this stamp hunt contributed to most of this. Worse still, there’s an ability you can unlock late in the game where you can run into a low-level enemy... and instead of the battle sequence initiating, the enemy will instantly die and you still get the exp, cash and item rewards. This meant that in my search for stamps I was mowing down enemies and getting all of that experience. I’ve played through pretty much every mainline Persona game now (unless you’re counting P3: The Answer) and until now I’ve never reached level 99 on my first playthrough. I have a pretty strong P4G save on my Vita but even that is just me goofing around with fusion for the heck of it. Anyway, where are you at with your own compulsive pursuits? (I kind of expect Animal Crossing to feature in this thread - isn’t there an element of collecting themed furniture or something in there?)
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