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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I didn't see a Carcassonne thread - not sure if it needs one - but I just heard that its under a new publisher now! Who so far has only committed to re-releasing 2 of the old expansions (I have not looked into it - just news from the local board game store + saw the Dragon expansion is going for ££ at the mo! ) I have only played with the based set as the winter edition and was gonna grab the carcassonne dragon and princess expansion as the sound of dragons destroying stuff so you may switch to a quick scoring tactic sounded fun. I am getting tired of the base set + gingerbread - Is there any expansions you recommend? This Big box looks good for a cheap boost (in German) I assume its fine - ill just print off English instructions. edit: Reading a little more - it seems most people expect the new publisher to re-release most of the old stuff with a few exceptions. The back of the tiles are identical to the old ones but has new art on the front. But is expect to release and no announcement/guarantee. Anyway any tips?
  2. Whilst I saw a few people had commented that they own and are playing this game in the 'What Are You Playing?' thread, I noticed there wasn't a dedicated thread for this game; A Game of Thrones Card Game (Second Edition) [BGG Link] I got into the game quite late, personally - mid 2019. I taught myself to play, and the wife - and we play together sometimes but I've never really found too many more people who are interested in playing it. So, hopefully I can find some fellow RLLMUK'ers to talk about it with here. There's lots of resources online to help with the game, including agot.cards for news and podcasts, thronesdb.com for deckbuilding, and you can also play the game online at theironthrone.net - but of course, using the real physical card game is far more rewarding.
  3. I'm having a real shit time of life at the moment, and part of that is coming to the realisation i don't have any friends. My current bout of depression has left me with very little enthusiasm / enjoyment for anything. Anyway i was wondering if anyone has anything they recommend i can actually try and fill my time playing? I see on things on boardgamegeeks and a few things people have posted in other threads that there are a lot of what look like trading card games & miniature / board games you can play on your own? I just want something i can spend sometime on even if its something i leave on my dining room table and then come back to when i feel like it again, things like this say "one player" https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/230244/black-angel As always any and all help is appreciated!
  4. Hi Everyone, I was after some more micro games, games to play while we wait for others to join for a bigger games - so anything from 5 to 20 minutes long I guess (a little over would be fine too) ideally I'm after 3+ players but feel free to make this a general Micro Game thread. Have recently had: Love letter - great fun but playing too much now Sushi Go - Played too much id rather not play at the moment (looking into longer drafting 'Among the stars' or 'Fairytale') Coloretto - fun but not mine so not always available Hanabi - fun but not for everyone Thinking of grabbing: Bang the dice game Do you have any suggestions for games to play while waiting for others/micro games?
  5. My wife likes the mechanics of modern boardgames, but isn't a fan of the screw-your-opponent over elements, which means we end up playing things like Ticket To Ride and Carcasonne without any blocking or other tactical elements, which I feel detracts a bit from the play. In an effort to find some good common ground, I've been co-op game hunting. I acquired Arkham Horror, but in retrospect that was an error - the theme really isn't her cup of tea, and the fiddliness and mass of tokens and widgets isn't mine (although I think it would make a great computer game). I picked up Forbidden Island on the iPad, and that seemed to be the sweet spot - quick setup/play, discussion about tactics, shared goal, etc. Off the back of that, I've acquired the new 2013 edition of Pandemic, and we both love it, even though we're pretty routinely losing (although usually within 1 or 2 turns of winning, so nice and tight). Looks good, too (the old edition was fugly), and picking from 7 roles randomly keeps a bit of variety going. I think someone here said they had the new Matt Leacock game, Forbidden Desert. What are the key differences between it and FI? How cheaply could I pick it up for in the UK, and how big's the box? (I'm flying over from NZ in July/August). What's your favourite co-op game, and why?
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