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Found 4 results

  1. So, we've got Inscryption coming up on 2021, and it looks absolutely amazing. Here's the trailer! I'm going to be completely honest with you and admit that I absolutely love these sorts of thing, and the visual presentation is so far up my street it's got itself lodged in my colon. If anyone is interested in a short sneak peak of the game, the prototype Sacrifices Must Be Made is available to download here, and I would absolutely recommend giving it a go. It's a 20mb download, and isn't particularly long, giving you a single opponent to play against. The game has a singularly disturbing feel to it, and for something in such a primitive state which was slapped together in it's entirely in 48 hours, the actual card game is extremely good. So, I'm super proper hyped about this one. edit Just to add a bit more about the game, since that's what people will want to read about, I'm going to talk about the mechanisms below - but about the situation that you find yourself in, which will be sort of revealed in the Prototype. This isn't a traditional card game like Magic: the Gathering where two people with two equal decks face off against one another - it's a specifically designed single player game with card mechanics. The most important thing to grasp is that you'll know what your opponent is going to play and where a turn ahead of where it happens, and the core of the game is navigating that puzzle. There's no economy in the game - all cards have a number of blood marks between zero and theoretically four. In order to play a card, you must sacrifice a number of cards you already have in play to the value of the blood marks of the card you want to play. All cards are considered equal for these purposes - the only exception to the rule is the Cat who can be "sacrificed" without leaving play, making it a permanent resource as long as it's in play - but having no offensive capability, it's doomed to die if something is opposing it. The upshot of all this is that you need to play out zero blood mark animals in order to be able to afford anything else, but they're universally terrible and will due at the weapons or claws of almost anything else in the game, so unless you're desperate you need to use them or lose them, or be prepared to throw them away in a chump-block. You win by dealing damage to your opponent, and if your cards are opposed by enemy cards then you do damage to those instead. The number of points you need to win is... variable, and the scores are placed on a weighing scale and when your opponents scale touches the table they lose. The consequence to this is that if you're scoring points off one another about evenly, nobody is making any progress towards victory. Your opponent may offer you a mechanism to "right the scales" if you're losing badly by... passing you a knife. But think carefully before you pick that fucker up. It's a desperate measure, trust me. At the end of each round you get to pick a new card up (as it pretty traditional in these games), but obviously in the prototype deck building is exceptionally limited and you only get two choices overall - but those choices did make a difference to how I played the game for sure.
  2. This is on PC and Xbox now (with a free 2 hr trial on Xbox). It’s a cross between some other games maybe - turn based actions in a small area, with a series of cards and limited costs. The enemy take their turn, load up actions, then you move around. Good soundtrack too, I’d recommend the trial.
  3. Whilst I saw a few people had commented that they own and are playing this game in the 'What Are You Playing?' thread, I noticed there wasn't a dedicated thread for this game; A Game of Thrones Card Game (Second Edition) [BGG Link] I got into the game quite late, personally - mid 2019. I taught myself to play, and the wife - and we play together sometimes but I've never really found too many more people who are interested in playing it. So, hopefully I can find some fellow RLLMUK'ers to talk about it with here. There's lots of resources online to help with the game, including agot.cards for news and podcasts, thronesdb.com for deckbuilding, and you can also play the game online at theironthrone.net - but of course, using the real physical card game is far more rewarding.
  4. Ok, I think there's probably enough of us at least having a go at this now and I know someone in the general thread had posed the idea of splitting it off. Just a thread to discuss the game and complain about the lack of booster packs Anyone new to it that wants to know more, here's a good 'how to play' vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPu9pp2WOM&t=2s
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