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  1. So me and a friend have been looking for something good to play co-op. He comes across this, seems like a typical roguelike kind of thing. Only it seems to have an emphasis on multiplayer. After playing it for about 5 mins, he gifts me a copy. This is pretty damn good. It is fairly early, so there are not many levels and only two main weapons. However they have nailed the feel of the movement and combat. Feels similar to Hades which is no bad thing. Typical formula, pick up skills, get stat upgrades, get relics. When you finish a room you often get two choices of exit so you could pick healing or gold as the reward. There is permanent upgrade currency you get over runs, and it is just a lot of fun to play. Multiplayer seems to work with no issues. You don't just drop in or out, have to host a game (you can set it to private) then invite via steam). When you get a relic selector you both have individual choices, you have to both be at the exit to move to the next room, it's a lot of fun. I'm on pad, which I think is the preferred way to play. I think there is couch co-op which I imagine would work well as most of the rooms only have a little scrolling. I've got a few little quibbles here and there. There is one mini boss that has an attack with no startup and no warning. The game tries to be as readable as possible (enemies will flash, have an exclamation point or other indicator before an attack etc) so I assume that will be fixed. Enemies hit hard (so stuff can two shot you) but health seems a little hard to come by, any build with regen seems super strong. The second area enemies seem overtuned, third area enemies don't seem anywhere near as hard. All stuff that can be fixed, I hope. If you ever wanted a roguelike co-op game this is definitely a good shout. I've not seen much word spread about it and it would be a shame for it to get lost in the shuffle.
  2. Really enjoying this singleplayer/2-player co-op roguelite FPS at the moment. It's in Early Access on Steam (no console plans as yet). https://store.steampowered.com/app/692890/Roboquest/ The movement and shooting feels a lot like Quake or Unreal. Enemies hit pretty hard from the very first level, so you have to do a fair bit of projectile dodging to survive. The XP orbs they drop disappear after a very short time and they heal back some of your lost health if you pick them up quickly enough, so you're always being actively encouraged to press forward into combat rather than playing things slow from the back. This means things get ridiculously hectic in the later levels. You start the game with a double jump and there's a lot of verticality to the levels, which opens up even more when you unlock a certain item. There's a reasonable selection of guns, classes, and unlockable items which encourage a good variety of play styles and builds. There are branching paths unlocked via key pickups, and the outlines of a story told through comicbook-style cutscenes between levels. It also has stuff hidden behind waterfalls, which as we all know is the mark of a Good Video Game. Highly recommend it, it's a lot of fun. Having sunk untold hours into Gunfire Reborn with a mate, I imagine this is going to be our next time sink. I found this decent video review delivered in a refreshingly non-obnoxious way which gives a bit more detail:
  3. PHOGS! (Pronounced "Fogs") is out today on pretty much everything and it seems to be reviewing exceptionally well. https://culturedvultures.com/phogs-xbox-one-review/ https://www.heypoorplayer.com/2020/12/02/phogs-review-ps4/ https://www.thedigitalfix.com/gaming/review/phogs/ Essentially it's a co-op puzzler (both couch and online) where you each control the head of a conjoined dog. Yeah, you read that right. Anyway, it's on Gamepass which should give it some exposure and it's installed on my Xbox ready for my other half tonight.
  4. This launched a few days ago on Steam Early Access, although it seems pretty well developed already, barring some of the item descriptions and a truck customization system still to come, along with new territories. It already has voice acting and the soundtrack is complete. Big differences between this and Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!! is that in this one you are running a food truck - this means rather than having waves of rush hour followed by slow periods, instead you do a ton of prep in between stops, with a few advance orders on the road. They've also completely removed chores (such as dishwashing and taking out rubbish) which makes for a much more fun game. They also have added a proper campaign mode, with a campaign map and location-based progression. Last big change is being able to flick the right stick to serve all your ready dishes at once, which is great. Here is the launch trailer: They have also been very open with the Early Access updates, here: If you liked the first two, this is brilliant. It'll be great on Switch in Summer too.
  5. PlayStation Blog: Blast across the galaxy with friends in co-op shoot’em up Riftstar Raiders, coming 2017 to PS4
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