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  1. To state the obvious: the information in this post is out of date. Rllmuk Destiny 2 clans (please go to the relevant thread in Online to see how to apply etc) Rllmuk Renegades: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/301604-rllmuk-renegades-clan/ rllmuk Overlords: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/301612-destiny-2-xbox-one-clan-rllmuk-overlords-muko/ Rllmuk Establishment: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/301885-rllmuk-establishment-clan-ps4-to-hell-with-those-renegades/ How to Heroicise public events (credit to https://www.reddit.com/user/thatdudereeg) A mini guide to levelling and power in Destiny 2 Early game The very early game is simple: just play through the story missions. Along the way you’ll start to open up activities outside of the main storyline. You should try some of those out as you go along - they are marked for recommended power levels, so just pick the lower ones of each type and give them a go as you progress. If you do this, you’ll hit character level 20 before the end of the story, and if you don’t hit 20 Zavala will automatically rank you up to 20 right at the end. Mid game: what power means and how it is calculated From 20 onwards is where the real power game starts. At character level 20, you’ll start to take more notice of the other number on your character sheet, your power level. This tends to be approximately 10x more than your character level as you go up, so if your character is at level 19, your power level is generally somewhere between 181-199. Your power level is the sum total of the most powerful loadout your character can equip. Each character can equip 8 items that have power associated with them - 3 weapons, 4 pieces of armour, and a class item. The weapons have a value called Attack and the wearables have a value called Defence - these are just synonyms for power. To work out your character’s current power level, the game adds the power of each of the equipped items up, and divides by 8. This gives you your current power level. The game compares this overall power level to the power level of the enemies you face, and this determines how much damage you give to and take from them. If you are under their power level you do less and take more damage, and this gap increases the higher they are over your power level. If you are exactly on par, your weapons so 100% of their damage to the enemies and theirs do 100% to you. If you are overpowered, the game quite quickly puts a cap on the disparity, so you can still easily be killed by enemies in the starting area if you get careless and are overwhelmed (e.g. in a hectic public event) - so you’ll never be totally overlevelled, like you can be in games such as Diablo. But if you are below the enemies’ power level, you will eventually be unable to damage them at all and they will one-shot you. For this reason, if you are dramatically out-powered you will often be barred from certain ‘impossible’ activities until you have levelled up. Mid game: power bars and getting more power To level your power up, you need to obtain higher power items. These come in the form of drops from enemies, from chests, and from rewards for completing activities and from NPCs. You will be introduced to a variety of NPCs throughout the game, most of whom will accept various from of tokens from you in exchange for reputation points. Enough of these and you will rank up with them, earning a reward in the form of a new item or two. Tokens are gained by completing activities in the world, such as strikes, patrols, public events, Crucible matches, etc. The game determines the power level of the next drop/reward you get by looking at your overall power level and giving you an item that is one or two, or sometimes a few, points higher. In this way you eventually build your gear and weapons’ power and that of your character. Currently the maximum possible theoretical power of any item - and therefore your character - is 350. For context, strikes are pitched at a recommended minimum power level of 140, Nightfalls at 240, and the raid at 260-280. Prestige (hard mode) Nightfalls are pitched at 300, and it is likely that the Prestige mode raid will be higher still. Mid-late game: more detail on the power game above 265 Those are the basics, but the way in which Destiny works out your average power level deserves some more detailed explanation. When looking at what level item to give you for your next drop/reward, Destiny doesn’t just look at what you have equipped. It also looks at the items you have in your inventory, in your vault, and even on other characters, and works out what the highest value loadout from all these items your current character could possibly equip (this follows the rule that you can only equip one exotic weapon and one exotic armour piece at any one time). Having worked out your max power loadout, the game then drops a blue or purple engram a small number of points higher (though exotic items drop higher still). But this only happens until your character reaches power level 265. Purple/blue drops and engrams seem to stop rising in level at 265. This makes many people think they've hit a plateau when they get to 265, as when they get to 266, then 267, they're still getting drops at 265, under their current power level. This remains the same until you hit 271, at which point they drop at 266. And this continues on, so at 280 you get drops at 275. You always get purple and blue drops at 5 levels below your level. So how do you progress? The two basic elements of progression beyond 265 items are getting 'Powerful' engrams - purples that drop at over your power level - and exotics, which drop like powerful ones but also have an extra +5 mod plugged in by default. So above 265, you'll need these to actually improve your overall power level - do activities like the weekly milestones, Nightfalls, the personal Clan clan xp contribution, and other activities that give powerful engrams to progress. And anything - which is literally anything - that might give you exotic drops if you're lucky. The 'normal' engrams are still good for getting gear and levelling up guns and armour you like to something approaching your level. And they're good for breaking down into materials too. (You can level up weaker items that you like by applying a higher-level item to them, but this consumes the higher item and also costs legendary shards, which you can only get by breaking down other legendary (purple) or exotic (yellow) items.) +5 mods and exotics If the above is true, why am I 271 and still getting drops at 265?, you might ask. That's probably because you have two exotics equipped. As I explained above, every exotic comes with a built-in +5 power mod, which means that two of them (one weapon, one armour) add +10 power, which gives you an overall +1 power level (ignoring decimal places). So your real power level at 271 if you have two exotics equipped is actually only 270, and you'll therefore get 265 drops, 5 levels under, because +5s are always ignored when calculating the power of your next drop: they are of use in the field, but not for levelling progression. And similarly, if you have extra +5s plugged in to other gear you've equipped, these too will count towards your power in the field but not in levelling - you'll always get normal drops 5 levels lower than your actual power minus all the +5s. End game: 300 and above (where 300 is the cap, 305 with a full +5 set) The same pattern continues as above except that once you reach 300 without mods, some vendors' engrams are offered at 295, some at 296-299, and at least one at any one time at 300. These appear to rotate on 30 minute cycles per planetary vendor, and a longer cycle for some tower vendors (notably Ikora and Zavala). So it's possible to wait until a particular vendor hits 300 and cash in all your tokens during that 30 minute window in order to stock up on more 300 equipment. In this way you can get infusion fuel to bring all your subpar items up to max level. How do you find out who's selling the 300 items? Either the old-fashioned way - travel to each vendor and try your luck until you get a good one - or make use of one of the resources spring up which rely on reports from Guardians to flag up who's selling 300s. http://destiny-vendor-gear-tracker.com/ seems the most reliable one so far. In my experience, blues (and sometimes purples) also drop in the field at 296-299 or 300 from time to time. This may be related to the times when the planetary vendor cycles to the higher number value. The relationship here is not clear at the time of writing (03/10/17). General info D2 Release dates PS4 and Xbox 00:00hrs Wednesday 6 Sept (i.e. midnight Tues) in all regions - but disc copies might be able to access servers earlier as soon as NZ is up (1pm Tuesday BST) PC Tues 24 Oct 6pm BST Event release dates (PS4/Xbox) Raid - 6pm Wed 13 Sept Trials - 6pm Fri 15 Sept First Faction Rally - 26 Sept - 2 Oct Iron Banner (Control) - 10 Oct Prestige mode raid - 18 Oct First Leviathan raid challenge Tue 31 Oct PS4 exclusives Strike - Lake of Shadows (European Dead Zone) Armour - Terra Concord set for Titan, Tesseract Trace IV for Warlock, Icarus Drifter for Hunter Ship - City Apex Exotic weapon - Borealis sniper rifle (switchable between all three elemental damage types) PVP map - Retribution Trailer 1 (March 2017): Trailer 2 (May 2017): Moving from D1 to D2 You won't carry over the gameplay substance of your character or weapons/armour from Destiny. You will carry over what are essentially personalisations and a few honorary cosmetics. From The Road Ahead announcement announcement: It's also got Cabal in it and lots of cutscenes. Eyes up, Guardian.
  2. RLLMUK RENEGADES [MUKR] Last updated 26/10/17 The clan is accepting new applications for a short while - apply at https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=579822 and post your PSN ID in this thread. Just some basic details about what has become - though was never intended to be - the forum's default clan, with (at D2 launch) the biggest forum membership. The clan, like all Destiny clans, is platform agnostic: and this clan used to be too. But as of 9 September 2017 is PS4-only, due to high membership demand on that platform. Our home page is here: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=579822. Why join? When clan members complete certain in-game activities they contribute points to the clan on a weekly basis. Clans rank up when fed these points, and with each extra clan rank, members performing certain activities get extra rewards. For example, more glimmer when doing certain things, a higher engram drop rate when doing other things, etc. When certain activities are completed by some members, all other members get some sort of reward, e.g. Nightfall, raid or Trials completions. You also get to see which clan members on your platform are active in-game via a clan roster. You can form up with other clan members and advertise for outsiders to complete a group via Guided Games, e.g. to complete a Nightfall or raid if you're short a fireteam member. Obviously, for both these reasons, it's probably better to be in a bigger clan than a smaller one, assuming its members are actually active. How to join Post your PSN ID in this thread and say you're applying to join. You will not be admitted until you do so. Then go to our clan page at https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=579822 and hit the 'Join Clan' button. Then we'll know from your post in this thread that this applicant is you, a forumite, rather than a random but obviously admiring stranger. Caveats We want to avoid having a clan full of people who never play - that's what happened to the old rllmuk clan, and it's why we set this one up: we simply couldn't get in the old one because it was full (mostly of non-playing members). Each clan can only hold a max of 100 members. We'll probably revisit activity records every few months, because we want the clan to be as active as possible and for members to get as much as they can out of it. So preference will always go to the most 100 active players. NB You must be a proper rllmuker to be in, otherwise there's no point in having a forum clan. So if you have a friend or relative you want to play with and they want to be part of the clan for some strange reason, they must join rllmuk first and become an active poster before applying. Sorry, but the clan's not open to non-forumites. They're simply too good for us, and we don't like being shown up in our own game. We have Crucible matches for that kind of thing. Enjoy Destiny, Guardian.
  3. Hello! Welcome to the Destiny 2 Xbox One clan. We are the rllmuk Overlords. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupId=2113424 Playing on PS4? Go here. You'll be able to find a group much more easily there, although you're still definitely welcome here if they're full. Playing on PC? We don't have a PC clan on the forum, but, again, you're welcome here if you want. It might be easier to start your own shindig though, with blackjack and strippers. Who are we? Xbox Gamertag/Steam Username and rllmuk username tndom is tnman SwallowFM is Swallow mlewis Rusty S Badge is luckypierre gingerism is JPL gamepaused is Matthew Kenyon Jimmy Shedders Mr Do 71 B1g Jack is ??? [luckypierre's friend] GreG8585 Footle is footle GazzaLazz is keineboom ashmatuk Joe3030 v2 is Orion Wahwah is Wahwah* ReynoldsM is Varsity Daxside is Dax CovisGod TheKurganTK08 is ??? [CovisGod's friend] Cooky snr is ??? [MrDelabee's friend] Its Bacon Jr is Bobbi Champagne Jr Spinrs2k is Cerberus Hey Tim -- TRIPLE A -- is TripleA dcfodder is Mau GiggaLoop is Gaz TheCriticalSass is Goldaline redbloodcel El Spatula Sloth Trokies is Trokie SHAKY burn Oscar is Orcitect rmg is mr_rmg weeksjh jbscript is Nobuo's Organ Captain Fruit is ??? [Karde's son] Bojangle |Y|orph is ??? [luckypierre's friend] foxache is ??? [luckypierre's friend] Monkeykin933 is ??? [luckypierre's friend] tony sailor is ??? [luckypierre's friend] Mr Delabee EvilBoris HDR is EvilBoris Profile McName is PK SynQ Orb is ??? [Monkeykin933's friend] Xarkile is scarliley Kiwi Cake Tetchywayo is Tetchy Charliemouse77 is Charliemouse monkeyboyX is moosegrinder paulamagaula Alshie Stebb0 is auntyclimax taylzilla is ??? [paulamagaula's daughter] Mr Majestyk MattLeSolid is McFly cornishtank is ??? [SynQ Orb's friend] Banjaxed Hardbattle droodling goodwinp1980 is Jg15 JIGSAW MONKEY is Jigsaw Monkey Apollo Cerberus is Janski Dreamlildreams is dreamylittledream Mortis316UK is Mortis PinholeStar Wallbob is Wallace WhitsHisFace is ??? [Wallbob's friend] Oapi is ??? [Wallbob's friend] Flech is ??? [Monkeykin933's friend] How do I join? Click here and click 'Join Clan'. Becoming an approved member will be sped up if you post in here or PM me with your gamertag. It'll save me stalking the forum to see if you're a real person. Feel free to invite your friends as long as they don't piss any forumites off - just post their details too. They don't have to be a member here to join the clan as we'll have plenty of space. Don't worry too much if you become inactive - you'll only be removed if we near clan capacity, and you don't play for months at a time and miss several expansions. We'll be here when you come back in as DLC drops, because naturally you pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition. Just ask to re-join. Most importantly, you will need to visit Hawthorne in-game after being approved as a member to pick up the clan banner. Then you will begin benefitting from and working towards the clan rewards. Any rules? Yes. Etiquette Bannings or removals will occur if you decide to annoy everyone else, perhaps by rage quitting, or do horrible things like boot people at the end of raids or quit out of Crucible matches on purpose. Don't be a dick to each other because we all have different skill levels.. Skill/Inactivity It may appear like some people will mooch engrams from team activities but what is more likely is that person will have IRL duties to attend to before the weekly nightfall. If someone appears inactive they will only be approached to leave in the unlikely event that the clan is near capacity. Guided Games Anybody in the clan is welcome to pursue activities as a Seeker or a Guide in Guided Games. Bungie describe their own rules on Guided Games here. The clan should follow those rules. Under no circumstances should a Guided Game be abandoned - the vote to leave feature must be utilised. Guided Game results and feedback reports will be monitored as closely as the Bungie.net API allows. Because rllmuk as a forum and a name could be brought into disrepute from any negativity, there is the possibility that clan members could inadvertently affect the forum and other Destiny 2 rllmuk clans - as such clan members found to have caused a negative experience will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Okay! Okay!
  4. Its ok i got ot sorted by going through the Guardian Rises quest from the vault.
  5. Just downloaded and bought all 3 expansions, looking to catch up and had a few noob questions: 1. it downloaded another 60gb or so after adding expansions. Is this normal, I expected it to be part of main game just unlocked. 2. Does the new content just appear in the director? 3. Can you play it in any order or is it locked until you hit a level. 4. Can you play with randoms for a fire team now? 5. I’ve not played for a couple of years , any tips much appreciated!
  6. Hey, now that our light levels are reasonable, anyone wanna form a regular raid gang? Looking to get going this evening at 9. Leave interest below!
  7. I don't think I'm duplicating anything here, but apologies if I am. Me & my Destiny buddy have decided to play D2 on PC, who else is? Would be great to team up for raids - although, fair warning, we're both terrible at games, and Destiny in particular. Battlenet ID in my sig!
  8. So, with like 6 weeks (?) until Forsaken drops, and a list of Triumphs to grab, I assume (and hope) there'll be people reinvigorated to do things. Please drop your name and such in here, what you want to get done, and typically when you can play, and hopefully we can find each other? Uncle Mike - I want as many Triumphs as I can get. I have not done: Prestige Raid (all), Normal Spire of Stars, Whisper of the Worm, or as many Escalation Protocols as I'd like (I want the shotgun.) I can play pretty easily most work nights, typically between 7:30 to 11ish (based on tiredness and work.) I'll figure out some table setup when we've got a few together.
  9. Just posting this on the off chance that anyone's interested in taking a look at the new raid lair on Saturday morning/early afternoon. If we're not high enough power for the new lair then I'd also be up for running Lev/EoW for the power boost! The team so far: Ghost_Pirate_101 droodling DonRumsfeld (supernintendo64) Scruff (if after lunchtime) Banjaxed (if after 11am) Gorf Reserve: Hexx
  10. Anyone fancy a raid tomorrow daytime? Leviathan/EoW/both?
  11. So this happened today. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/04/26/save-the-last-dance-gta-iv-axes-50-soundtrack-songs/ Dair enough, music licensing for specific time periods and renegotiations over reprints is stand issue stuff. Except they're pullling the music from already bought versions. Now it's sort of a first world problem to complain that a game that's been in your pile of shame for ten years is having content removed but...I own the discs. I don't see why having paid for the game (on the 360) I should suddenly be happy about the soundtrack being removed. (I'd best get busy on doing a playthrough of Red Dead Demption then before 2020!) But this isn't the only situation like this I've encountered of late. I got stung twice by being suddnely locked out of content in Destiny (the second time I just stopped playing / buying expansions.) And recent changes to iOS rendered a good portion of my iOS games suddenyl unplayable. Around the same time as the app store was dropped from itunes making it a lot more difficult to ascertain what I was now missing (including my Llamasoft games, although I understand why Jeff couldn't continue supporting the platform.) Of course the answer is I'm being dreadfully foolish and I should just expect to deal with it. But it really puts me off buying games from certain publishers or on certain platforms and I think that sort of loss of faith could be dangerous for the industry.
  12. 2114 hours on Destiny 1, 3 characters at LL 400, and pretty much everything done; but on D2 it obviously never quite clicked. Makes me genuinely sad that I’ve not cracked 100 hours on D2. I’m LL312, haven’t got past the baths in the raid, and haven’t finished the CoO campaign. Anyone out there on XB1 who might like to do some stuff together, especially raiding, to get me set up for Warmind and beyond...? Really enthusiastic about the way the game plays now and I can’t wait to get into it more.
  13. I'd like to take a stab at this. We used to play on Tuesday nights from 8ish, anyone interested? @df0 @markh @Rattlehead.ie
  14. 31 and have a young family so I generally only get chance to play at weekends and some evenings. Im looking for a group who play trials and pvp as the clan I’m currently in are mainly pve. Add me: mintsauc313 thanks
  15. We are looking to form a new group of regular Tuesday night raiders, old and new. We play every Tuesday, some starting at 7ish and some a little later. We don’t favour higher power levels or weapons, just people who like him and terrible chat. Register your this thread edit: 1. rattle 2. myself 3. 4 5 6
  16. Best sort it out here. 1. Me 2. @Dave White 3. @Hoodedclaw 4. @Len 5. Len +1? 6. Len +2? Normally have weekends free and can sort out weeknights where needed so let's get this show on the road! I've got a 300 Titan, 296 Warlock and 295 Hunter so happy to fit in where required.
  17. @Scruff@JDubYes @wretcherd Scruff - Titan - Light 291 (ready to start as soon as we have a team - has no life whatsoever) - will do Monday despite cheating on the weekend. Jdub - Hunter (yuck) - Light 275 (can start whenever - 'working' from home) Muz - Titan - Light Oz - Token Warlock - Light 2723 (can start from 810pm) Wretcherd - Light Pretender3 (Chris) - White or Titan? - High and Light 270+ (may have a life - not confirmed) LATE RAIDER REPLACEMENT WARLOCK - Kansalier (dfo) Can you guys let me know light and what time you can continue tonight ? Also, who else am I missing from the team?
  18. I noticed there seems to be a few Raid teams who are a little short on numbers from time-to-time, so I quickly knocked up a spreadsheet where everyone can add their preferences and availability so it may be a little easier filling out spaces. Destiny 2 Player List
  19. It seems like a fair few people need to do the Rat King Quest line, and this week is the best to finish it off. Figured we could use a space to organise stuff. I'll hopefully be about over the next couple of nights after 10 and at the weekend. Jump on if you need to do anything for it. PSN name same as here.
  20. Ok, I think there's probably enough of us at least having a go at this now and I know someone in the general thread had posed the idea of splitting it off. Just a thread to discuss the game and complain about the lack of booster packs Anyone new to it that wants to know more, here's a good 'how to play' vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPu9pp2WOM&t=2s
  21. Quick thread to register your interest in Iron Banner next Tuesday or Wednesday. given the team size is different from our raid teams I assume we would get some free agents looking for groups.
  22. Share Clan https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2466114 So as those Renegades are full, I've set up a counter group for those left over. Or those who want to be in a cooler clan. Just sayin'
  23. StealthDino714


    Can I join the rllmuk renegades clan please. I know a few people in there who have suggested that I join
  24. Hello, I think we've got 3 for a Raid tomorrow night. Anyone else home alone on Friday? 9pm start?
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