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  1. Okay, team. I'm looking for five brave guardians to join me at 12pm UK time on Saturday afternoon for a first attempt at at the new raid. This is going to be a completely blind attempt, so I'm only looking for people who can be strong and avoid all the spoilers that'll come flooding out of Reddit and YouTube and everywhere from this evening. Here's the criteria for joining this brave squad: You are above power level 260. You've not read or watched anything about the new raid content. You have a mic You've got at least four hours to dedicate to repeated failures and team wipes as we figure stuff out and can keep the grade-A chat and positivity going as we do so. That's right, team, FOUR hours at a minimum. From my blind attempts at Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine, I know that progress can (and, let be honest, will) be slow so we need to stick it out as a team for the afternoon. If this sounds like you, share your PSN name and power level here and let's do this thing. The Squad 1. Pungee 2. Sbrandon111 3. Sbrandon111+1 4. Ghost Pirate 101 5. Wishdokta 6. Super sub: Banjaxed
  2. Hello, Myself, @Cappand @FiniteLight Are looking for 3 mukkers to blind raid with every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10pm for a few hours. I imagine this will last a few weeks to crack the raid. If you're dedicated and are going into the raid blind then pop your name down We start this Tuesday for the reset. Edit: parents with children that may cry a bit and need settling are welcome haha we are a patient bunch and welcome a drinks break.
  3. Not sure who else can do a raid at 10/10.30 on Xbox on a Thursday night but put your name down if you would like to.
  4. Looking for 3 mukkers to join Me, Banjaxed and Hardbattle for raid shenanigans starting 10.30pm (ish), actual days can be pretty flexible, we usually raid for a couple of hours. We are all lvl 294-299 and are still in the "wtf do we do here?" mode, hoping to work our way through to a clear ASAP. If we can get a solid group then it would be a regular run, or if you are available to help out that would be appreciated too! 1. Droodling 2. Banjaxed 3. Hardbattle 4. 5. 6. Cheers!
  5. Team "Ready, Steady, RAID!" - 9:30-10pm start. @berties paw @Marmite @LiMuBai @ph0rce @KartoffelKopf @Weavus Four Titans and two Hunters... who needs a healing rift anyway?
  6. Hi, I'm doing a bit of a pruning of the PSN clan Rllmuk Renegades. Loads of people who've joined have been inactive for a long time, and some have hardly ever been active at all. The clan can only take a max of 100 members, and in preparation for Destiny 2 I want to make sure people get a fair chance of joining if they're actually playing and we don't fill up with non-participating members who deprive others of a place. It might seem a bit premature to be doing this, but I'd rather do it now than have to do it all shortly before the launch of D2. Mainly because if I do it now I've got a better idea of who's likely to be in long-term, cos they're sufficiently into Destiny that they'd bother doing this even when it's not This Month's Hot Thing - near D2 probably everyone with a passing interest will say they're in, because who'll want not to be? So here are the names of those excl myself currently signed up to the Renegades PSN clan. All you have to do to stay in the list is post in this thread your username as listed below in the clan roster. If you don't do that, in about a fortnight I'll be removing you from the roster. If that happens and at a later date you want back in, no prob: just go to https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/About/579822 and set as your PlayStation clan again, and it'll be marked for approval (subject to availability). NB People who I know still play (e.g. those who are sometimes on the in-game clan roster when I'm on, which is at least a couple of times a week) I'll not be booting even if they don't sign up here for some reason. Cheers. Current roster AndyHoch Bagapeas Banjaxed Baring7usa Berties Paw BigBadBen_10 BillyBrown CamberwellK Capp Corleth the Fey CueBal1977 DavidChampX Deeptone DJKNIGHT13 DoctorEgo dreamlildreams droodling Ferine FiniteLight Flams Flint Maverick FreelanceTramp Gerry Helmet GwiDan Hardbattle Harmunt Harsin HexxUK Hey_Phil_ hub2 Hyperspacey idlemichael idw_uk Janski JayHub Jerec Kanselier LenH LiMuBai lordscotland Marmite mass MattKB mikeylrocks mingin Moodmon Mooselizer mop_star MW Jimmy Nighteyes-UK NimmelPrime Oklid Olliday Oz4ndov4l p0b ph0rce2003 psRud Rattleheadie Ryanski scottcrussell SeeSee64 sockatume Soi Soong Spags1976 StinkyBadger stolly14 stubborn Suedenim SuperMBo1 Teeohbee themomentbefore Trokie UncleMike Uzi VanAway WeavusMcStevus WightGeek
  7. As Destiny winds down and a lot of people have stopped playing, there are still a few who are grinding their way through or just want to try out a raid or two. If you're one of these and need a hand, chuck your name down here. I'm on a bit ( though times tend to be erratic due to kids and a grumpy wife) and am more than happy to help out with raids, Nightfalls, whatever really. I'm also really good at dying in Trials. On PS4, name is same as here. I'll be on tonight if anybody is up for anything.
  8. Anyone free tonight/tomorrow night? Prob normal unless experiences players are in, I need the Exotic Pulse rifle, just need to kill all bosses I believe. 1. Jerec - Warlock 394
  9. Anyone up for a run through the raid tonight? (23rd) Im after the pulse rifle !
  10. I've been PC only this generation so haven't played any Destiny at all before lastly week. I'm now at Level 15/73 light and noticing that the story missions are getting more difficult to solo. I'm not sure what I should be doing beyond story missions and crucible so if anyone wants to hop in for more of those or raids/patrols/whatever I should be doing to level up and get up to speed then I'd be very thankful. PSN ID is Crhistoph.
  11. I have been playing destiny for a while with a couple of mates but haven't done the raid. We have got our light level over 240 with taken king so would love to try the VoG raid and are looking for three players to help sheppard us through. We are looking at doing this from 9pm on Friday so if anyone is around to help us it would be much appreciated.
  12. Hean Dog and I have just picked up Destiny again after a prolonged absence. We're both level 30-32-ish currently and have done the first few missions of the TTK campaign. Anyone else around who has characters around that level who wants to join for strikes, Crota's End and, ultimately, Kings Fall?
  13. I'm quite interested in running VOG & CE on normal and especially hard mode at least once a week but, because of the dwindling player base and tending to run as a fireteam of three most of the time, it's hard to get the personal together. Anybody interested in throwing your gamertag into a pool of people it would be okay to invite into a raid attempt? Of course we can try and organise raids on here first. New Guardians welcome! Gamertags: The Kwakpriest Mystacon Kryptonian mlewis Bittertoad Andy Why sherr1f ashmatuk juicypo gamepaused Wallbob Bleeders Elmlea ChrisBravoTown bastyboo GoodbyeTeeth Hey Ernie
  14. A thread to chat and discuss the thread. Proposed rules: given you pick up the raid quest from Shiro whatsisface, I suggest titling which section you're discussing using either "Opening the door" or the name of the encounter just before a spoiler for now, and then we can loosen up later. Anyway, discussing the first proper boss encounter inside the raid: We're going to give it another go tonight - hopefully it'll go smoother (no hints - even oblique ones - please even if I'm still missing something.) I like it so far. A good raid.
  15. As per the title if anyone wants to join.
  16. Starting a thread for those that want to group for Iron Banner Friday 28 August. 1) Berties El Zorro Paw 2) Oz 3) King of All Cosmos 4) Capp 5) Spag 6) Introducing Kyuss (Secret Weapon)
  17. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/240029-destiny-find-a-friendly-fireteam-here-become-legend-do-some-stuff-by-the-end-of-august-to-get-a-badge/?p=10493492 1 Token of Identity = 1 shit shader 1 Token of Judgment = 1 shit class item 1 Token of Flight = 1 shit ship 1 Armour Core = 1 shit piece of armour 1 Weapon Core = 1 shit weapon 1 Armour Core + 1 Weapon Core = 1 random shit weapon/armour 1 Elder Cipher = choice of 1 of 3 exotic weapons that are not Gjallarhorn, Hawkmoon, Thorn, or any of the other good ones You can also dismantle Tokens. Each one will give you +10 to your House of Judgment reputation, which must be levelled up to various meaningless ranks in order for you to buy the shit shaders, shit class items, and shit ships. Basically, House of Judgment Tokens are right up there with Vanguard Commendations at the top of the league of Useless New Currency Items We Stuck In The Game Just To Add Grind But Oh We Forgot To Give The Grind A Point Lol.
  18. Proposed Teams (names in red are confirmed): 21 July - Tuesday (830 to 9pm start) Team B Oz, Finite and Soi 22 July - Wednesday (9pm start is the earliest) Team A Berties, Weavus, Mechamonkey (cancelled unless further interest is raised) 23 July - Thursday (9pm start is the earliest) Team A New Hope Berties, Mooselizer, Finite 24 July - Friday (9pm start?) Team A Jerec?, Berties, Mooselizer (cancelled unless further interest is raised)
  19. Guide to the Vault of Glass Raid ​Thanks to Uncle Mike, ShimmyHill for helping with the guide. Basics You need a team of six players (you can do less but you need to be really REALLY good) before you can attempt a raid. Vex enemies are weak to void weapons so if you have any of these get them upgraded & have them equipped. Make sure you are at least level 26 for normal mode & level 30 for hard, I would recommend a couple of levels on top of that to be really effective. Ensure you have all legendary (purple) & one exotic weapon fully upgraded, you do not want to go into a raid with a weapon that still needs upgrading because you will not be doing maximum damage. Make sure you have purchased ammo packs from the gunsmith, because you may need them especially Heavy Ammo packs. Don't be afraid to swap around weapons, either synth up or remember you get stocked with ammo at each save point. Use Titan shields - weapons of light placed well can give your whole team a huge damage boost against the big enemies (Templar and Atheon). Having a hunter who can go invisible is a great addition to a team, can go and get downed players in tricky spots etc even if the super is not very effective. You must have a headset. If you don't, go get one!. Communication is key to completing the raid. Normal to Hard mode differences. Open the vault is the same. No respawns within a checkpoint. Once you're at the Confluxes, you don't get revived until you've defended all three waves of Legions. Once you're at the Oracles, you don't get get revived until the relic spawns. Once the relic is picked up, you don't get respawned until the Templar is dead. Another re-spawn point at the start of the Atheon fight. More Oracles in each round, and more rounds. I think everyone gets detained at the Templar fight. If you bunch up as the relic holder takes the shield down, he can ground pound to speed up everyone's release. More Gorgons, and a slightly different route needed. At the Atheon fight, anyone not teleported gets a Detain shield, like in the Templar section. Stage 1 - The Sync Plates There are three sync plates that need to be activated. Left from where you spawn, Center just in front of the main door & Right follow the path leading off from the center sync plate. You need two players on each point stopping the vex from taking over these sync plates. Best to equip Void weapons especially against the Praetorians that spawn. What is a sync plate? The circle of light in the image below. TIP - only Praetorians reset the sync plate so can just concentrate on them, void shotgun is ideal !! A spire will begin to form & when completed it will unlock the door. You just have to wait it out & kick the crap out of any Vex that try to take over a sync plate. Once the door has opened follow the path through to your first LOOT CHEST (Don't open a chest until all players are present because like the other chests in the game they expire over time). Next you have to follow the path & drop down a few sections (some of these are quite a big drop so jump/boost before landing if needed) before you enter the next location. Don't drop down off the ledge into the large area below just wait at the top for everyone to gather. Take a breather before stage 2 kicks off. Stage 2 - Defend the Confluxes What is a conflux? A spire of light see image below. During this stage you will need to stop the vex from sacrificing themselves to the confluxes. You will also get a new enemy called a fanatic when you kill them they leave a green pile of goop which you do not want to step in. If you do step in the goop you will be marked for negation, the Templar uses an attack called ritual of negation which will instantly kill all marked players. If you have been marked you will need to got to an area in the center at the bottom of the stairs & cleanse yourself in the light. To trigger the start of this stage you jump off the ledge & land into the large area below. The first stage of this you will have just the one central conflux to defend, once you have defended it for a length of time it will disappear. The Templar will then summon its legions, be prepared for lots of enemies including fanatics Kill all of these to trigger the next stage. TIP - With the legions section, you can just hide from them. Either in the room with the crappy material chest or anywhere up high that is out of sight of them, can just wait it out or kill them with ease nice and safe! What is The Templar? He is a Vex Hydra Ultra with a shield, don't bother wasting ammo shooting at him you will get to kill him later. See image below. The next stage will spawn two confluxes, one on the left hand side of the area & the other on the right. This is where you split into two teams of three players each to defend each conflux. After you have defended them for a length of time they will disappear & the legions will be summoned again so go kill them all. The last stage is the most difficult with three confluxes spawning (central, left & right). This time split into three teams of two players each to defend each conflux. Once again when they are defended for a period of time they will disappear & the Templar will ring his bell to summon the legions. Kill them all again & get ready for stage 3.
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