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Found 5 results

  1. Eleven years after its initial release, the trusty 3DS is getting one last hurrah in the form of a Japanese indie shoot'em-up sequel to a genre cult classic from almost three decades ago. T3h hardc0r3. The first Andro Dunos was a side scrolling arcade game in the shoot’em up category. It was originally released almost thirty years ago in 1992 by SNK. Some 29 years have passed since the Earth Defence first called on Yellow Cherry and Red Fox to stop the imminent invasion from an unknown alien race. Many light years away on the edge of our galaxy the threat has reared its ugly head once again and this time they mean business. There’s just one thing to do, dust off the finest Earth Defence ships ever made and send the alien scum packing. It’s apparent that these relics from a war time that was forgotten had seen better days and only one ship -the Yellow Cherry- could be saved using parts from the Red Fox which was critically damaged in the first war. Are you up for the task of saving the earth once more? As the direct sequel to one of the most famous sh'mups from the early 1990s, Andro Dunos II presents you with an epic side-scrolling space journey full of arcade action! Fight and explode hundred of spaceships thanks to various weapons such as laser, hawk, and even powerful homing missiles. You can recover power ups by destroying enemies. Music composed by industry veteran Allister Brimble (Alien Breed, Body Blows, Project-X, Colonization, Driver). Launch trailer: Out now on the 3DS and most other platforms
  2. Seeing as though I was finding it hard to find a list online, I thought I'd start one of our own! I will try and keep the list updated if anybody replies below. Games that DO NOT run over RGB Scart REGION / TITLE / SOURCE JP Giga Wing [Klatrymadon, rllmuk] PAL version works JP Pop N' Music [Shmups forum] composite video or S-Video output only JP Skies of Arcadia [Shmups forum] JP Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo-Ryu Dojo [acidbearboy, rllmuk] JP Super Street Fighter II For Matching Service [Camel, rllmuk] JP Vampire Chronicle For Matching Service [Shmups forum] US Skies of Arcadia [Colonel Panic, rllmuk]
  3. Now almost twenty years on and indie devs are still making games for the DC... http://intrepid-izzy.senileteam.com/ Senile Team (France) have a new game in development following on from the excellent Rush Rush Rally Racing is a polished looking platform game called Intrepid Izzy. The game is WIP and currently has no set release date. The final game will run at 480p and 60 frames per second.
  4. Hello fellow members of rllmuk, I'm helping to run a special Dreamcast month in October on our Randomised Gaming blog, which is going to include week day video uploads every day during the month, now I know there are a lot of Dreamcast fans on rllmuk so it's the idea place for us to ask. As rllmuk has been a huge help to us I want rllmuk members to join in with the voting, to do that all you have to do is reply to this thread with your votes for the games you would like to see us create gameplay videos of. We will be captured videos at 1080p & 60fps (if supported by the game other wise it will be 30fps) All you have to do is pick the selected number of titles from each of the three lists: (Voting now closed) Stay tuned to our blog and youtube channel for more details over the month. http://randomisedgaming.tumblr.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDlJIwLXFu45GKLc6PzlgOA
  5. Hi everyone - I'm hoping to garner some opinions on a retro gaming idea, if you would be able to help... I've got a business opportunity focused on gaming (arcade & consoles only at the moment) and one idea I've had to make it a bit more interesting to current and potential gamers is to provide a service a bit like Graze, Pact Coffee, Abel & Cole, etc. The idea is that you can go online, select which consoles you own and subscribe to a service that posts you a different game every month. You can play it and then send it back or you can keep it for an extra fee. So, if you said you had an N64, you might get Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie or Super Smash Brothers for your first 3 months. You could send a couple back and keep one, if you felt so inclined. We would never send out the same game twice and you could cancel with 30 days notice. My questions I'd like to get some opinions on are; - Would you like to get one or more games sent to you every month? - If so, would a cost of £7.99 per month, including return postage, put you off? - Have you heard of anyone else providing this service? If so, what's good and what's bad about what they do? - What would really put you off from signing up? - What would make you sign to the membership package immediately? - If there were other benefits to the subscription, such as small loyalty rewards or exclusive social events, would that be of interest? Thanks for taking the time to respond - I genuinely appreciate all the feedback, good or bad, and will respond to everyone! Mark
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