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Found 2 results

  1. Trailers: So I have it on good authority (I posted a question tagging @gospvg and deleted it out of embarrassment but he caught it and responded ) that yes, we can go ahead and create threads for upcoming conferences if we're so inclined. And once again, I'm kind of keen to find out what Square have going on. Luckily, they already have a fairly concise rundown of this year's presentation on their website: The announcement on the website has "a tantalizingly vague list at what you can expect to see:" The world premiere of a new game from Eidos-Montréal An exciting update on BABYLON’S FALL New details about Marvel’s Avengers Expansion: Black Panther- War for Wakanda and updates on upcoming in-game events A deep dive on Life is Strange: True Colors and a first look at Life is Strange: Remastered Collection That's all we have at the moment. They also say that the event will last for approximately 40 minutes. After last year's show I'm not expecting massive megatons, but any hint at Babylon's Fall still existing will be welcome. Official media channel links are below, but hopefully I'll be able to include a stream embed nearer the time (E: stream embed added.) I'll also update the OP with any relevant media (trailers, etc) after the event. Square Enix - Youtube Square Enix - Twitch E3 - YouTube E3 - Twitch https://square-enix-games.com/en_GB/news/e3 Rllmuk thread on Babylon's Fall Rllmuk thread on LiS: True Colors Rllmuk thread on Marvel's Avengers
  2. Capcom are having their own event this year which will no doubt be worth a swatch given the rich vein of form they’ve been in these past few years. I’m sure I’ll update this post with some sort of relevant link nearer the time, but for now PREDICTIONS: Great Ace Attorney Collection Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR Street Fighter 6? Dragon’s Dogma 2? Code Veronica REmake? Some sort of Megaman bizness? Switch exclusive Resi? Outrage, was it? I wasn’t hip to that rumour until the other day. What else? (@gospvg, Please feel free to add this to your pinned E3 conferences thread. I wasn’t sure who / if / what we were doing as a forum for this year’s E3 chat, but I’m pretty excited about this one so thought I’d may as well make a thread.)
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