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Found 2 results

  1. Have you ever wondered if Slay the Spire would be fun if the game played itself and you just handled choosing the cards and relics to try to get those sweet synergies going? Luck be a Landlord is an early-access deckbuilding roguelike which suggests it would be. If you're curious, you can currently pick it (and hundreds of other games) up for 5 US dollars in itch.io's Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid. Instead of a deck of cards, you have an inventory of symbols to be randomly placed on a slot machine's reels. The SPIN button inserts a coin, spins the reels and pays out based on the 20 visible symbols. After every spin, you can pick one of 3 random symbols (of varying rarity) to add to your inventory. There's only one boss - your landlord, who initially expects a rent payment of 25 coins after 5 spins. After paying rent, you get to choose from 3 rarer symbols and an item, which do exactly the same job as relics in Slay the Spire. Then your rent goes up and you have a limited number of spins to earn the next payment, which is weighted so you have to gradually increase your average earnings from each spin as the game progresses. How do you do that? With synergies. Symbols can synergise with each other, changing the amount of coins they pay out (Bee next to a Flower = 2x coins for the flower), or destroying other symbols (Key + Safe = both destroyed, +30 coins), or adding new symbols to your inventory (Miner + Ore = destroy Ore, +10 coins, add a random precious stone), or… lots of other interactions. Items likewise synergise with symbols in all sorts of ways, or can be consumed immediately or after some condition is satisfied, or do something every fixed number of turns, or… look, they're relics damnit! It all feels very random until you start to pick up on and build towards the effective synergies, then you'll have to work out how to build something which can get you safely through early rent payments while being able to pivot towards synergies which open up as the RNG does its thing. The one-more-go factor is huge. I've only just got my second win, the screenshot for which is going to feel very familiar if you've played Slay the Spire. I'll spoiler it and the description of how I played that floor if you'd rather go in blind:
  2. Hey folks, hopefully, no one minds a shameless plug This comes from the game dev thread where I posted this and I was quite happy with the kind words and reactions (thanks!) - so I figured I'd brave the main discussion. I, along with others, have been developing a game and we're at a stage now where we're going to be running a closed alpha, which people can sign up to. Along with this, we're hoping to generate some interest, support, and hype. From a personal point of view, I'd also love to see some of us 'mukkers playing Anyway, I'll let some of the following videos and links do the talking. If any of you could help support us, whether that's signing up to play, discussing it here or passing the message to friends (word of mouth etc), I'd massively appreciate it. Now I'm going to run and hide "The D.R.G. Initiative pitches teams of 6 characters against each other in intense shooting battles. Team Elimination is the name of the game, with adaptive game objectives controlled by the GamesMaster adding a unique element, never before seen in video games! Oh and don’t forget the Addicted… they will savage anyone who gets too close!" [update] Early Access Release: http://store.steampowered.com/app/613580/The_DRG_Initiative/ Main page: https://thedrginitiative.com/ Close alpha sign up: https://thedrginitiative.com/closed-alpha/ Trailer time We also ran a small event in London a couple of months back - this also helps explain a bit about the game and lastly, my favorite screen shot so far
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