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  1. Quick links: Final Fantasy: [this post] | last post Final Fantasy II: first post | last post Final Fantasy III: first post | last post Final Fantasy IV: first post | last post - FFIV: TAY: first post | last post Final Fantasy V: first post | last post Final Fantasy VI: first post | last post Final Fantasy VII: first post | last post Final Fantasy VIII: first post | last post Final Fantasy IX: first post | last post Final Fantasy X: first post | last post - FFX-2: first post | last post Final Fantasy XI: first post | last post Final Fantasy XII: first post | last post ----------- Playing Theatrhythm recently has evoked a wave of nostalgia, so I'm starting an epic quest to revisit every Final Fantasy game, starting with the first. The Vita will be my weapon in this journey, and this forum will be my log of events, and my thoughts and opinions as I progress through the series. I have absolutely no idea how long this will take (probably years), but let's start at the start with... Final Fantasy Originally released on the NES in 1987 and so titled because it was to be a near-bankrupt Squaresoft's final game, before it got popular and spawned eleventy-billion sequels. The original Final Fantasy has been re-released many times. It and Final Fantasy II were 'remade' for the Wonderswan with better graphics; that version was ported to the GBA and PSone, and then it was remade again with higher resolution graphics for the PSP. That's the version I'm playing now. I wish I could do screengrabs of PSP games because it looks incredible. All the sprites, backgrounds and music have been redone, and there's a lovely touch where shadows of clouds pass over the towns. I played the NES version many years ago, via emulator. I got about half way through before getting lost and giving up. I played it again on GBA in 2003, and completed it that time, but I can't remember much of it. It starts quite unlike any of the other games, with no fanfare or theatrics. Your four characters are blank slates, to whom you must asign names and jobs, and are then dumped into the game world, just outside of Cornelia city. I've gone for a Warrior, a Black Mage, a White Mage and a Thief. This should be a balanced enough setup. I've never tried using the Thief before, so I don't know what they can do. Pick a bad team and you're screwed - there's no chance to change them once you begin! The world is falling apart, the light of the crystals is fading, and only the four warriors of light can restore the light to them. King Cornelia's daughter has been kidnapped by Garland and taken oop north, so I'm sent on a quest to rescue her. As plots go, it's pretty tedious, but hey, it was the eighties...
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