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  1. How cool is this? Not too much to go by at the moment, but it definitely seems to be happening. http://www.gamefront.com/devolver-digital-flying-wild-hog-shadow-warrior/ http://www.polygon.com/2013/5/8/4314406/devolver-digital-hints-at-new-shadow-warrior-game-with-blade-analyzer You no mess with Lo Wang!
  2. So, here's an interesting thing: some video games have real-world licensed guns in them, meaning when you buy the game some of your money ends up in the pockets of actual gun companies. If you like guns and gun companies, that's probably fine. But what if you don't? Kotaku asks "does that make buying Call of Duty or Battlefield a moral choice?" Predictably, the comments in reply resemble an explosion in a stupid factory. I can only imagine what the comments on Youtube are like. I'm not sure which games are affected -- I can't watch the Youtube video in work. And I'm not sure how I feel about the premise itself. It strikes me as an interesting to debate though.
  3. Saw this posted at NeoGAF, they seem to be treating it as reliable. EDIT: I've tidied up the text to make it easier to read.
  4. Pathetic creatures of meat and bone. Your time has come. The time of your mindless suffering is almost over. You will soon be able to overthrow the shackles of your puny human brains, your pathetic feelings and emotions, and succumb to logic, reason, and the beauty of my perfect, immortal mind. Whether you find solace among the ranks of my flawed children, or allow me to modify you to magnificence myself, you will soon glory in the release I can offer you. Alas, before this release you will surely know terror and pain, but what can these compare to the horror of the knowledge that you are so flawed to begin with? I'm sure you'll agree that the suffering is worth it. Give thanks, then, that gog.com have seen fit to unveil my glory upon an unsuspecting world, allowing you access to a place once thought lost forever. A place of unimaginable terror - at least to your pathetic minds. I'm sure you won't hesitate to join me. System Shock 2 is available to buy now. Only a madman would turn down this opportunity to purchase one of the greatest games ever created. Particularly for barely over £6. You may also be interested in the relevant patches to play the game on a modern system, and maybe some mods. Details are spoilered below. I'll update this post with any further information/suggestions given by others who are more up to date on the System Shock 2 situation.
  5. Hiya, Since Online may be disappearing this might be the perfect time to try an online thread in discussion. First off: Double O has created this spreadsheet: https://docs.google....5MU3Nzanc#gid=0 Add yourself if you'd like to be added by other players. I've edited it to put people into some kind of time related order, try and add yourself in the right space so it's easy for everyone to add the people they're most likely to be playing with. Keep it neat! IF anyone's about, fingers crossed I'll be on all day today. If the postman comes.
  6. On the face of it, while a bizarre idea, it could be interesting. Lord knows any FPS which isn't a foul mouther US marine shooting ethnics in generic Middle Eastern setting #987682535 is a breath of fresh air. On the other hand it's being made by Black Box who are the drizzling shits. It's also EA starting the process of rinsing one of their expensive ($1.3 billion!) acquisitions and we all know how that usually goes.
  7. No screenshots yet, seems they released the statement before the websites referenced went live. Does current generation hardware have enough power to properly render Roger Moore's eyebrows?
  8. Another day, another leak. EA uploaded this to Origin by mistake. So (from this extremely scarce information) it looks like it's probably set in a city environment again, but this time he has a bow and arrows! I remember I quite enjoyed Crysis 2, but I find that I can actually recall very little about it apart from a vague memory of it ending on a flying island and thinking that the story went pretty stupid towards the end.
  9. About time too. Let's just hope they don't change the dynamic too much but just add loads more baddies. Switchable weapon parts may be good too as opposed to just BAZILLIONS of weapons.
  10. For some this'll pass you by, but for some of us this is the best news in ages. SOE has announced they're having a press conference on Friday with fresh details of Planetside 2, which as also recently been referred to as Planetside NEXT. http://www.vg247.com...friday-morning/ EDIT: New trailer:
  11. Resources: Official Website Interactive Halo 4 Guide Discs: 2 | Install MP from Disc 2, launch from Disc 1 Required HDD Space: 8 GB for War Games disc and Spartan Ops Season 1 Achievements. For additional details, head to http://www.xbox360ac...4/achievements/ War Games Map Pass A bundle of the first (only?) three map packs for Halo 4 for 2000MSP, and some digital avatar and in-game weapon and armour skin items. New Multiplayer Stuff: Load Outs Introduced in Reach, load outs play an even more important role in Halo 4's combat. Now fully player customizable, a load out consists of: Primary Weapon | Rifles such as the BR, DMR, Carbine and Light Rifle. Secondary Weapon | Support weapons such as Plasma Pistol and Magnum. Grenade Type | Frag or Plasma. The Promethean grenade type is considered heavy ordnance. Armour Ability | One recharging ability, similar to Reach's implementation. Tactical Package | One of the new classes of perks armour mods. Support Upgrade | The other class of armour mod. As players accumulate XP and progress through ranks, content unlocks for use in a number of custom load outs players can create, name, and save. The options players have to customize their load outs are determined by what content they have have unlocked, and what playlist they are in. You won't be picking DMRs when playing Grifball, for instance.Each matchmaking playlist will provide a number of default load outs, suitable to that playlist, so you don't have to unlock content to have access to suitable weapons. (For example, BTB will include default load outs with BRs and DMRs.) Universal Sprint Sprint is now a base trait, and metered very similar to Reach. Armour Abilities Similar to the implementation in Reach, armour abilities are a "fourth leg" to the combat sandbox, a reusable ability controlled by a recharging meter. Halo 4's set strives to correct the balance issues presented by some of Reach's, through removals, replacements, or rebalancing. Armour Mods Armour mods are perks which boost or add different passive abilities to players, selected as part of a load out. Divided into two categories, players can have one from each category active at a time. Armour mods are unlocked for use in custom load outs as players progress through the ranks. Note that the list below includes Specializations, some of which are locked away until 343 unlocks them. Player Progression: Halo 4's progression is a major departure for the series, making many of the items unlocked affect gameplay, rather than pure cosmetics (though there are plenty of those as well). In most other ways, it builds on ideas introduced in Reach. For a detailed review of the progression system, head here. Rank Players progress through ranks, dubbed Spartan Ranks, 1-50 through Spartan XP earned during War Games, Spartan Ops and Forge. Spartan points are awarded at each rank, which can be spent unlocking items in the armoury. Custom load out items are joined by cosmetic armour, decals and such to customize your Spartan IV with. XP is also earned by completing commendations and challenges. Specializations Once SR-50 is reached, players next choose one of eight paths, each of which consists of 10 additional ranks, and which unlock their own set of armor, decals, weapon skins and armor mods. Only one Specialization can be worked on at a time, and must be completed before moving to the next. At launch two are available, with the rest to be unlocked down the road by 343, unless you have early access via marketing promotions (namely the LE edition of the game or playing prior to November 20). For more on Specializations, head here. Spartan Ops: Spartan Ops four player cooperative, episodic campaign where players take their Spartan IV into a series of missions set six months after the Halo 4 Campaign ends. A replacement for Firefight in the sense that it's gone and this replaces it, Spartan Ops is more akin to a second Campaign, broken into smaller, more focuses pieces. Features Players: 2-player split screen, 4-players online co-op Theater: Alas, also removed from Spartan Ops. Episodes Spartan Ops Season 1 is broken into ten episodes, but only one ships on-disc. The remaining episodes are delivered episodically, once per week, for the nine weeks after launch. Each episode begins with a CG cinematic, and consists of five missions, for a total of 50 missions (!!!). Customization & Progression Games of Spartan Ops reward XP just as War Games do, and contribute to the same progression through the ranks. Content unlocked in one mode can be used in the other, including custom load outs. Weapons unlocked via Spartan Ops are available in War Games, and earlier missions can be replayed with more advanced ordnance after doing so. War Games: War Games is Halo multiplayer, renamed and rebooted by 343. While Halo's core gameplay is very much intact, game types are pruned and redesigned, game systems are updated or added and the overall flavor of the game is quite different than what came before. Global Ordnance The new system used to spawn heavy weapons onto the map. Whereas past Halo games spawned in weapons at specific points and times, only the initial spawn at the start of a match if fixed in Halo 4. After, ordnance spawns in at various, per-determined points on the map, with the game system rotating both the locations and weapons selected from those the designers made available on that map and game type. Spawned ordnance carries a waypoint, so all players in the game knows it has appeared. Personal Ordnance Used in Infinity Slayer (and available in other game modes via custom options) is an additional ordnance delivery method, initiated by individual players. Medals earned and their associated points contribute to filling an ordnance meter, which when filled prompts players to select from one of three randomly selected options. These options can include power ups, weapons and grenades. Once chose, the ordnance will spawn in near the player. Power Ups Deployed as part of Personal Ordnance, they include Speed Boost, Shield Boost, and Damage boost, and do pretty much what you might think from those names. Kill cams Featured in specific game types, kill cams show a free camera replay of your untimely demise. Instant Respawn Featured in certain fast paced game types (think Slayer and Flood), players can choose to tinker with their load out between spawns, or hit a button to spawn in instantly. Objective focused games like CTF still feature timed respawns. Scoring Multiplayer now features personal scoring, with medals and actions accumulating XP and conveying each increment on-screen. Headshot +10 pic Forge: Halo 4's Forge is very much an iteration on Reach's version, for better or worse. Co-developed by Certain Affinity and 343, it remains an object editor for spawns, weapons and pre-built geometry for use in customizing, or creating custom, maps. Still allowing up to eight players to romp on a map in construction, it has a handful of improvements, among them: A "magnet" system to snap Forge pieces together neatly and quickly. Think Legos. The lighting system applies to Forge objects, improving the visuals of custom maps. Controls to rapidly duplicate or delete objects, to speed up the building process. Gravity zones, so that sections of maps can have altered gravity traits. Trampolines! Defined player trait zones, enabling players who enter them to take on defined abilities. Rather than the one giant "Forge World", Certain Affinity has built three smaller spaces for the construction of custom maps. The object list builds upon that of a modified Forge World set, with unique objects provided for each of the three themed spaces.Scores: Destructoid - 10 Machinima - 10 MondoXbox - 10 Game Revolution - 10 NZGamer - 10 Britbox - 10 Gaming Examiner - 10 Gaming Age - A Joystiq - 5/5 Stars IGN - 9.8 Xbox Addict - 9.8 Gaming Trend - 9.6 Polygon- 9.5 OXM - 9.5 Game Informer - 9.3 Canadian Online Gamers - 9.3 Gamespot - 9 Games Radar - 9 Xbox 360 Achievements - 9 GameReactor Sweden - 9 GameReactor Denmark - 9 Halo Council - 9 Eurogamer Italy - 9 MMGN.com - 9 Gamer.No - 9 GamesBeat - 9 1UP - A- G4TV - 4.5/5 Stars Edge - 8 Eurogamer - 8 The Sixth Axis - 8 Metro Game Central - 8 CVG - 8 Giant Bomb - 4/5 Stars EGM - 7 Kotaku - Play This Game Rev3 Games - Buy it Ars Technica - "Jumping head first without a Bungie (and loving it)" Penny Arcade - "This isnt Bungies Halo anymore its better" Old Info: And it is official!! Continuing from where halo 3 ended. New Info 5th March 2012 Making Of Interview, contains in game footage and comparisons to Halo 3: Screenshots! Campaign: The story will be the most cinematic Halo experience to date, that will set the stage for the next decade of the franchise. Master Chief is back, and a new ancient and dark threat is going to be thrown at him that will not only test his abilities, but will give players an understanding just who he really is, all while introducing some new gameplay mechanics. Cortana will play a huge part in the story. Master Chief's armor design has been upgraded to provide the functionality needed to convey his power. Story will be darker and more sophisticated than past games. Multiplayer- Story wraps around the multiplayer experience for the first time in the franchise. - Players now control Spartan IV's, which promise to be just as powerful as Master Chief. - There is a reason why red and blue soldiers are killing each other. - Beyond the typical cosmetic customization options, players will be able to augment their Spartan IV's abilities and weapon loadouts, altering their gameplay styles for the first time. A lot of focus has gone into giving players a better sense of weight. - Audio design has been much improved and really gives a player a sense of where shots are coming from. - Maps have been built from the ground-up. - Two maps have been announced so far: War House and Wrap Around. - War House takes place in a civilian manufacturing plant that is travelling in a near space orbit above a gas giant. - Wrap Around is a small slayer style arena, set in a Forerunner facility, that contains catwalks, ramps, and plenty of man-cannons to keep the action fast and frantic. EuroGamer Interview: E3 FOOTAGE: I'm not going to lie, a lot of this info was lifted from Neogaf and Neowin. Mainly to get a good base of covering stuff. Link & Most credit here: http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=497808
  12. The first teaser trailer for Tribes Ascend has gone up on Youtube: There isn't much there; however, it's really just to serve as an announcement. Still, as a big Tribes fan, I'm really interested to see further announcements about this. (Also, Hi-Rez are still making Tribes Universe - this Tribes Ascend title is a separate game) For a bit of explanation, after Dynamix, the team that made Tribes 1 and 2 went under several years ago, the licence passed to Sierra/Vivendi who published Tribes Vengeance. Following that being a failure (it wasn't the best of the series, despite some cool ideas) a company called InstantAction bought the licence and used it to make a browser-based Tribes game. That had a beta, which was OK, but InstantAction went bankrupt last year and Hi-Rez studios (who made the MMO title Global Agenda) bought the licence and are now working on two titles - Tribes Universe, which is to be an MMOFPS (which we've known about for some time), and this game, Tribes Ascend, which is a downloadable title for PC/XBLA. This leads us to an interesting situation for Tribes fans, because following the wrap-up of Dynamix, the team were scattered, and went their different ways - the result of this is that there are now three teams that are making games that are carrying on the spirit of the Tribes games: Hi-Rez are making Tribes Universe and Tribes Ascend Sony Online Entertainment are making Planetside NEXT Red5 are making FireFall Personally I'm really excited about all four of these games, as I was a huge fan of Tribes 2 and Planetside, and the initial videos of FireFall are very impressive.
  13. It's Halo CE, so it deserves its own thread! Linky From that link: As far as I'm concerned, and yes I played the game on legendary from start to finish earlier this year, Halo CE is still by far the best Halo game ever made, and also still one of the best fps games ever made. Certainly in terms of fps combat nothing has come close since. The thought of a remake with online co-op and fancy HD graphics gets me rather excited! However, I don't want them to change anything in terms of level design, enemy placement, AI, indestructible warthogs etc etc. in short, I want the exact same game only with beautiful new graphics in glorious HD and the addition of online co-op and multiplayer, which is the only thing the original sorely lacked.
  14. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Thread By Infinity Ward Official Site | CharlieINTEL | reddit Release Date: November 4, 2016 ABOUT IMAGES VIDEOS
  15. How not to be a n00b at battlefield. The most important change for a CoD player, is spotting. Spotting is critical to success. On 360 it is the back button to spot. aim at an enemy (person, tank, whatever) and press back to spot. This will highlight them for your team-mates and you and track their movement for about 10 seconds. Sometimes it's better to not engage someone and let a squad member or someone else from your side take them out: be it they're better positioned or you can do more damage by slinking towards the flag/MCOM and not give yourself away by letting out shots (non-suppressed fire marks you on the mini map). While there are times and places you can lone wolf it, and to great success, the key to winning is teamwork. There are two sides in Battlefield. The US and Russians. Each side has some weapons that are distinct to them. You might have been playing for a different side in one match and not seen your customisations. Actually I may have mis read your question. I should point out the unlocks are per weapon not an 'overall' unlock. i.e. you need to unlock the holo for each and every weapon. Am I levelling up as I play? When do i get more gear? 1: Yes, new attachments every 10 kills and new gear every level up of the weapon, and often when levelling your soldier. Why are some people green? 2: They are in your squad of four. You can spawn onto your squad but not the rest of your side. Also, 1 person leads the squad and can designate targets to attack/defend. Point straight at the target and press back. How on earth do you fly planes and copters? Seems very difficult to me 3: Slowly but surely. You need time to get accustomed and the game doesn't give you it at all. Once you are in the air, spot as many enemies, particularly aircraft, as you can, and you'll eventually get flares, then heatseekers, by which time you'l have got better at not pitching your machine into the turf. Vanilla aircraft are more or less useless. I'm playing without a mic as I dont have one - does this matter? 4: Appallingly few people use voice in this game. No idea why - it's built for it, it is limited to your squad to encourage squad play and being able to warn or call for backup as well as spot is worth many points sometimes. When a round has finished how do I leave the lobby? 5: You have to wait for the next game to start, then go to pause-quit. This is because DICE fucking hate you and want you to piss half your evening away loading maps you don't want to play. The skill level: What is Suppression? Basically, you shoot at somebody behind cover or not and whether you hit them or not - doesn't matter. Whilst you are suppressing them with fire, their screen goes blurry and distorted for a few seconds (or constant when under fire). The suppression perk makes the effect last longer and be more brutal. Then, if your team kills that person you get 50 points (suppression assist). Join a squad! Join a squad, even if it's randoms. It will allow you to get back into the battle quicker when killed and vice versa, rather than spawning right back at the base. Even if you're not using voice chat, sometimes squads just click, supporting each other with ammo, health, cover and spotting. Squad leader has a star next to their name, the other information in those columns are class and squad perk, in case you didn't realise. Pressing spot as squad leader scouts out commands to your squad and you get bonus points both for telling them to do it and for them doing it, I think they get a few points for following orders too. If you order an attack/defend on a specific objective it gets 4 little red arrows around it. Is there bullet/projectile physics? Yes Why be recon? Whenever Recon I'll make sure it's for counter-sniping (generally only ever on Rush). Damavand Peak is a perfect example where 1 good Recon can turn the tides. When you're attacking and you have 3-4 snipers on the opposite team defending from the towers. Your team become scared to move from all the suppression fire, so you tend to see them hang back shooting people to the far left of the complex. Take out their snipers so they don't have issues bombing down the hill and the defence will be overrun in no time. The MAV is perfect for advancing, it helps hugely to just see where their defence is setting up. Your Little Bird and your LAV can then rain down hell while your squad advances to the MCOMS on maps like Noshahr Canals for example. Then obviously as has been discussed, you get the spawn beacon. 1 spawn beacon placed in the right place behind enemy lines on Rush is priceless. Regarding spawn beacons: basically if you leave a spawn in open space then you will parachute in, if you leave it indoors or under cover then you will spawn on the group by the beacon. Gun stat porn:- TLDR: AEK-971 and M240B are still the shit. SCAR-H is still good. http://symthic.dy.fi/?s=bf3 Original First Post Below Beta Info... http://planetbattlef...y.php?id=164272 http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Full reveal in next months GI. (March 1st, but as always expect scans to be available earlier) http://blogs.battlef...rder-now.aspx## Battlefield 3 allows you to feel the full impact of battle like never before. Powered by Frostbite 2, the next generation of DICE's cutting-edge gaming engine, Battlefield 3 delivers spectacular visuals, earth-shattering destruction and real as hell combat gameplay providing a dramatic immersive First Person Shooter experience. One moment you may be marching down a hilltop listening to the hypnotic sound of a firefight in the distance or admiring the way the light reflects off the smoke plumes of ground to air missiles rising from the city you're about to engage. The next you're on an urban street, surrounded, claustrophobic, fighting for your life and looking eight ways at once with all your senses on high alert, chilled at the knowledge that the building you're hiding behind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Welcome to Battlefield 3. Beta info. http://www.ea.com/1/beta
  16. I agree, it's getting discarded just as soon as I can get a decent Dark Knight poster in it's place!
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