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Found 3 results

  1. Do you already have cash saved for the Analogue Pocket? Well, Hyperkin have announced their own Game Boy hardware for the home... NintendoLife BTW, I'm calling the GB Classic already. I'm not sure how desperate I am to play GB games on a TV though. Any takers?
  2. Not because of financial reasons. Not because I consider myself too cool to be still playing videogames. But because of dying batteries. Yesterday the sun was brightly shining so I thought it an excellent opportunity to give Boktai another go, only to find the battery had died I have quite the collection of GBA games, but if I'm looking at a whole collection with dead batteries, I'm starting to wonder what the point really is. Unless I want to DIY some 40 odd cartridges, meticulously changing the batteries in each and every one, but also risking damaging them in the process. Good thing NDS/3DS games work with cycles, the number of which you (normally) won't ever reach - about 100,000 rewrites. Anyone ever had the same idea? Or ever tried changing the battery yourself? This guy makes it seem not that hard after all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji3LbKNX_Bc
  3. Just got this. Strange little game this one. An early GBA RTS developed by Genki (and not Intelligent Systems, as some sites claim) under supervision of Nintendo. Released in November 2002 in France, Switzerland and Belgium only - since the game is exclusively in French. In the game's Story Mode, players slip into the role of none other than France's Napoléon Bonaparte who leads the revolutionary army into battle against the evil English (!). Set in the late 18th century, Napoléon's story is told in a Fire Emblem fashion via strategic maps and character dialogue. But don't be misled by the game's title and authentic looking characters. This isn't a historically accurate simulation of the exploits of the famous French general -- unless, unbeknownst to historians, Napoléon actually fought giant man-eating ogres and abominable snowmen. The objectives for the missions vary slightly, but the basic idea is to send out your units, defeat the enemy and take over the opponent's stronghold. There's a strange mix of historical and fantasy characters, but gameplay wise it's not too bad. Still, I suppose not many 'mukers got to play this one, as this was squarely targeted at a French-speaking audience. Intro + demo: Official Japanese website (-- still up!): http://www.nintendo.co.jp/n08/anpj/mobile_c/index.html
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