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  1. Yes it has finally happened. After a period of utter stagnation (in which none of the major power blocks in EVE's wanted to actually bother each other) everyone has now decided it's time for a big old war. And by big I mean BIG. To understand why this war has come about you need to take a look at the following map... What you see here is EVE onlines depiction of star systems and the regions they are in. You'll see names on the map like Fountain or Delve or Catch. These regions are controlled by super alliances like Legacy or The imperium. What occurs most of the time is we have the odd big fight over some star system or another and everyone goes back home. This time though things have taken a turn for the "Let's burn everything to the ground" Info Rush: Who and where! If you look on the left side of the map you see several systems dominated by a group known as "The imperium". The imperium primarily consists of two large alliances. One is called "The intitative" and the other "Goonswarm" and they control the systems of Fountain and Delve respectively. To right of them is Legacy which mainly consists of TEST Alliance and whole bunch of other smaller alliances. To the top right there is PanFam. The consist or a number of big allainces such as Northern Coalition, Pandemic Legion. At the very top and to the left is a whole bunch of small alliances and one big one known as Pandemic Horde. Those are your players in the game so just what is going on? NIPS! EVE has looked like the above for quite some time and it came about because the main power blocks all disliked each other but no one of the three power blocks was strong enough to take another power block without the fear or one of the other getting involved. It was a mexican space standoff but everyone was reasonably happy because they could just sit there, churn out big ships like Titans and Supercarriers and mining like there was no tomorrow. In fact the situation was soldified with the agreement between the big three that noone would try and invade each other. A Non-Invasion-Pact. OUCH MY NIPS! Someone broke the NIP or rather signalled that they were breaking the NIP and that someone was Legacy. Legacy broke it with the Imperium declaring they wanted to invade Imperium space and destroy them once and for all. In order to do this they have also enlisted the help of Panfam. So it's two super powers against one or to put it another way it's about 100,000 pilots versus 50,000. Not the best of odds. Then there are all the other groups piling into the fray which is boosting Legacy and Panfams numbers even more. The Imperium are heavily outnumbered. Outnumbered but maybe not outgunned. It looks bad for the Imperium and it's a pretty good bet that Fountain will fall and maybe even Delve. However, because of EVE's mechanics it takes a long, long time for someone to take a region of space. It is also much easier to defend space than it is to attack it. I would explain why but that would take too long. Then there is the issue of the Super class ships like Titans and Super carriers. Goonswarm and the Initiative can probably field as much of them as the others. Goons have spent years building the largest capital fleet in the game with the ability to field multiple full fleets of titans (256 in a single fleet). In an all out capital brawl it reall is anyones game. It's started... As I type this the war has literally started with enemy fleets hitting the system of D4KU in fountain. Here they are hitting structures in the system and attempting to take out a jump bridge which can be used by the Imperium to quickly jump around ships across mutlitple systems. The responce to this has been for a large group of small ships to try and stop them doing so. While they have killed some of the attackers there are simple too many of them and the Jump bridge will be take out. This though is only the start. There will be many fights, lots of propaganda on both sides and finally some fun. I will try to keep this thread upto date with all the stuff that goes down.
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