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  1. So, I've been looking forward to this for quite some time - particularly for the amazing 1-bit art style that the game possesses. Basically, it's an RPG that revolves around your character investigating all manner of Junji Ito inspired abominations, and/or surviving the happenings around a very strange mid-80s Japanese town. I haven't got a lot to go on, as I'm going in blind and it's only just released on Steam for a crisp £11.39 , but initial impressions have been positive. There's also been a demo circulating, which you can find here: http://www.wohgame.com/ EDIT: And as @Goose has wonderfully mentioned, this is out on PC Gamepass right now as well! The developer is intending to release later this year on PS4 and Switch, if you're interested. In the meantime, I'll be back later with my own impressions of it. I'll be very upset of it's a bit pap, but that's life!
  2. It's a French series about a young woman who has been writing successful horror novels with the inspiration of her recurring nightmares about a witch, Marianne. When she decides to stop writing about her after 15 years, her nightmares return with a vengeance, seemingly intersecting with her real life, thus forcing her to return to her hometown to find out what is happening. I know, doesn't really sound like anything new, but I'm 4 episodes in and very pleasantly surprised. There are some wonderfully eerie scenes that truly manage to build suspense. Without spoiling anything, there is also an actress who is very, very good at being the creepy grandma of nightmares.
  3. After strange disappearances hit Tokyo’s population, it’s up to you to uncover the source and purge the city of a strange, new evil. Armed with your own mysterious abilities, you will face down the occult, unravel conspiracy theories and experience urban legends like never before. Don’t fear the unknown. Attack it. GhostWire: Tokyo is the newest title by Tango Gameworks, the developer behind The Evil Within. The game was revealed during Bethesda’s 2019 E3 press conference. Tango Gameworks is known for its work in the horror game genre and while this game definitely seems to have spooky vibes, Tango notes that this is more of an action-adventure game. In GhostWire: Tokyo, players will have to travel through the city, avoiding harmful spirits and possibly getting help from friendly ones. The trailer for the game shows people disappearing and skeleton-like demons taking over, meaning it’s time to knock some skulls together to figure out what’s going on. Official reveal trailer: Platforms and release date are still unknown.
  4. Yes. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bubsy/bubsy-paws-on-fire-spicy-extras
  5. And it's for mobile devices... https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/01/07/alien-isolation-is-getting-a-mobile-sequel Excuse me whilst I go and have a sneaky cry in the work toilets.
  6. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-12-04-those-ubisoft-club-points-youve-been-accumulating-for-the-last-ten-years-will-soon-expire So Ubisoft have decided to start expiring their Ubisoft Club points after 2 years, meaning that all your carefully horded points that are older than than that will be wiped out on April 1st, 2019. I think you have until March 2019 to spend any points that are due to expire. You can see how many points you’ll lose here: https://welcome.club.ubisoft.com/en-US/units Is this a travesty, or a shoulder shrug for people? Personally, I’m going to lose over 900 points according the link above, but I can’t really find anything to spend them on (which is why I have over 1600 points in the first place). Your thoughts?
  7. So this preview was shown to a bunch of unsuspecting schoolchildren. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2018/apr/27/peter-rabbit-hereditary-trailer-years-scariest-film-australia-perth?CMP=soc_567 Someone is going to be in a lot of trouble for this. On the other hand you couldn't ask for better viral marketing for a horror movie.
  8. All of your votes have now been tallied, and this has been hands down one of the greatest years for video games since 1998. Or was it 2001. Actually it might have been 2010… Anyway, what is definitely true is that in the last few years the breadth and variety of games available has been truly exceptional, and despite living in a “games as service” era where many publishers are relying on loot box revenue as their business model, there are just so many great games available that it’s possible to still make an informed choice to avoid it. The big success this year has of course been the Nintendo Switch, with many people returning to the Nintendo fold after the less than successful Wii U saw many a fan pass over it despite the great collection of games. Now with added portability, but in a robust and convenient package, we can finally play all those games re-released again for a mere £50 each. A small price to pay to hide and play Mario Kart on the bog, instead of with your friends and family. In other news, whilst everyone else was busy mortgaging their houses to buy more Switch games, a few power hungry gamers also sold their car as well, to invest in the XboneX, Microsoft’s answer to the ongoing problem of still being able to see pixels if you insist on playing games with your nose pressed against the screen for that added immersion. More graphically capable than anything ever released on the earth, and that’s the truth, because someone who has one told me. Several times. That does leave the humble PS4 and its bigger brother however, who’s expanding library of excellent exclusives has been steadily catching out the unawares, bolstered by a slew of titles for the PSVR platform because it’s probably going to become really popular any day now. Once you’ve spent an afternoon getting it set up and calibrated, those 5 minutes you are in VR before chundering all over your friend’s sofa which is now your home will be the best you’ve ever spent. Oh what’s that? Some good games came out on the PC this year? Sorry I thought PCs were what people used to use for Word processing and stuff before they invented Macbooks. Steam? Oh hundreds of cheap and increasingly brilliant and complex games sounds interesting, how much does a PC for gaming cost nowadays? Uhuh……………... Fuck off. NEXT UPDATE: the top 20 begins.* *final list note: for the top games of 2017 I was originally going to do a top 10, but due to the sheer number of great games 20 seems like the better number to count down from this year, and that means any game that scored at least 10 points in the poll. Don’t worry if some of your favourites don’t make it into the top 20, I will also be honouring other runners up after the main list and other category awards, as there were so many great games in there. I’m just doing them after the main event to preserve some mystery... Quick Links: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Super Mario Odyssey Horizon: Zero Dawn Yakuza 0 Splatoon 2 Prey Persona 5 Nier Automata Divinity: Original Sin 2 Nex Machina What Remains of Edith Finch Resident Evil VII Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Assassin’s Creed: Origins Sonic Mania Arms Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Gran Turismo Sport SteamWorld Dig 2 RUNNERS UP MOST DISAPPOINTING 10-4 MOST DISAPPOINTING 3-1 BEST WRITING BEST AUDIO BEST VISUALS BEST FORMAT, PUBLISHER, AND SUPPORTED GAME BEST CHARACTERS? BONUS
  9. Not a fan at all, but I've always found Morrissey's interviews good value for money and always considered him to be self-aware and at least having a sense of his own ridiculousness. I'm really taken aback by how defensive and unable to take criticism he is in this video. I never thought I'd hear Morrissey, of all people, refer to journalists as "haters", for goodness sake, and his moaning about his record not being played because of some organised conspiracy against him is just pitiful, paranoid and completely off base. The stuff he says about journalists having an agenda against him is simply based on his new record not being very good and his complete lack of relevance to anyone under 40, not some carefully constructed masterplan to undermine him by sending negative messages to his fanbase via the music press. Concluding his miserable little moan with a sickeningly cynical message to the victims of the Manchester bombing completely undermined any credibility he might have had left. Terrible cunt.
  10. Watched this on the weekend - had heard good things about it for a while. Okay, so the plot isn't that original (it even jokes about it during the film) as it obviously is influenced by films like groundhog day. Haven't seen a horror try this time loop like this before though. The lead actress (Jessica Rothe) is one to watch out for in the future. Sure, with films like this the looping day can get a bit tired but i think it pulled it off well and kept the running time at a decent 96 minutes. There are some good twists in the film and whilst it is not overly gorey or anything, it works really well. I have heard people call it a teens film and i can kinda agree with that but it was still worth watching.
  11. I'm surprised not to find a topic on this game. Just saw a trailer in another thread and it looks very interesting. Clearly H. R. Giger inspired even if they don't mention it in the Kickstarter, but that's what piqued my interest.
  12. Darkwood is a lovecraftian top down action adventure horror game I've had my eye on for a while. It just came out recently for 11 quid on steam.... http://store.steampowered.com/app/274520/Darkwood/ I was going to wait for a sale, but the developer has done something very interesting to combat "key reselling" which I was unaware of. They've released the full game on piratebay... https://pirateproxy.cam/torrent/18469605/Darkwood_-_hotfix_3_(developer_s_torrent) "Hi! This torrent was brought to you by the developers of Darkwood - Acid Wizard Studio. This is the latest version of Darkwood at the time of writing this (1.0 hotfix 3). Completely DRM-free. There's no catch, no added pirate hats for characters or anything like that. We have just one request: if you like Darkwood and want us to continue making games, consider buying it in the future, maybe on a sale, through Steam, GOG or Humble Store. But please, please, don't buy it through any key reselling site. By doing that, you're just feeding the cancer that is leeching off this industry. This torrent comes with no installer, so you can just run it from the mounted image, but we recommend copying the contents to your disk and running it from there. For more info on our story and why we decided to share this with you, check out: http://imgur.com/a/xVhDz Have fun!" I was planning on waiting for a sale anyway, so I'll buy it when it gets cheap. Interesting tactic though!
  13. PS5? PS4 Pro 2? Vita 2? PSVR Headset Ver 2.0? (It will almost certainly not be as exciting as any of these options) Cast your bets! I'm going with PS5, coming 2018, World's Most Powerful console. Most likely going to be announced/revealed at Paris Games Week.
  14. I've no interest whatsoever in the full 3D horror game Lucius but this demake that's on sale right now caught my eye with it's C64 colour pallette and despite some minor things that wouldn't be able to be done on the C64 (zooms and that font size) I've had a great time playing it so far. It's a little rigid to begin with but it opens up, becoming a little confusing until you understand how the house is laid out. Like it's bigger brother this game is about playing a 70's style demon child, wandering around a house doing chores to appear to be good while setting up situations to kill whichever adult is in your (literal) bad book. So it's like Jack the Nipper crossed with those horror games that CRL released back in the 80's. It plays like one of those 80's style clunky arcade adventure games but if you've missed that sort of thing it's on sale for the next day on Steam.
  15. An esports reality TV show starts tomorrow, with two teams of Counter Strike Global Offensive players competing to win a professional contract while living in the same house. It's got the potential to be profoundly awful, I can't wait.
  16. I couldn't find a thread for this so apologies if a duplicate. After playing this at EGX last year I picked this up today for it's paltry budget price. If you liked Inside then just go buy Little Nightmares now. I'm I think about half way through and it is utterly brilliant. It's looking like being one of my favourites games so far this year and that's saying something given the year we've had already. Basically take Inside, a dash of Trapdoor, Little Big Planet and a dash of your childhood fears and you're there. I urge people to not watch spoilers and take the plunge. I just hope the rest holds up to what I've played so far. As info this runs at 60fps on PS4 Pro and at a higher res, looks fine on my standard model though.
  17. Mods, please merge if there's a topic already. Anybody watch this through? it's an anthology horror series in the mold of American Horror Story, but instead of the OTT melodrama that show works with, this attempts to be much creepier. The first season is based on the Creepypasta Candle Cove. It centres on a man returning to his home town after being plagued by dreams and images of a scary puppet TV show from his childhood. Think an evil version of Captain Pugwash and you're pretty much there. Structure-wise it's very much in the Stephen King wheelhouse, but tonally it's much more Silent Hill. The slow pacing and the unavoidable sense of dislocation's quite chilling. Well, at least for a while - sad to say I found it ultimately disappointing as it's laboriously slow and the quality of the performances a bit hit and miss. It also manages to get less and less frightening as it goes on. Loads of stuff in it to like though, and I'd recommend seeing it through. A supercut trimming it to half the time would be great (something I reckon Stranger Things would benefit from, too) as I reckon SyFy stretched the content ultra-thin to make a season out of a story you could easily fit into feature film length. I enjoyed it enough to look forward to the second season, though: The No-End House
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/686144604/hellhunter I've just backed this on kickstarter after seeing the following gif From the looks of the trailer it seems to involve a Witcher 3 style game loop of investigating clues to discover what type of creature you're hunting, and then picking the right weapon/strategy to get rid of it. It looks unlikely that it'll meet its goal at this point, but I figured it was worth telling people about as it looks fucking superb!
  19. Old news actually but I forgot to post about it. http://www.sonicretro.org/2016/10/people-making-sonic-movie/ Yes. Live Action.
  20. https://youtu.be/PEi7VX5KAUI Horror comes in various forms, what I may find scary others might find it boring. The scares are even more intensified when watched at four in the morning every morning, with the lights off in the whole house and the factor of fright being the highest it can get. This is what I got down to out of the 29 movies I saw leading up to Halloween.
  21. I don't know if you folks are aware of Shudder but it has just launched in the UK. It is a streaming service just like Netflix but dedicated solely to the horror genre. I've been using the service for about a week now and love it, I just thought I would post this here as a heads-up to anyone who might be interested but not aware of it, you can sign up for a seven day trial, perfect for some halloween viewing at the very least. https://www.shudder.com/ How Shudder choose what they stream - http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/other/shudder/44558/shudder-colin-geddes-and-sam-zimmerman-interview
  22. Having played the demo and jumped out of my skin several times I'm not entirely sure why I got this, but I really enjoyed Until Dawn so why not. Just finished the first 3 levels with headphones in and turned up. Actually shaking now. It was fun in the way I assume people find other horror stuff fun (never been a horror fan, normally I nope away immediately ) . Bugger me though if I wasn't jumpy as hell - even when the jumps scares are heavily signposted, the timings and proximity in VR shit me up every time. Also, squealing pigs at that volume can do one. Having a break from it for tonight. Need some happy. So, who else is playing? Need some usernames to lose against on my friends list. (Mine's Monophobian, add me!) Edit: added my psn as it looks like sigs don't appear on mobile.
  23. I don't get to watch many movies these days. Over the last few months, I have occasionally managed to watch a couple of films on Netflix, generally over the course of a few nights after my kid has gone to bed. At this time of night I actively avoid anything I think will be too deep or interesting, and gravitate towards mindless fare. I don't have the energy to properly enjoy anything that's actually good. As a result, I've watched Creed (pretty good, a generally satisfying reboot of the Rocky franchise with a lot of heart and a sackfull of lovely cliches, but completely forgettable) Captain America The Winter Soldier (competent superhero movie, feels weirdly lopsided and it's very obvious that it needs to keep moving fast to outrun the plot-holes) and X-Men Days of Future Past (bewildering nonsense, but again fairly enjoyable as long as you're not trying to follow what's happening and ignore some strange logical leaps. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is really good as Mystique, managing to give a character which had previously been little more than a pair of blue-painted boobs some actual humanity.) However, the film I want to review today is one I am much more familiar with, having watched it several dozen times over the past few weeks. It is the modern masterpiece Thomas And The Great Race. As I type this, the end credits have just finished rolling, and the movie is being restarted from the beginning by my home's resident three-foot-tall curator of culture. For the uninitiated, The Great Race is not a remake of the Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis movie of the same name, which I believe spawned the Wacky Races cartoon. It is in fact the tale of a great railway show which attracts talking engines from around the world, including Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends from the island of Sodor. A word of warning: This review will contain spoilers, as I intend to discuss specific plot-points, so if you are keen to avoid spoilers, you should watch the movie before reading this piece. There's a lot that could be written about the world of Thomas and Friends. Not just about why the engines can talk, but also how they are created (are they made or born?) the role of the humans, the pollution that must be destroying Sodor, and the appalling safety record of the Fat Controller's railway. The level of sentience and autonomy of the engines is wildly inconsistent. Early on, The engines were definitely controlled by their drivers - in an early episode Thomas sets off without his driver, and as a result is out of control and can't stop. There are also early examples of the humans asserting their dominance in other ways. For example, one engine is famously bricked-up in a tunnel as a punishment for refusing to work in the rain. Just think about that. Another time, an unreliable engine that bumps about too much on the track is turned into a stationary generator, left forgotten behind a shed near a closed-down quarry. More recently, the engines seem to be in control, and are certainly making decisions for themselves over where they go, braking and accelleration, and that sort of thing. However they still have drivers. What is their role? Presumably they are mindless thralls, doomed to serve their engine masters. At one point Thomas jumps over an opening moving bridge, something that must surely have been incredibly dangerous, and much much more dangerous for the humans on board than Thomas himself. Steam engines don't have airbags, so I shudder to consider the mess inside the cab. This is glossed-over in the movie. There are at least some humans in Thomas and Friends that retain their autonomy. It's not quite as bleak as the terrifying dystopian vision presented in Chuggington. In that show, which I think is a bit dark for children, the engines have completely taken over the world and covered virtually every inch of it in train tracks. There is no suggestion that the Chuggington trains even transport humans around - they simply carry out the eternal charade of "training" to be passanger trains. As far as I can tell, there is only one human left in Chuggington world, the one who washes the engines. Presumably he sold out humanity for the promise that he would be allowed to live, and was given that demeaning role in the post-revolutionary world, despised by the engines, and trapped by the crippling knowledge that his treachery doomed his own people. But this isn't the place for speculating over the lich-like mind control powers of the engines over their enslaved humans, or the mating habits of 50-tonne industrial machines, or why some cars and other machines have sentience and others don't, or whether the whole thing is a delusion dreamed up by a deranged Fat Controller as he sits dribbling in a secure facility. We're here to talk about The Great Race. Thomas first finds out about the great railway show when fellow engine Gordon's brother turns up to boast about his participation. Gordon's brother is real-world famous engine The Flying Scotsman, and looks a bit like Henry Cavill. All the engines immediately want to be selected for the show, which leads to a number of excellent musical numbers. Resident bad engine Diesil contributes a particularly memorable song, complete with some genuinely funny couplets. (They used to call me devious / because I had a bit of previous) Thomas' song, Streamlinin' is a take on Greased Lightning from Grease but without the swearing. (There really is swearing in Greased Lightning! Google the lyrics if you don't believe me.) The Gilbert and Sullivan-esque Will You Won't You Take Me To The Railway Show isn't as strong, consisting mainly of an excuse to get as many of the multitudinous cast of the TV show in the film without having to give them each an individual cameo scene. Just as tensions are running high over the railway show, things are ramped up a notch when all the show engines accidentally arrive on the island. I feel I should take the time here to point out something that is very much to the film's credit - the vague message of mulitculturalism, and the idea that engines from other cultures are just like the ones from Sodor, and their foreign nature only makes them exotic and interesting. Unbelievably, there was some Daily Mail/Gamergate outrage about the movie thrusting multiculturalism down our throats. Seriously. The film doesn't make a big deal of this, it simply assumes that engines (and perhaps therefore people) from all over the world can get along well and be friends. Some people saw this as insidious. Isn't the modern world brilliant? Anyway, the show engines carry on to the main land, accidentally leaving one behind on Sodor. This new arrival is the brightly-painted and disturbingly sexy engine from India, Ashima. Thomas immediately takes against her, so you know they're going to get it on by the end of the movie. Also, I should mention that I'm not joking about her being disturbingly sexy. She's hot. I wouldn't normally admit to being sexually attracted to mechanised transport, but hoooo-boy I would definitely buff her funnel. Is that metaphor the wrong way around? Lets move on. This is where the movie's other message comes into play. Thomas spends the middle part of the movie trying to change himself into something he is not, whether that be a faster engine capable of competing in the great race, or one that is beautifully decorated to participate in the parade. He becomes more and more disatisfied with himself, culminating in a bleak duet between him and Ashima, You Can Only Be You. Thomas wrestles with depression over such lines as, Why do I have to be me? Is this what I'm really meant to be? Break me, Shake me Take me all apart And find a better place to start He complains about his stumpy funnel, boiler and dome while Ashima tries to reassure him that he doesn't need to be bigger or stronger: "You think if you were just a little longer / You'd have more railway show appeal" Interestingly, this is the second Thomas movie in a row that features a song with the central message that size isn't important, after The Lost Treasure of Sodor's classic tune Never Overlook a Little Engine. Sample lyrics: "If you think that bigger's better / Then you're making a mistake / The ocean isn't wetter than a tiny little lake / A cherry might be tastier than a great big cake" Ashima is unable to talk Thomas out of his suicidal musings and ends up telling him to be quiet, and that he must accept who he is, as there isn't any alternative anyway. It's unclear whether the message is to accept who you are, or simply an ode to mediocrity and the futility of any attempts at self-improvement. Nice tune though. In the end, Thomas misses out on selection for the show, but ends up gatecrashing it anyway, as he rushes to deliver a vital safety part to Gordon, who is competing in the race. The show section is pretty spectacular, with lots of trains, and some hijinks and funny scenes involving Phillip the tram engine and Vinny the big engine from New York who tries to kill him. It sounds grim, but it is funny! There's a nice running gag as the Fat Controller repeatedly fails to notice that Thomas is at the show, instead getting distracted by his reflection in the trophy, or his hat blowing off. The culmination is Thomas competing in the shunting competition against Ashima. I won't spoil the dramatic ending! Suffice to say, no-one dies. Except presumably Thomas' driver in the bridge jump. I've watched all the Thomas and Friends movies a number of times, and in my opinion this one is top of the pile. The songs are great, the jokes are funny, and the message is a good one. Plus Ashima is really sexy, as I might have mentioned. Other childrens movies try to straddle the divide between entertaining the children and the adults, but few do it succesfully. Pixar only really made two genuine kids films - Cars and Cars 2. The likes of Monsters Inc and Up aren't for kids, they're animated adult films. Not adult films in that way you monster. The Cars films aren't even that great as kids films - they're too cheesy, not funny enough, and the main character is odious and doesn't really learn his lesson. The first one is a boring remake of Doc Hollywood, and the second has a far-too-dense spy plot. The Great Race doesn't bother trying to give the adults anything (apart from sexy Ashima and the song about wanting a cosmetic enlargement) and instead concentrates on being a great kids film. It pulls it off so well that it becomes an entertaining watch for adults as well just by virtue of being such a high-quality piece of family entertainment. I can report that it stands up to repeated viewings. Many, many repeated viewings. It's just being started again. Third time today.
  24. This is an actual video game launching September 14th on the Xbox One All In One Entertainment system. I...dunno what to say really. The Giant Bomb Quick Look should be pure gold.
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