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  1. Well not quite, but it’s coming! And yeah it’ll be a load of streams this year again (some officially part of E3 and some suspiciously round the same time but definitely not anything to do with E3 oh no sir) but I wanted to get some hype going anyway. So predictions? Will it be a bit of a let down because of covid or are we gonna get some big new-gen flex? edit: E3 2021 schedule overview From VGC: Saturday, June 12, broadcast pre-show starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET E3 2021 will kick off with press conferences from Ubisoft and Gearbox Entertainment, as well as a session with GamesBeat. Sunday, June 13, broadcast pre-show starts at 8:45am PT / 11:45am ET Microsoft’s long-awaited Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will take place starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET. Fans can also look forward to special presentations from SQUARE ENIX, the PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show. Warner Bros. Games & Back4Blood and 24 Entertainment will also be featured. Monday, June 14, broadcast pre-show starts at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET Alongside press conferences from several indie developers, presentations from Take-Two Interactive, Mythical Games, Freedom Games, Razer and Capcom will take place throughout the day. Verizon and Intellivision will also be featured, along with a session with VENN. Tuesday, June 15, broadcast pre-show starts at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET The last day of E3 will include Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct and Nintendo Treehouse: Live programming starting at 9am PT / 12pm ET. BANDAI NAMCO, Yooreka Games and GameSpot will also have focused events. The broadcast will round out with the Official E3 2021 Awards Show. (Worth noting Geoff Keighly has his Summer Games Fest kickoff on the 10th too)
  2. Feel free to update your choices as E3 progresses. Currently I'm super hyped by Doom Eternal and Lego Forza but most of all the new Flight Sim has me drooling buckets.
  3. Conference Schedule EA - Saturday, June 10 at 8PM BST Microsoft - Sunday, June 11 at 10PM BST Bethesda - Monday, June 12 at 5AM BST PC Gaming Show - Monday, June 12 at 6PM BST Ubisoft - Monday, June 12 at 9PM BST Sony - Tuesday June 13 at 2AM BST Nintendo - Tuesday, June 13 at 5PM BST Streams IGN | Twitch | Youtube | Easy Allies | Giant Bomb | Gamespot So last year we already had a ton of hype coming our way by mid-April. Now however, with little over a month to go, it feels like there haven't even been any hints of E3 rumblings. Where is the excitement? Is it even happening this year? I mean where are the saucy rumours? Where are the clickbait articles telling us what's hot? Where are the endless lists of hopes and dreams put out by forumites across the globe? Where are the gifs?! It feels like this is going to be one of the most disappointing E3's in quite a while... Even the weather is shit! UNLESS of course they have finally found a way to keep their cards close to their chests and contain every leak so far. Maybe Sony are gearing up to deliver another #E3OFDREAMS. Maybe project Scorpio will turn out to be a box which will stream games directly to your brain without the need for any peripherals whatsoever, a BrainBox if you will. And what of Nintendo? What have Retro been working on? Will Nintendo finally announce a 3-studio development cycle for the Metroid Prime series? Is Metroid Prime HD going to be a pre-order bonus if you buy MP4: Chozo Warfare? All signs point towards most definitely not but that's no reason to stop believing. So yeah this E3 is going to be a massive disappointment and I will enjoy every moment of it. I will stock up on all the snacks and drinks money can buy and I will savour every cringe like it's the last. Good luck everyone. Will update this post with schedules and streams as they become available.
  4. For all the news and rumours sourced from ITK Twitter accounts with 12 followers that are run from bedrooms in the Midlands. Joey Barton has signed for Rangers. Was a free agent, Burnley made an offer but he gone north of the border. Fair play to him, he was great for us and it is disappointing. But I suppose the chance to establish himself at an ambitious club that has come far on its four year existence was a big draw.
  5. Event Page Official Thread Soundtrack Watch Live: Youtube | Twitch UK Stream | EU Stream From Eurogamer Better to have a separate thread for this I reckon so all the hype and glory isn't buried in the mega thread. In a few years we'll want to look back to this momentous occasion when Nintendo, once again, took the industry by storm. Posterity and all that. Bingo cards at the ready gents! Template
  6. Evo 2016 is THIS WEEKEND!! If you like sitting at home watching people in another country play children's videogames from the fighting genre, it's time to get excited!! Overview Ever has Evo been the main event in the fighting game scene's calendar, and this year excitement for SFV, funding from various publishers and a lot of Smash players promise to make it the largest fighting game event yet held - by a significant margin. Expect to see great play in games you didn't know you liked, news and hype for games current and forthcoming, and generally lots of happy faces. Best enjoyed in the company of fellow fighting game fans, this thread is here so you can chat away no matter which game you prefer. It's four days long and at the end a grown man cries - what's not to like? Suggested thread etiquette Use spoiler tags when discussing match results or player names once brackets are in progress - say what you like, but don't spoil the fun for people who want to watch the footage later Don't be too rude about the games you don't like - don't spoil the fun for people who have bad taste in fighting games That's it! Schedule and stream links for main games: https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo1 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo2 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo3 https://www.twitch.tv/srkevo4 https://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters https://www.twitch.tv/tekken UK time schedule: Local time schedules: Schedules and links for side tournaments (all times below are local time not UK time): More useful google doc with stream links which may be updated if more stuff gets organised: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bbMHRl8AGHeFmCQ01X-jtjgakxsDXTARYUh0vfC-0_k/edit#gid=0 And here's the original stuff I posted before I found the above two items: Other stuff Brackets for main games: http://evo2016.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/index.html Player locator (find a player in the brackets): http://evo2016.s3.amazonaws.com/brackets/players.html USF4 side tournament: evo pls
  7. Streams Twitch | Youtube | Easy Allies | Giant Bomb | Gamespot There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? It's that time of the year again folks! It's getting warmer out, there are way too many games being released, rumours are being spread left and right (not by yours truly of course, I only deal in facts) Robo_1 is preparing his annual E3 threads, Discussion is dead and excitement is brewing! Personally I'm mostly looking forward to Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, Scalebound and I'm even curious to see what Infinity Ward manage to cook up for this year's Call of Duty. As far as the big 3 go obviously Nintendo's presentation is going to reach critical hype levels and will be nothing short of amazing/utter disappointment. Oh and lets not forget the 100% confirmed reveal trailers of Agent, Half-Life 3, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Dark Souls Go. Those are going to be good I reckon. Things I could do without are: VR nonsense, Ubi's faux trailers and any time spent on Sports/TV. That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment... So I ask you rllmuk: What are you most looking forward to? Whether that be games, presentations, rumoured reveals, #girlwood, fresh new memes, etc. Let me know in the comments down below and don't forget to like and subscribe for more exclusive E3 content. This year's E3 bets courtesy of Huber & Bosman from Easy Allies.
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