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  1. EPIC TEASING UNREAL TOURNAMENT "COMEBACK" NEWS NEXT WEEK Never got on with UT3 but loved UT '99 and 2003/2004. Curious to see what they can bring to the table this time around!
  2. http://la.curbed.com/archives/2014/12/breaking_minecraft_creator_snatches_bonkers_bev_hills_megamansion_from_beyonce_and_jayz_for_70mm.php Dat Minecraft/Microsoft money
  3. Hello Drop xbox videos here so we can all see the shit you got up to. If you're new to xbox one then any time something amazing happens just say "xbox record that" then pick up the link from : http://xboxclips.com/ and post it here !! http://xboxclips.com/video.php?uid=2640503352954910&gamertag=Yoshimax&vid=dab2cbd8-bc21-4a2e-915c-0221584d1305
  4. FALLOUT 4 REVEAL! We can hope, anyway. It could also be Dishonored II, which has been long rumoured to be in development, or Doom 4 which a few select people have seen. Apparently. Maybe even all of them! I can't really see why they'd go to the effort of having their very own 'showcase' if they haven't got something particularly impressive to show. Whilst it'd be great to see Dishonored II confirmed, I'm crossing everything for a Fallout 4 reveal. All aboard!
  5. I finished my book recently and it's now fully produced (thank you to all who backed it on Kickstarter!). Having a show in Wakefield on the weekend, and putting this info here as an invite to anybody on rllmuk that would like to come along. Some fun stuff planned for the day, including a big Donkey Kong competition with the highest score winning the full limited edition version of the book (box set with goodies and everything in gold). Full event details below (it's a free event). It's stacked at over 300 pages. Litho printed in the UK on multiple paper stocks. Hard Back cover, foiled; the works. Content wise: Foreword by Nolan Bushnell. 104 page section of features including Shaun Inman, Adam Saltsman, eBoy, The Designers Republic, Wil Overton and many more. 160 page section featuring fanart and industry work from over 200 artists. 16 page visual retrospective of the game inspired stuff I've done over the last 10 years. Full feature list can be found here I'd really love some real gamers to come along, and to meet some of you lot! The main book. Finally! Packed with art. We will be displaying the unbound flat sheets of the book on the event. Special 128 individual cover wraps were created for a kickstarter tier. I've got a copy of each wrap on display on the day too. Full box set contents. One gold set will be the prize for highest DK score! Gold book (part of competition). Only 25 of these have been made. [ Event Details ] Date: Sunday 14 Sept, 2014 Time: 11:30am4:00pm Admission: FREE Location: The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE, UK It would be great to meet any muckers/backers who can make it to this event.Everybody is invited! [ Overview ] Play video games in The Art House foyer See flat sheet production parts from the whole project Live laser cutter creating video game inspired objects Studio visit Limited Edition Artworks Cheetos and coke! There will be a Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet at the event. The highest score of the day will net one of the ultra Limited Edition [Legendary] Gold Console Packs. [ Day Schedule ] 12:00 noon and 2:45pm: Q&A sessions with the editor Steve McKevitt [Gremlin, The Designers Republic, Golden], our production advisor Simon Bucktrout [Team Impression] and also myself. Find out about the initial concept, gathering artwork, designing and producing a book and a discussion around the finer points of a Kickstarter campaign. 1:00pm2:00pm: Book viewing/signings. Grab your copy of the book in person here if you like! 1:00pm4:00pm: Old Library Tours. The Art House are converting the Grade II Listed Drury Lane Library into 34 new artsists studios and public spaces. 5:00pm: Backers and Friends only. Join us in the studio for a drink and more personal discussion around the book and process. If you can't make it but would like to chat about the project more (and local) do pop into the studio at anytime! Love to see you there, Matt. Edit: You can see the full progress from idea to completion through the kickstarter updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamepaused/everyday-is-play-a-celebration-of-the-video-game Epic journey, but happy it's wrapped up!
  6. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-32103991 http://news.sky.com/story/1454885/police-threat-over-children-playing-adult-games 16 schools in Nantwich send a letter to parents saying they could be reported to police or social services if their children play 18+ games. So would the police even be interested in children playing these games? They also warn parents against giving them access to social media because of grooming.
  7. So, Square Enix is running a reveal thing on twitch under the branding CantKillProgress. It really does smell a whole lot like a deus ex thing. I hope it is a deus ex thing. There is a countdown and a voting system and a puzzle ARG-ish game surrounding this. Fun fun!. http://www.twitch.tv/cantkillprogress
  8. If you use twitch you need to change your password. Also change it on any other sites if you've used the same password elsewhere. http://blog.twitch.tv/2015/03/important-notice-about-your-twitch-account/ If you're a streamer you should probably go do that right now.
  9. I know some people here use Boomerang for game rentals, especially since Lovefilm stopped their game rental service. There's a rapidly growing thread on Reddit of customers finding their cards used for dodgy phone top-up payments. http://www.reddit.com/r/xboxone/comments/2rv71t/have_boomerang_rentals_had_card_details/ Similar thread on GAF. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=968303 Boomerang deny it could be due to them, people in that thread seem to disagree. If you're a customer you might want to check your card accounts to be safe.
  10. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2014/12/feature_did_playstation_plus_represent_value_for_money_in_2014 Great article going into a lot of detail on the various games given away this year. I'm only really concerned about the PS4 games given away. Have no interest in the PS3 or Vita. They were almost all indie titles with the one exception (don't think I've missed anything off the list below). Don't Starve Outlast Dead Nation Mercenary Kings Stick it to the Man Trine 2 PixelJunk Shooter Strider Towerfall Ascension Road Not Taken Fez Velocity 2x Sportsfriends Dust Spelunky Pix the Cat Binding of Isacc Rebirth Steamworld Dig Injustuce - Gods Among Us Secret Ponchos Additional I missed in the list above Hotline Miami Doki Doki Universe Escape Plan Titan Attacks That is a very big list of games given away & I've played them all. Some for five minutes before I deleted & others for longer. Overall I'm pretty happy with the PS+ giveaways this year on the PS4 & the fact you now need PS+ to play online means that after 200+ hours playing Destiny I've already got my money's worth before even playing any of these games. How about you?
  11. snowbind

    Zoe Quinn

    I dunno, I don't really know what's going on. I just wanted the new thread glory.
  12. It's not going to be free anymore as of 29/7. You have to upgrade to sky go extra to keep it going. That's that fucked then. edit: This is bound to apply to the PS4 and just announced Xbox One versions too. I wonder if bringing it out from behind the gold paywall has played any part.
  13. (shamelessly stolen from NeoGAF) Features: Call of Duty Advance Warfare An audience with... Andrew House Hollywood’s fake videogames the creators who worked on imaginary games for Wargames, Big, The Last Starfighter, Tron, Inside Man, The Wrestler and Her. The making of: Tearaway (yay!) Studio Profile: Grasshopper Manufacture (yay!) Time Extend: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Inside Amazon Studios Previewed: The Evil Within Eve Valkyrie Drive Club Hack ‘N’ Slash Rise Of Incarnates Habitat Reviews: Watch Dogs [8] Transistor [9] Wolfenstein: The New Order [8] Sir, You Are Being Hunted [6] Super Time Force [8] Tomodachi Life [7] (yay!) Daylight [3]
  14. PC Gamer Article Giant Bomb - To Understand Cheaters, This Reporter Became One (audio interview) As someone who enjoys competitive games this article was an interesting, albeit infuriating, read. What particularly got to me was the quote above (and there's a whole lot more stuff like that in there as well). It's all well and good if you want to keep up with your kids who, I imagine, have vastly better reflexes as you do when you're an elderly cunt like that guy so why even bother at all... BUT please don't bring that shit into the public scene. Just get the fuck out of the way if you can't keep up or play against the AI if the game supports such a feature. Games are being ruined by twats like these guys who happily supply cheats to fellow twats, but why wouldn't they? They get a ton of money for just being absolute dicks and have no problem comparing themselves to being rebels of society just like, you know, rapists and killers... what? I will never understand cheaters, there's just simply no justification. If you aren't good at an online competitive game and you've put in the hours but you're still shit then stop whining. Better yet: stop playing. There's no point in kidding yourself or to then resort to cheating. I'll have to admit, I do take a certain 'pride' in being a called a cheater whenever I completely outmatch my opponent(s) but at the same time I feel like I'm not getting the e-recognition (I'd like to think) I have deserved, for having honed my skills and practicing the game. I'll try to convince the other team that I am in fact legit and have put in lots of hours to get where I'm at (even though I'm still awfully average at CS:GO). Of course they won't believe me and soon frustration sets in. No fun at all. Fuck the hackers.
  15. This may of popped under the gaming radar yesterday about the Yahoo webcam videos being copied....but interestingly enough highlights its potential interest in Kinect. Not that you should be masterbating in front of your Xbox One, not in 720p anyway... http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/27/gchq-nsa-webcam-images-internet-yahoo To quote" Documents previously revealed in the Guardian showed the NSA were exploring the video capabilities of game consoles for surveillance purposes. Microsoft, the maker of Xbox, faced a privacy backlash last year when details emerged that the camera bundled with its new console, the Xbox One, would be always-on by default. Beyond webcams and consoles, GCHQ and the NSA looked at building more detailed and accurate facial recognition tools, such as iris recognition cameras – "think Tom Cruise in Minority Report", one presentation noted." This kind-of indicates its old news...
  16. Controversial topic http://massively.joystiq.com/2014/02/27/european-commission-examining-free-games-with-in-app-purchasin/ The European Union's executive body is meeting with game developers in an effort to improve consumer protections, according to GamesIndustry.biz. The European Commission feels that "consumers and in particular children need better protection against unexpected costs from in-app purchases." The Consumer Protection Corporation and EC member states have condemned various forms of misleading advertising in games, along with direct purchasing appeals like "buy now!" or "upgrade now!" "The use of the word 'free' (or similar unequivocal terms) as such, and without any appropriate qualifications, should only be allowed for games which are indeed free in their entirety, or in other words which contain no possibility of making in-app purchases, not even on an optional basis," the European Commission says. It's an interesting topic though with many different sides. I know I have certainly dropped cash on some f2p games that I've been enjoying (Puzzle and Dragons especially) and not on others that frankly don't deserve it (I'm playing Dungeon Keeper for free to see how far I get and how long it take. Answer. A long time). I think parents do need to be more aware of these sorts of games and to be honest hardware providers could do a bit more to help stop accidental purchases by minors (Apple would do well to add multi-user support to iOS devices for example. Which would help more than just this issue). I'm quite comfortable with the f2p games I enjoy playing though. I tend to treat them like MMOs in a way. The stream of money they make does tend to go towards extending the gameplay (As much as there is ) and adding new content in much the same way the MMO games are developed. That being said I can also see what's happening to the detriment of regular games now that a lot of companies are chasing the f2p cash stream. Games like Forza 5 coming with IAP despite being a full price disk release for example. Some games would possibly have been better as f2p releases. The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer for example I think would have served gamers better if it had been developed as an entirely separate title. More dev resources available for the single player game and a dedicated team to make what actually turned out to be a very good multiplayer game even better. Thoughts anyone? Also admins. Can we have a news tag for discussion?
  17. It's obviously escaped the notice of the powers that be, but we, England, are about to host THE OLYMPIC GAMES! Everyone everywhere is celebrating this wonderful event. Everyone everywhere it seems but rllmuk. It literally turns my stomach every time I log in here not to be greeted with some sort of Olympic ringed theme. Anyway, if there's anything I'm known for here it's my lack of photoshopping etc ability, so I'm unable to do the job myself. but it would be wonderful if someone could do an Olympic rllmuk logo, and then get it added to the masthead. Then we could all bathe in a warm and sticky Olympic glow no matter what thread we read. What say you, mates?
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