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Found 6 results

  1. Out in September: I've never played a River City/Kunio-kun game (I only know Ransom because American NES owners tend to look back on it fondly). These brief clips of pixel animation combat look good!
  2. Surprised there’s no thread. Out tomorrow, and mine is hopefully on its way for release day. Really looking forward to some multiplayer fun with this one following the excellent Nintendo Switch Sports. The Digital Foundry review is nice.
  3. This came out of nowhere and climbed straight to my top 5 most wanted games: I'm really loving the art style and the animation. Here's me hoping this will be as good as its presentation! It seems like the devs are fond of classic games. This easter egg should be familiar to most posters on here: Some more screenshots:
  4. I've had this for a week now and I've been doing the daily workout each day and just wondered if anyone else is interested in this type of thing. It's a fairly basic package which is more of a rhythm action game than anything with the aim of also burning a few calories and toning your body. You can change the duration, intensity, complexity of the routines, you string together combos, get points and bonuses for perfect punches and so on. I think it's pretty enjoyable tbh. I go running a fair amount and have other fitness routines so this is just a bit of fun to mix things up. It defintely works, it gets me moving and sweating and I can feel my muscles being worked. I'd have liked some other modes such as sparring or a punch bag even, I think it's quite lacking in that respect, but what is there is good and makes excellent use of dual joycons. So whilst we wait for the full Switch Fit which I'm sure is coming it fills the gap nicely. Anyone else interested in this kind of thing, even on other platforms, fitness apps etc? As said the dual joycons work really well and puts the Switch in a fairly unique position, hopefully we'll see more games/apps making use of it.
  5. I couldn't find another thread, here's gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse at this years E3.
  6. Kinda bizarre! Flashback is getting a 25th Anniversary edition. Surprised this is coming to the Switch as a retail although I believe Another World is coming to the eshop. Not sure how many people would pay more than 25 quid for this but still. 7th June apparently. It's the original game not the crappy remake. Screenshots are here - https://gonintendo.com/stories/304724-amazon-germany-shares-retail-packaging-screens-and-tentative-re
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