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Found 5 results

  1. Given the confusion about whether or not Rockstar employees were forced to work overtime (paid or unpaid) and ethics of either persuading staff to work extra or forcing creatives to down tools I thought it might be wise to break out this thread for talk about this and previous instances (EA Spouse 2004, RDR Spouse 2010, Telltale 2018.) I was going to put together a megapost but this is moving so fast it's probably best to start talking about it here. Have at it!
  2. In this BBC Newsbeat article, Dan Hay of Far Cry fame has said that "it's time for games to follow TV and film - and get political." After recent discussions on-and-off the forum about The Last Night and its political theme and whether it's possible to separate art from the artist, I now ask you: Do you think games should be political? Would you play a game that's heavily political, or would that put you off? Would you only play the game if it depicted a political stance in line with your own? Do politics have a place at all in the world of video games? What g
  3. I was trying to think earlier about what new experiences or game genres we might see with the coming of VR and it occurred to me how good a really visceral first person boxing game could be in VR using the motion controllers. I'm really looking forward to driving in VR too and I've never been into either game type. What are you looking forward to playing in VR?
  4. It's obviously escaped the notice of the powers that be, but we, England, are about to host THE OLYMPIC GAMES! Everyone everywhere is celebrating this wonderful event. Everyone everywhere it seems but rllmuk. It literally turns my stomach every time I log in here not to be greeted with some sort of Olympic ringed theme. Anyway, if there's anything I'm known for here it's my lack of photoshopping etc ability, so I'm unable to do the job myself. but it would be wonderful if someone could do an Olympic rllmuk logo, and then get it added to the masthead. Then we could all bathe in a warm and sti
  5. So you've probably noticed that I've changed the title to Gender Diversity / Politics in games. There's a few reasons for that. Obviously the Kickstarter was funded and the episodes (and counter episodes) have all been released and discussed. But this seems to have become the mega-thread for discussing feminism and gender politics in gaming related topics. So rather than close or split off the threads we'll still use this one for now. A few guidelines. -Some knowledge of past discussions is encouraged. If you come in here asking why Anita should be allowed t
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