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Found 7 results

  1. I've recently come into possession of a Playstation 1, and it needs a bit of a spruce up. Is there a good resource for me to buy a replacement shell for the machine? I can only find a clear smoky case, and I'd prefer either grey or something a bit more interesting.
  2. Oh god... Real talk - I've been kind of apprehensive about this one. The original plan was just to do a thread on the original Persona, and then I warmed to the idea of covering both Persona 2 games, but this one may end up being the least accessible. You see, the two earlier games both had modern reworks on PSP that were localised for Europe. To my knowledge, EP never got that treatment... there was a PSP release for Japan, and an English-language release for North America on the PS1, but that's about it. Soooo there might be some old-fashioned clunkiness to get aroun
  3. I guess this is happening? Firstly, a huge thanks to anyone who dropped into my Persona 1 Let's Play thread around June-August of last year; I wasn't planning on doing a follow-up at first, but as it's the new year I'd like to attempt at least one of the two P2 games. Persona 2: Innocent Sin was first made available in Europe back in 2011, and the second game - Persona 2: Eternal Punishment - exists on PS1 somewhere, maybe only in the States? Anyway, I'd like to take things one step at a time and look at Innocent Sin for now. Whilst I made a spirited effort
  4. We do it! I've had this game in a library of an old PSP account for what must be years, and as a big fan of the later games I was always disappointed at the fact that I bounced off it so hard. For those who don't know, the Persona series is a bunch of popular JRPG games that follow a group of demon-summoning high-schoolers who go dungeon-crawling and uncover some big adventure or mystery. The 1996 game was already obscure enough, but Europe never really got their hands on it before the PSP release in 2010, so gamers over here can hardly be blamed for having P3 or 4 as
  5. The Toys are Back in Town as the Collectorabilia returns in MARCH!! Over 50 tables selling the best of: Retro Video Games, Consoles, vintage toys, action figures, Star Wars, He Man, Comics, graphic novels, Lego, Geek Culture, Pixel Bead Art, Funko Pops, original artwork, t-shirts and much more...... The Sentinel Squad will be there in full costume raising money for charity too so come and get your picture taken with Vader and the gang! Perfect place to get those great additions to your collection, buy back your childhood, discover new things or start a new collection. The V
  6. Can anyone suggest the best place to sell bulk lots of PS1 and PS2 games?. I don't have a huge amount and certainly don't have any so called rare games but I would like them to go to a good home as I just haven't got the room in my new house that I did when I first started collecting them. Are there any website (excluding ebay). I will also put them up on here but I would really like to sell the lot and get them collected.
  7. I've been enjoying Mega Man X4 recently and the last games I played on PS1 were Gunners Heaven and the opening of Alundra. I thought it might be interesting to make a list of all the pure 2D sprite/pixel based games on Sony's 32-bit console. Do include: Games featuring beautiful 2D pixel art Games that play in 2D but use digitised sprites (Mortal Kombat, Oddworld, NBA Jam) Games that are mostly 2D but with occasional use of 3D - but please highlight them and state what parts of the game are in 3D or use polygons (the save rooms in Symphony of the Night for example) Do not includ
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