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  1. Dark Souls 2 announced at the VGA awards: http://www.forbes.co...360-ps3-and-pc/ Trailer: http://kotaku.com/59...s-debut-trailer
  2. So the rumoured Super Slim has broken cover with Gamescon in sight it's traditional for these things to leak early! http://tecnoblog.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ps3-novo-anatel-3.jpg Original source: - http://m.tecnoblog.net/107348/novo-ps3-anatel/ Joystic translation http://m.joystiq.com/2012/07/13/rumor-new-ps3-model-photographed/ Seems there's a 16GB SKU to go up sagainst the 4GB 360 which is interesting. Looks a little ugly in these shots but I thought the Slim looked like an arse when I saw the first leaked images. Not keen on the slide top for disc access though , proper cheap, one of
  3. So a few years ago Arc Systems Works was pretty much forced to move on from Guilty Gear. I don't know the details but presumably it came from Sega's merger with Sammy. Arc went on and did Blazblue, which was heavily based on Guilty Gear and that worked out quite well. Recently Arc announce that they had regained control over the Guilty Gear franchise. This week is AOU in Japan, and Arc have announced they will be reverse porting Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus to arcades. This in itself is nice news, but not especially relevant for people outside of Japan. However the better news is that Arc have
  4. So, the new PS3 firmware update has added Singstar to the Games section on the XMB. Select it and it installs a new PSN version for free, which enables you to download and play songs you've already downloaded (or ones you now buy) via microphones or even singing at the PS Eye camera. All lovely. And free (bar the cost of buying new songs if you want to, of course). Then I read the blog post on the EU Playstation blog about it. http://blog.eu.plays...e-xmb/#comments It's amazing.
  5. Earlier this week, a new Capcom title was announced. Titled E.X. Troopers, this action shooting game is being developed for PS3 and 3DS (interesting choice of platforms) release under the watch of producer Shintaro Kojima (Monster Hunter series). E.X. Troopers shares the same world view as Lost Planet. However, the game has an anime visual style and a school-themed story (hmm... ). According to a summary of Famitsu, the game looks like a science fiction Justice Gakuen (eh?). Between stages, the game uses a "manga demo" event system similar to what was used in Gravity Rush. Capcom will be usin
  6. So with Gamescom kicking off tomorrow, I thought a thread to contain all the news might be called for. VG247 have written up a great summary of why this event is much more about the games than E3, so with some of the industries biggest publishers holding their own presser, we should get a good few announcements, and a better look at this winters line up. Below is a summary of the who, what, why where and when, in order of each conference's schedule: Capcom: Capcom delivered a solid show, focussing on new titles in existing franchises, but the stand out title was their new IP, Remember Me. What
  7. Cyhwuhx


    http://www.eurogamer...ers-ssx-domains I'm very afraid this'll turn out to be just for a mobile game of sorts.
  8. Well, I haven't done one of these in a while. It's another Know Your Boxart quiz! All the letters below are from the boxart of 2012 game releases. How many do you recognise? Please put your answers in spoiler tags so as not to ruin it for others. I'll post the answers up tomorrow if no-one gets them in the meantime. And yes, there is no letter 'Q' - I couldn't find a decent one.
  9. http://www.vg247.com/2012/07/10/angry-birds-trilogy-to-release-on-ps3-360-3ds-around-the-holidays/ Glad to see if come to the consoles, but full retail? That is madness
  10. http://www.theverge....for-380-million So, Microsoft to snap up OnLive?
  11. I have been loving my PS3 since I got it, currently into Heavy Rain and despite my preconceptions (and having 'played' Fahrenheit), I'm actually really enjoying it. Anyway, I regularly have mates over IN REAL LIFE and whilst we're chatting, playing cards, drinking etc I like to have the PS3 playing music. Now I like the earth based theme, and the standard ps3 sparkly screen, but the 'visualisation' one is pretty poor. So I went hunting to see if I could replace it with something. Alas, the answer was no it seems. So i thought I would open up my search. I found out one of the guys from PixelJun
  12. I couldn't seem to find a thread anywhere for this even via google and was interested to start a bit of a discussion on it as I know little about it and have just started playing last night. Initial responses aren't exactly overwhelming and i'm guessing it gets better because the 7 out of 10 rating I had seen it get given just feels a lot higher than i'd have expected so far. Now i'm playing the PS3 version and from what I have read before, I think this is different from the other but I don't know if that means just features and extras or the whole game itself. The contols are the biggest prob
  13. Times: UK: June 5th 2:00 AM BST EU: June 5th 3:00 AM CET US: June 4th 6:00 PM PST US: June 4th 9:00 PM EST Video Streams: http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ http://e3.gamespot.c...erence/sony-e3/ http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/ http://www.g4tv.com/...ences/Sony/135/ http://www.youtube.com/user/E3 Sony are also going all out on streaming the show directly to your PS3. You can watch a live stream of the conference via Home (contain your excitement, I dare you ), and there will be an icon under the 'What's New' category of the XMB, which will pipe the entire show through to you. What Are We Expec
  14. Now it's old news that EA regularly shut down servers for the online components for games. But even by their shitty standards this one is a new low. EA's MMA game was released at the end of October 2010 (so actually it's less than 18 months old). It was one of those games that required an 'online pass' if bought second-hand and quick look at its achievement list shows that a lot of the achievements require online.
  15. So, what better thread to start on a lazy sunday then a predictions and expectations thread about this years E3. It's only a month and a week away now, so better get those crazy and outlandish ideas in before the first inevitable leaks start seeping in. Personally I'm looking most forward to the Nintendo stuff this year: The final Wii U presentation, new 3DS games ea. I'm hoping we get to see the new Wii U Mario title, Pikmin 3, a new 3DS Zelda game (which will hopefully feat. Toon Link), more of Luigi's Mansion 2, more of Animal Crossing 3DS + it's actual name, more on Level-5's Fantasy Life,
  16. In the run-up to E3 a rumour popped up that Sony was going to announce a partnership with a streaming gaming company (OnLive or Gaikai as I think they're pretty much the only kids on the block. MVC are reporting today that it goes further than that and they've outright bought a company. Gaikai has also sent the following to the media. I assume buying a company is a cheaper option than developing their own system from the ground up given the rate Sony is losing money. But this could be a good move for them, getting in on the ground floor of an area that is likely going to be more and more imp
  17. So this is out next week with virtually zero fanfare. I'd already written it off in advance as the latest in a long line of terrible Doctor Who games. But there's a surprisingly positive preview over at Eurogamer describing it as similar to Shadow Complex with a time travel mechanic. Might be worth a rental to while away the time until Max Payne is released. Says in the preview that it's a PSN release, but it appears to be getting a boxed release looking at various online stores and there's no sign of a Vita version (maybe it's releasing digitally and physically at the same time).
  18. So I only want exclusives, otherwise I'll get it on PC/360. On my must play list: Uncharted 2. SOTC HD remake. MGS4. Journey. Flower. God of War 3. Infamous 2. What else is worth getting/recommended? A new console! Wooo, I'm excited.
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