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Found 3 results

  1. Well the time for the leather jacket lord approaches again later this year and likely around September for the flagship card/s. For anyone who recalls the horror of the last release, see this journal of frustrated nerds: Interesting things about the rumours so far. 1: In a time of rising energy costs, Jensen has ensured the 40 series of cards will likely be quite power hungry ranging between 400-450 watt rumours for the 4090 and 4080 (which is weird because of point 2) 2: If you remember when the 3090 launched, it was laughably poor value in comparison to the 3080 (RRP wise £649 vs £1399) for roughly a 10-15 percent performance diff Now the 4090 appears to earn being a step up if those numbers above are anywhere near accurate. It will still be blindingly expensive, think around £1500 ish again, but at least it should be significantly ahead of the 3080 to earn that The 3080 seems like a damp fart in comparison of an upgrade (but still appears almost as power hungry which makes no sense), if its priced near the OG 3080 RRP, I might try and upgrade for the additional powah and extra rumoured 6GB of video memory which apparently might be downgraded to GDDR6 as opposed to the X on the 3080. Basically it looks like they're going to make the 80 series kinda weak (relatively) to the 90 compared to last time where the 80 made the 90 kinda redundant to most enthusiasts. Apparently there is an excess of 30 series stock in the market so except a dumping of GPUs at RRP or less nearest to release Hopefully with mining on the collapse, stock won't be as insane to find as last time but expect 20 series price gouging instead of 30 series RRP benevolence that only a lucky few got to enjoy. Is anyone else gonna try and upgrade? I might not go for the top card but I like upgrading every two years to stay bleeding edge. Part of me is the fun of selling my GPU early and then struggling to get another one and being a console BOI for a few months. I have a steam deck this time so DONT CARE
  2. The latest issue has just turned up. Look out for it next week. GoldenEye - 14 page feature with all nine developers discussing every aspect of the game Bob Wakelin tribute MUD: The original Dungeon Delver The History Of Championship/Football Manager Making Of The Need For Speed Courting Controversy (the horror games of CRL) Making Of The Mummy Hardware Heaven: C64 The Unconverted: Charlie Ninja From the archives: Warthog Games Peripheral Vision: GameCube controller Minority report: Wrestling games The Making Of Kingpin: Life of Crime In the Chair: Jane Whittaker Retro Revival: Ranarama and much more
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