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Found 8 results

  1. The new issue is on sale now. Grab it in a shop or get it from https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/retro-gamer-print-back-issues/retro-gamer-issue-202/ Contents The Making Of: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Ultimate Guide: Time Crisis Yu Suzuki Golden Joysticks Interview Retro Revival: Shanghai In The Chair: Big Boy Barry The Making: Of Bactron Conversion Kings: Psycho Pigs UXB From The Archives: Arc System Works Retro Revival: RoadBlasters (Lynx) Ultimate Guide: Twin Cobra Digital Destinations The Making: Of
  2. We're doing something a little different for the first issue of 2018. It's a 42-page photography led feature covering the greatest systems of all time. As voted by readers. We've got 48 developers chatting about your picks and I'm really pleased with how it's come out. There's still other Retro Gamer goodness though Making Of Earthworm Jim 2 Making Of Venture Archives: Looking Glass Studios Ultimate Guide: Castle Of Illusion The Unconverted Classic Moments - Super Skidmarks In the chair: Tony (Tiny) Williams And much more.
  3. Latest issue out in Thursday. Inside the xbox making of seaquest history of ys retro revival chaos engine archives artic computing making of conker’s bad fur day collectors guide Sinclair research 40 years of Atari 2600 ultimate guide rygar making of toonstruck making of Star paws other stuff I can’t remember as I’m on holiday.
  4. Latest issue is back and out next Thursday. Making Of Virtua Fighter with Yu Suzuki and other key team members 30 Years Of Dizzy The Impact Of Scramble In The Chair: Nobuo Uematsu Puyo Puyo Ultimate Guide Super Game Boy Revisited Double Dragon: Arcade Perfect Kirby Fun Pak Making Of Redhawk & Kwah Future Classic: Ouendan Archives: Bally Sente Peripheral Vision: Steel Battalion Making Of Koronis Rift Making Of Chimera Minority Report: Text Adventures Making Of Alien Front Online And much more.
  5. Really, really pleased with this month's issue. Making Of Super Mario Kart Frogger: Making A Splash Making Of Phantasy Star Minority Report: Amstrad CPC 6128 Retro Revival: Kirby's Dream Land From The Archives: Mosaic Publishing Classic Moments: Wings 35 Years Of ColecoVision Making Of Screamer History Of Gex Retro Inspired: Thimbleweed Park Ultimate Guide: A.P.B. Future Classic: Danganronpa In The Chair: Richard Costello Retro Revival: Golden Axe: Revenge Of Death Adder and other bits and bobs
  6. New issue out next Thursday (and yes, we've messed up the spelling of Uridium 2 ) The Making Of A Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past Ultimate Guide: Alien Storm Pushing The Limits: Savage Top 20 Apple II Games History Of Iron Soldier Making Of Uridium II Classic Moments: Rolling Thunder Making Of Bubsy 3D Archives: Bubble Bus Software Future Classic: Viva Pinata Minority Report: Mega Drive Desert Island Disks: Bob Smith Making Of Black Retro Revival: Bactron Retro Revival: Autoduel Retroinspection: Action
  7. The new issue is out this thursday and is well worth picking up if you love Capcom's Resident Evil. The legacy of Resident Evil The History Of Match Day Ultimate Guide: Gauntlet II Making The Game Genie Oliver Twins Interview Arcade Perfect: Space Harrier The Making Of Hunchback Archives: Top Ten Hits The Making Of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial The History Of Discworld The Making Of Todd's Adventures In Slime World Retro Revival: Pole Position Peripheral Vision: Dreamcast Gun Future Classic: Batman Arkham Asylum In
  8. We've just got the new issue through and it's a pretty good one. Ultimate Guide: Chase HQ The Legacy Of Metroid Polybius Revealed Retro Revival: Qix The Making Of Panther Hardware Heaven: ZX Spectrum Minority Report: Saturn Shmups From The Archives: Abbex Electronics The History Of Warcraft The Making Of Myriad Classic Moments: Dynamite Cop Licence To Thrill: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Arcade Perfect: Star Wars The Making Of Zool How To Play Retro Today The Making Of Pandemonium! Retro Revival
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