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Found 54 results

  1. Cover & main article - Flashback: Paul Cuisset on the original, the sequel and the reboot 15 great videogame amnesiacs 30 years of NES Shoot to Thrill - the history of lightguns and the greatest lightgun games ever The top 25 Megadrive games From The Archives: Mastertronic The History of Dino Crisis Making of articles on Chequered Flag, Flight of the Amazon Queen and Defender of the Crown Minority Report on the Atari Jaguar Desert Island Disks - Paul Norman, musician turned game-maker A moment with Jordan Mechner And more...
  2. Anyone else a fan? My personal favourite has to be Zybex on the C64. Two quid for a game that was better than R-Type and Salamander. Great weapon system, nice graphics, awesome title tune and the option to choose the order you played the levels in. Also had a soft spot for Arnie by Chris Butler.
  3. To anyone who owns one if the (very rare) PAL version Turbografx consoles,1.) what was the pack-in game, and 2.) does it play NTSC Turbografx game cards? Thanks!
  4. So I have been playing my trusty old 'cube recently, and I've noticed that the image on my trusty old Trinitron is a bit off. There's a slight downward bend at the left side of the screen. I do not seem to have the problem when using a Sony LCD flatscreen, so the 'cube should be working fine. I might add that I'm also using the standard official composite cable that came with the console. Any ideas, fellow retro 'mukers? PS. Thought I'd place this question in here, as I'm not sure many retronauts visit "Ask the forum"
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