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Found 2 results

  1. https://kotaku.com/the-cyberpunk-2077-review-drama-1845860765 This is ostensibly about Cyberpunk 2077, so I considered posting it on that thread, but it's more wide-ranging than just that game, covering: The movement from print to the web The relationship between consumers and critics Gamergate/Ethics In Game Journalism ("There was, apparently, a mailing list in which some writers chatted amongst themselves—no one ever invited me, so I’ve no idea what they said") Reviews as buyers' guides The distinction between a journalist and a critic The role of rating systems, and some publications' abandonment of numerical scores The supposedly declining readership of reviews (which he says was not true for Rock Paper Shotgun: "All its graphs were curves that continuously climbed, and the events of 2014 or any other time since made no impact whatsoever") The defensiveness of fans that leads to them harass/threaten reviewers who dare award their game of choice a less-than-perfect score. All of which are subjects we've had threads on before, of course, but I couldn't really find an existing one that it fits neatly into. So, a new topic it is! (And no, he doesn't mention the former leader of the Labour Party at all.) Some quotes:
  2. Reviews: Uncharted 4 - 78.65% - "Perhaps, dear Nathan, you shouldn’t jump onto ageing wood without taking adequate safety precautions?" Loud on Planet X - 20.01% - "a lobotomisingly-tedious experience wrapped in unbelievably uninspiring design" Dirt Rally - 88.20% - "Reviews, eh? Perhaps a thousand words, sometimes more, and in truth the vast majority of people only need the title and the score to know if a game is for them." Duelyst - 75.00% - "The game itself is, quite tediously, also great." - Reviewing free to play games is fun. Hyper Light Drifter - 84.35%- *Antiques Roadshow theme* 8 Bit Armies - 83.93% - "Uglier than Jeremy Clarkson" Retrospectives: Old - Pyro ][ - In which you burn down the IRS Less Old - Meteos - "Think of Tetris as the basic burger..." Rather Recent - N++ - "The idea of a renaissance in platform games is bemusing to someone who played a Sylvester and Tweety for every Castle of Illusion, a Generations Lost for every Earthworm Jim." Features: A Thing About Reviews Of Fallout 4 - (There's a hint of fever-inspired rant in this.) This Month On Kickstarter - Featuring some ace looking stuff. OK, it's something I've been working on. We're running on a basically monthly schedule because there's literally only two of us involved, I've done all the words and sometime forumite Moosegrinder has done the pictures and we're working around other responsibilities so regularly updating isn't really feasible. It does mean you get a nice big chunk of stuff to read at once though. Hopefully there's an interesting mix of content, stuff that's well-known and stuff that...Isn't. I'd not really claim it is the most serious of publications, very heavily influenced by the fact that there's nothing these days like Amiga Power and Sega Power, etc. So you've got reviews themed around Antiques Roadshow valuations, a bit decrying the infantilisation of society based on burgers, phone calls from over-eager police interrupting a piece and the editorial ends up in a lengthy sidetrack about the logistics of Katie Hopkins inserting sausage(s) into her anus which probably sets the tone fairly accurately. Lots of footnotes. Very British. Any feedback would be quite nice. Thanks plz. www.bluekeycard.com
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