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Found 6 results

  1. This is so damn good! Definitely deserves it's own thread. Hitting 92 on Metacritic so far. I'm having a blast with it; very well designed - I love the idea of sending a mech back T2 style to your next run; stops ocd-induced restarts.
  2. A few of you may have played Dungeon of the Endless already; if you have, you'll know it's a rock-hard, roguelite-dungeon-crawler/strategy/tower-defence hybrid, with some frankly lovely pixel-art running through it. There's nothing else quite like it, and I'm very fond of it. Well, Amplitude (makers of it, and the other 'Endless...' series - Endless Legend and Endless Space), are putting out a sort-of-follow-up to it: From the glowing pixel-art of the original we've moved onto lovely cartoony 3D, and from indirect-control heroes we look to have an up-to-three-player co-op action RPG, albeit still centred on the original's 'slowly pathfind your way to an exit while protecting and/or building defenses for your crystal'; hopefully also still including the unique, tricky power-management aspect of the original.* Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what Amplitude manage here; coming to PC, Switch, PS4, PS5 and Series consoles, apparently (no mention of Xbox One thus far). Official site: https://endlessdungeon.game/ Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1485590/Endless_Dungeon/ *basically: your crystal uses 'dust' to power the rooms up as you progress through each floor of the dungeon: powered rooms can hold active turrets or generators of various resources. Discovered but unpowered rooms are dangerous, as they can spawn enemies any time you enter a new room in the dungeon. But you'll never have enough dust to power every room you uncover (unless you cripple your economy by focussing solely on dust generation, rather than putting anything into the food you need to level your characters, the industry you need to build things in the first place, or the science you need to research new tech), so you're constantly trying to balance the resources you need, the defences you have to build, and the rooms you can afford to leave unpowered. It's fun!
  3. Has anyone else given Children of Morta a try? I heard Jim Sterling rave about it, took a look and bought it. It's a beautiful pixel art Roguelite where you basically dungeon crawl to stop the corruption infesting the land. You have a choice of characters and as I understand as the plot progresses more open up. You can level up each character with their own skill tree and between runs upgrade stuff globally with gold you find while fighting. It's real time combat and the game is just lovely. I believe it's out on PC, PS4 and XBox with a Switch version coming next month.
  4. Really enjoying this singleplayer/2-player co-op roguelite FPS at the moment. It's in Early Access on Steam (no console plans as yet). https://store.steampowered.com/app/692890/Roboquest/ The movement and shooting feels a lot like Quake or Unreal. Enemies hit pretty hard from the very first level, so you have to do a fair bit of projectile dodging to survive. The XP orbs they drop disappear after a very short time and they heal back some of your lost health if you pick them up quickly enough, so you're always being actively encouraged to press forward into combat rather than playing things slow from the back. This means things get ridiculously hectic in the later levels. You start the game with a double jump and there's a lot of verticality to the levels, which opens up even more when you unlock a certain item. There's a reasonable selection of guns, classes, and unlockable items which encourage a good variety of play styles and builds. There are branching paths unlocked via key pickups, and the outlines of a story told through comicbook-style cutscenes between levels. It also has stuff hidden behind waterfalls, which as we all know is the mark of a Good Video Game. Highly recommend it, it's a lot of fun. Having sunk untold hours into Gunfire Reborn with a mate, I imagine this is going to be our next time sink. I found this decent video review delivered in a refreshingly non-obnoxious way which gives a bit more detail:
  5. Metallic Child is a rogue-lite, core-action game, featuring Rona, an android only known as the "metallic child," taking place in a space laboratory in the latter part of the 20th century. A large-scale rebellion has taken place in the space laboratory known as Life Stream. All robots aboard, with the exception of Rona and Pan, are conspiring to crash Life Stream into planet earth. Rona has stood up to stop this plot, and you will be the one to guide Rona by remotely operating her through the game. The game is developed by Studio HG, a one-person (!!) game studio from South-Korea. Debut trailer: Indie World 2021 trailer: >> Official website. Looks pretty incredible considering this has been developed by just one guy Released later this month!
  6. I played a simple but rather nice twin stick shooter on the Switch called Tesla Vs Lovecraft. I found out today that there's a hugely improved sequel called Tesla Force. So I got it on Steam. It's really fun. Lots of perks and unlocks. Turns out it came out on Switch today. Did anyone else play this or the original?
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