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Found 2 results

  1. Well, this is sort of interesting. A high-budget, mid-to-small-scale RTS with the Warhammer licence is on its way, and it certainly looks the business. I'll be interested to see what Frontier Developments make of this, given it's quite a way out of their wheelhouse; and it's been a good while since we've had a fantasy Warhammer strategy game that wasn't at massive scale. Just a bit of a shame that the campaign is evidently focussed on the most boring faction of all, fantasy space marines stormcast eternals. CG Trailer:
  2. Don't know if we have a thread like this already? Or if this should be made in the trading folder? Hear me out and if anyone objects i can move / delete this. With my situation at the moment (which does not seem to have an ending in sight) i find that i am strapped for cash more than i'd like, and don't worry this isn't a begging thread or anything silly like that. Quite often than not situation regardless, i find myself wanting to paint new models, the issue i have i can't really be spending £30+ to buy a box of say 5 models because i want to paint one. Now i've had bits off ebay before and as we found out last year it was Kitbashed (is that right here too?) which isn't too bad but i find a lot of it to be either a bit too much or all a bit hard work for someone as novice as me. Anyway, for those of you that have the odd spare models etc you want to part with and make some cash would you object to buying and selling on here? Or even if this is a bad idea or people are not interested is there somewhere else besides ebay etc i could go?
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