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  1. In amongst the various Games Workshop-related video games announced today, this one stood out to me; not least as it's, somewhat shockingly, the first computer RPG* made based on GW's games. You know, despite there having been pen and paper RPGs in both Fantasy and 40k settings for decades. It's being made by Owlcat studios, who've made the interesting-but-flawed (and, courtesy of the tabletop ruleset they're based on, somewhat daunting mechanically and generic setting-wise) Pathfinder video games; I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the slightly more flavoursome 40k universe, and particularly with the always-fun Rogue Trader setup. The trailer isn't hugely exciting, and I'm not really digging the cut-scene art style (no problem with it out of context, but it doesn't really mesh with 40k's gothic stylings, to my mind), but I'm excited by the potential nonetheless. Here's hoping it turns out well! https://roguetrader.owlcat.games/ Official blurb: *as in, proper RPG RPG, rather than a pure dungeon crawl
  2. Don't know if we have a thread like this already? Or if this should be made in the trading folder? Hear me out and if anyone objects i can move / delete this. With my situation at the moment (which does not seem to have an ending in sight) i find that i am strapped for cash more than i'd like, and don't worry this isn't a begging thread or anything silly like that. Quite often than not situation regardless, i find myself wanting to paint new models, the issue i have i can't really be spending £30+ to buy a box of say 5 models because i want to paint one. Now i've had bits off ebay before and as we found out last year it was Kitbashed (is that right here too?) which isn't too bad but i find a lot of it to be either a bit too much or all a bit hard work for someone as novice as me. Anyway, for those of you that have the odd spare models etc you want to part with and make some cash would you object to buying and selling on here? Or even if this is a bad idea or people are not interested is there somewhere else besides ebay etc i could go?
  3. Hi everyone! I need some pretty urgent help. I have been invited to start the Games Workshop run Kill Team 12 Week Campaign that starts this week in two days time (12th September). I have never played before, i assemble and paint but i lack any other real information past that. I went and brought the Kill Team book so i could at least read the rules etc and try to get my head round it all however i am falling at the first fucking hurdle. If i give you what i want and if someone could be a fucking gent / lady and help me out i would be super appreciated as i have no clue and i don't want to let them down but i don't want to embarrass myself and give someone an easy win straight off the bat. Here's the run down! 1) Space Wolves (This is what i have chosen). 2) I have the following models:- 3 x Reivers. 4 x Intercessors (from the magazines). I have customization stuff i got off ebay and the paints etc which isn't a massive issue. Now what do i do? Because i'm falling because i don't know how to ID the weapons etc and from there how to write up the sheets and data cards either? Can anyone please help me? I'm also on discord if that helps people helping me any easier? ZechsMerquise81#0524 Photos and stuff in the folder at the link below:- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qh9em79fxeo2n7m/AADSBo_lYkQXLMcym8se7rqha?dl=0 Blank data cards and everything are in there too. There's not a decent bare bones guide to all this stuff anywhere for the proper beginner like myself, maybe something we could all work on together and stick on YouTube or something just a thought! Thanks in advance for any and every bit of help!
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