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  1. I wasn't too sure what to call this thread and excuse me if it's all a bit rambling, but after playing Dead by Daylight lately and engaging with it's "community" I have been giving a lot of thought to whether people are just bad losers or if there is more to it. Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer online title where one of you picks a killer and tries to stop the 5 survivors by hunting them down and ultimately killing them before they can repair a fixed number of generators and escape. I decided that I quite like playing as the killer and have been having a reasonable success killing people and winning. The problem being when I started to receive messages from people I have just beat: "Nice camping noob" "You are pathetic" etc I decided to look into why this was the case and it turns out that there seems to be a whole host of unwritten rules (which REALLY seem to favour the survivors), such as: NO hanging about (camping) once you have hooked a survivor in the period before they get sacrificed Don't kill someone if you catch them near the start of the game No camping when the escape exit opens Respect the pallets (not too sure on this one but I think it's that you shouldn't destroy the pallets which the survivors can use to block the killer when he/she is chasing) Now in my mind I am doing nothing wrong, playing the game as it's made and within the rules set by the creators, but people really seem to take exception to this. Previous games have also had variations of this like Call of Duty and people's dislike of camping snipers, and Street Fighter 4 (seems to be if you play any character out the normal and win then the toys get thrown out of the pram). This link, although old, sums up how I feel and is still relevant to many online games: http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub
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