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  1. Where to Watch (UK). Subsciption WRC+ Pay TV Some Live Stages and Daily Highlights Show on BT Sport Free VERY Brief Highlights on YouTube I used to love rallying back in the late 90s early 00s with McRae, Makkinen, Burns and Sainz battling it out but then a combination of Burns tragic death, McRae retiring the the complete dominance of Loed meant I lost interest in the late 2000s around the same time Subaru quit because of the financial crisis. This was at the same time as the coverage moved from the BBC to Channel 4 and then I don't know where it went after that but for a few years I don't think it was on tv at all. Since I got BT Sport a few years back I've started to get back into it. I caught the tail end of the VW Polo's domination but since they quit because they needed the money to pay off some diesel related lawsuits it's actually been nice and competitive with lots of different drivers winning events and new talent like Tanak coming through. I still wish the cars were closer to their road going version and actually desirable. I know this will never happen again due to safety but they can at least make them nice to look at. I mean look at the Citroen DS3 WRC, that has to be the ugliest rally car ever to compete. They are seem to be a lot more fragile as well. One minor impact and they're out of the race. You are never going to see something like this again. Anyone else still watch it? I still think Ogier will win this season because Neuville is making too many small errors that he is unable to recover from as well as Ogier. It's a shame Tanak wrecked his cooling on a rock for the second time this season because he was making a great late charge for the title but it'll take something special for him to win it now. Also Kris Meeke has somehow got another competitive drive, he's going to be with Toyota next season https://www.autosport.com/wrc/news/139286/meeke-secures-toyota-seat-for-2019-wrc-return I cannot see him changing his driving style to avoid crashing quite so often but this really is his last chance I just hope he makes the most of it. Personally I'd rather have some new talent in what should be a competitive car but hopefully he'll prove me wrong.
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