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Found 10 results

  1. It's the Official GTA:V thread! GTA:V RLLMUK crew - 360 GTA:V RLLMUK crew - PS3 News: New info leaked by ex-Rockstar employee? (pinch of salt needed) First Official trailer First Official trailer coming 2nd November Leaked GTA:V shots? Casting call for GTA:V? GTA:V web domains unearthed GTA:V release date thoughts GTA Online articles: CVG preview CVG interview with Leslie Benzies, R* North president Gamespot preview Gamespot interview with Les Benzies Official GTA:V Trailer GTA: Online Gameplay Trailer First GTA:V Official Gameplay Trailer Trailer #2 Trailer #1
  2. Looks pretty decent. It kinda looks like it's set in Canada based on the pre rendered video?
  3. Strafe

    The Gunk

    Made by the same people who made steamworld. I never played steamworld. I’ve played about an hour of it, with plans to continue. It’s decent enough, you wonder around hoovering up the titular gunk with your glove to make the world shiny again and solving environmental puzzles and some basic combat (so far, anyway) I’ve definitely done this sort of thing in loads of games before, clearing out corruption to tidy things up or return colour to the world. Fortunately the hoovering is quite nice and there’s a lot of chatter to keep you invested in the mystery surrounding the gunk and the inevitable arguments the character you control and her friend - who fills the guy in the chair trope - are going to end up having. The one you control is happy and eager for adventure, the other went to the same charm school the pilot from Halo Infinite graduated from. It looks quite lovely in places but clearly a bit budget, they’ve skimped a bit on animations (especially the lip sync, which is practically non-existent) and some of the NPC’s. The characters look really ugly, too. Sort of Pixar if they all grew up in Chernobyl. It’s on gamepass so free! (But not really). It’s picked up a few very enthusiastic reviews and quite a few middling ones. Your enjoyment from it is going to be based on how much you like cartoony sci fi and hoovering things up. https://www.purexbox.com/news/2021/12/roundup-heres-what-the-critics-are-saying-about-the-gunk
  4. The time has finally come for a dedicated thread for the sequel to the best survival and underwater game ever made! And the reason: we finally have a release date, May 14th 2021 on all formats including next gen consoles and Switch. Only a month away, demons of the depths be praised! There is this release trailer you can watch, but I will personally be avoiding all spoilers; all I've seen is some early trailers from back in beta and a few screenshots. The game has been in early access for ages now and has already seen a complete story rework. Very excited to dip my toes back in the water and see what wonderful environments, beasties, new technology and gameplay mechanics the team have devised this time. Especially with the new ice setting. This time I will be playing on console as my laptop barely did the first game justice. Hurry up May 14th!
  5. Back compat. experience is variable so far: Trials rising: runs smooth as silk, loading is massively improved. Subnautica loading screen looks incredible but doesn't load past that screen. Most others I have tried have been SX enhanced and require a download to play. Trying viva pinata tip now.
  6. Let's see how the land lies in rllmuk's next generation.
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