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Found 10 results

  1. According to https://www.unseen64.net/2015/08/03/witchwood-team-17-cancelled/ Bits and pieces of the intro sequence have been found and presented in this video alongside footage of an old DOS demo.
  2. I loved the C64 and Amiga versions back in the day but for now have a look at this cracking port to the BBC! http://www.indieretronews.com/2019/03/stunt-car-racer-mind-blowing-port.html#more
  3. Paging @Swainy to the thread. Check this out. http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/09/double-dragon-looks-to-be-getting.html#more
  4. Back before retro gaming was a thing, back when emulation was only just beginning the only way you could play your old games was to make sure you kept your old systems. Enter Bignonia who did things the hard way. Porting in Amiga assembler old C64 ports (which were usually ports of old arcade games.) This was like the Inception of ports back in the day. A few of my favourites They also ported Aztec Challenge, Bagitman, Frantic Freddie and Pharaoh's Curse. Back in the day (when I was unemployed) finding these on Aminet mirrors on bulletin boards felt like a gift from the gods.
  5. Documentary about the Amiga. I couldn't see it posted. It does cost though... https://amigafilm.com/watch-viva-amiga/ Trailer...
  6. https://www.twitch.tv/c_huelsbeck/v/79618501 Skip straight to 20 odd mins in as they have the usual streaming problems. Great to hear these 2 reminiscing. Oh and there's a great bit at 00:27:20 where they mention which joystick they should be using. In my mind, this clears up the whole which joystick is best debate!
  7. Towards the end of the Amiga days, some friends and I made an Amiga game called Prototype, which was released by F1 Software. I've never found a copy of it online, but around 2006/7 I found a copy of the demo on Aminet. I got it to run back then, backed it up to an old hard drive and forgot all about it. I just found the drive last night, and tried to get it to run in WinUAE, but cannot for the life of me remember how I did it. I set up WinUAE with the Kickstart 3.1 rom, and boot into Workbench 3.1 with the folder the game files are in set up as a hard drive. The readme that comes with demo says it needs to be installed to a hard drive. There are two icons in the folder, one to install to HD, one to run the game. If I run the installer, I get this : If I try to run the game, I get this : Here is the file structure of the folder I set up as a hard drive. If anyone can help, that would be amazing. There is no information about the game seemingly anywhere on the internet. I'd like to be able to make a youtube video about it or something, or at least be able to see it running again. I can provide the files if you need them to try and get it running. Thanks!!
  8. Hi all, the sensible soccer world cup (13th edition by now) will take place during the sensi days 2016 in Amelo, between 19 and 22 augus 2016.. The awarding process was a bit liike fifa's, lots of money to get this honour... What: 2 days, four tournaments, 50 players from all around Europe. When 20,21 august Where: Almelo, te Netherlands Price, including beer is 120 euro's, so go fast to sensiblesoccer.de. for the details!
  9. Saw this on the Retrocollect feed: There's a super brief glimpse on the Vine video from Rezzed, did anyone go along and see this? ttps://vine.co/v/huTwIAVrU2i Would be interested in this on XBLA, for some co-op action, though I never got on with the Amiga original, found it way too tough.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm the proud owner of an Amiga 600, I'm pleased as punch. So, now I need some information about what to do/get now. I've never owned an Amiga before, so I'm looking forward to getting into some old (new) stuff. I see there appears to be a way of including a CF card internally as some sort of HDD. Is this worth doing?
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