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  1. Well, have you managed to do or find something, but you don't think it deserves a thread? Just post it in here, anything WoW goes. Anyway, on Friday night <The Tide> decided it was high time we started working on Zul'Gurub. So we hastily organised a group on Saturday evening and ventured in. Bar a couple of people, this was everyones first time. We headed for High Priest Venoxis first. Our first attempt was great, got him to 22%. Second attempt even better, probably about 15%. Then we finally took him on our third attempt. It was quite a close battle, and we lost a few people, but when he dropped I remembered why I love WoW so much. A bunch of people, all trying their best at working through new stuff, and the feeling when you finally kill the bastards...no other games come close really! For those interested he dropped Primal Hakkari Tabard and the rather awesome Fang of Venoxis! I rolled a 4 on teh dagger. We then went for High Priestess Jeklik. Tried twice, didn't beat her. 'Almost' had her on our second attempt, our gear was knackered though, got her to about 15% or so. I thought we did great, considering we were all inexperienced with ZG and it was our first attempt at the place! Looking forward to more!
  2. Holy shit this game was ahead of its time huh. I've not played it since 2008 when I got a copy early on my hacked 360 before launch and it blew me away at the time. I remember there being a weird post launch backlash because for a lot of people it didn't live up to the unrealistic and unreasonable some may say hype they had in their heads. We've been given GTAV remasters and it being shoved down our throats for multiple years now and given 4 isn't using modern systems and PC port at the time sucked because of games for windows live and other stuff, I've had no reason to go back. The Crowbcat video of GTAIV vs GTAV popped up on my feed recently and it made me reinstall it on Steam and thankfully the GFWL nonsense is all gone and the game and its DLC is all in a neat package now supporting 4k 120hz gameplay and draw distances that would have made the 360 red ring so much it would have looked like Priti Patel's eyes. I've played it for about five to six hours and the level of care and detail in the game is staggering. The muted tones of Liberty City following the brown/grey 360 era of games is weirdly calming given the OTT saturated loud GTAV visual design and its just insane how they got such a living breathing place populated with structure, reactive NPCs and even things like the internet in the game have a stupid amount of content. Would recommend playing this today if you have access to play an updated copy (not sure how it runs on series x) because it might surprise you how well it holds up.
  3. Hello! Jon is still drunk/recovering from drink/kicking his power supply unit/on an extended mission for MI6 (delete as appropriate) which means we get to fiddle with the raid schedules! We'll be raiding on the following schedule: Sunday & Tuesdays starting at 8.00pm Expectations are to raid twice a week still, and for raids to last three hours. Any less than this and we really don't progress at a rate people are happy with. That means if we start at an earlier time, we can finish at an earlier time. First up is the Emerald Dream. I have mocked up a screenshot using my amazing Photoshop skills of a typical raid night for those that have not raided with us before:
  4. Muk first set foot in a raiding instance together on the 16th July 2007 over seven years ago BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Tier 17 Highmaul - Opens the week of Dec 2nd http://www.wowhead.com/zone=6996 Blackrock Foundry - Opens some weeks after Highmaul http://www.wowhead.com/zone=6967 Schedule I imagine that we will probably be raiding 2 nights a week with the odd 3 nighter here and there. Raid nights will still be Thurs, Sun and Mon starting at 20:30 UK time (21:30 server time). Raid Team We don't have to worry if we have more than 10 online now as no one will have to miss out which is nice. I believe we have more than enough healing cover but I do worry about tank cover at the moment : Moo - Has tiny moo may need to be cried at for long periods. Jera - Work schedule. Varsity - Work schedule. Both Gatsby and Jamie have tanked for us in the past but they don't really want to do these roles so ideally I think we need at least one person to step up to the tanking plate as a expansion long commitment. DPS wise please don't all be melee otherwise I will have to hunt you down. Raid goals With the hardest content no longer an option for us we will be limited to looking to clear the content on heroic (old normal) before the next tier is with us. Whilst this doesn't sound overly challenging it is something we only just managed on T14 due to a lateish start. Suggested raiding start December is always a tricky month with people pretending they have friends and families to visit, raids will be posted for this month but be prepared for attendance to be a bit flaky. Once we are in January it will settle down as people recover from eating and spending too much at Xmas by spending hours in front of their PC with me shouting at them. As such I suggest that we use December as a month to try different classes and specs in a raid environment before settling in on what you want to play for progression proper. Leaving no belf behind Assuming the guild stays as busy as it currently is and that people actually want to raid ideally I would like to do something where we all play together on a regular basis, how this will work out practically I don't know but the new raid size system should allow us to be more inclusive than usual. STOP STEALING MY GOLD The guild will continue to pay out for repairs, early on consumables can be costly so you might have to bring your own (or be shouted at by Moos addon) but long term we will look to supply flasks and potions from the guilds monetary resources.
  5. If you have recently bought, or are returning to World of Warcraft, and are looking for a relaxed guild who's only criteria for entry is being a nice guy and a member rllmuk, then look no further. Original Post: Judging from the demo thread, a lot of people have decided to buy the game recently. They're all spread out across various servers, and seem to be soloing their way through the game. You can do this until you get to level 60, but playing on your own for such a large amount of time can become incredibly tedious. As such, I'm proposing we start a new guild on Ravenholdt, the RP-PvP server. There are a few 60s there, but neither faction have made a start on the end-game raid dungeons as yet, which means there are a lot of new and upcoming players. As it's an RP server, it severely cuts the number of idiots that are around, but it does mean that you can't talk about the football, or something similar, in /s or /y. If we have a guild, and you don't fancy roleplaying, this shouldn't be a problem, as long as you don't go around going "omglootzplxkkthxby" it's the same as playing on a normal PvP server (random gankings included). I already have a l19 Troll Mage there, and I know that PinkMoon has a Mage on it as well. If enough people show interest then we could easily start a small guild there. For new players, like Jack, wiikt, jonny5 etc, I know that none of you are going to be past l30 yet, and as I know abandoning your first character can be hard, it is a level thats easy to get back to if you re-roll, and playing the game in a guild of good people really does make the game an entirely more enjoyable experience. For old players, anyone is more than welcome to join, and this won't get off the ground unless enough people decide to join. As soon as I get 9 other people who want to join we can start talking about the guild name and such. So, is anyone interested?
  6. I'll try and update as people add to it: Forum Name | E-mail Address | Battlenet ID/Code--------------------------------------------------------------------ThePinkNinja |matthew.hunt1984@gmail.com |ThePinkNinja 991Snowbind |aliw86@gmail.com |rjpageuk |battlenet@rjpage.co.uk |Tom* |tdbell@gmail.com |MrCarrot |Peter.Thompson@dunelm.org.uk |MrCochese |rick.bolton@gmail.com |vayaify | |vaya 188Lujin |luke_west1982@hotmail.com |Headache |iana2000@hotmail.com |Headache 420Moodmon |sc2mood@hotmail.co.uk |Chauntea |Thor259@yahoo.co.uk |Ehrgiez |erhgiez@hotmail.com |bcofn |bcofn@hotmail.com |Morg | |Morg 778Sabreman | |Sabreman 479Ravnaz | |JAnik 514diggler |diggler@tpsreport.co.uk |JamDunc |Jamdunc@gmail.com |Flip |flip.mnkey@googlemail.com |FuzzyDunlop |ljmachin@gmail.com |anncoulter |fionnulathecooler@gmail.com |neom | |areuwakeup 627Jonster |jonny.edwards@gmail.com |DaveODeth | |DaveODeth 530whodares | |roflLameDuck 968| || || |
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